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8. Who created this course?

This course was created by the Open University (OU), working in partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning. Case studies and ideas were also contributed by The Kenyan Institute of Special Education (KISE), colleagues at Kenyatta University, colleagues from Gulu University, Uganda, and COL partners in Jamaica.

Course facilitators are from KISE and COL’s partners in Jamaica, supported by OU academics.

The course draws heavily on knowledge and understanding gained from the TESSA network. TESSA is a network of Teacher Educators, at the heart of which is a bank of Open Educational Resources (OER) available on the TESSA website. The OER cover the primary school curriculum and show teachers how to put theories about active learning into practice. Learning outcomes are for the teacher, meaning that the OER can support teachers and teacher educators.

The Commonwealth of Learning has a long history of supporting education through the provision of free resources. The course draws on resources available in their OER repository OAsis.