Training guide


2. A toolkit for active teaching

Teachers' toolbox - image of a blue box which is labelled Teachers' toolbox.
This enhanced SPRINT programme has provided a number of tools to support you in developing your teaching skills.

Activity 6.1: A toolkit for teachers

Working on your own, identify what each icon in the toolkit represents. Share your ideas with a partner.

As a group identify how each of the items in the toolkit has supported your learning and teaching. If you have access to a large piece of paper, make a poster about the toolkit for the staffroom wall.

At the end of this course, no further additional resources will be provided to help you structure your TGMs, but all the tools will remain. In the final section of this course’s resources, you will be encouraged to work as a group to plan how to carry on working collaboratively and use the resources available to continue to plan engaging, participatory TGMs. In this course, the training materials are divided into three sections:

  • consolidating your learning
  • personal development planning
  • working with resources.