Training guide


5. Working with resources

This programme has enhanced your SPRINT programme in two main ways: by providing resources to support planning of learner-centred lessons, and by helping to make TGMs more collaborative and participatory. The resources provided include: 

  1. the resources from each course of the programme with TGM activities, top tips and classroom examples
  2. the audio and videos included in the resources for each course
  3. the Revised Zambian School Curriculum, which highlights the knowledge, skills and values you have to teach
  4. the TESSA Curriculum guide, which links the curriculum to the TESSA resources
  5. TESSA subject resources

Hopefully you are familiar with these resources.

In the next activities you will be introduced to additional resources. These are:

  1. other TESSA materials: Working with pupils, Key Resources, Inclusive Education Toolkit
  2. resources to support the teaching of Early Reading
Activity 6.6: Learning through videos, audios and others

Before the TGM:

In this programme, you have watched a number of videos and listened to audios (or read the transcripts) where teachers were using a range of teaching approaches and skills to support learning.

Think back to these examples and identify two you found especially helpful and had an impact in your teaching. In your Teacher Notebook, write some notes about:

  • the Teaching Approach the video/audio/transcript illustrated
  • a short description of the video/audio/transcript
  • why you found it especially helpful?
  • how did you use it in your teaching? What subject, grade and topic did you use it for? 

In the TGM

In a group of three to five teachers, share the video/audio/transcripts you found helpful. Were your choices all the same? Is there anything you can learn from some of your peers’ suggestions?

You might want to make a poster to identify the most useful videos with the information you wrote in your Teacher Notebook, so that teachers have easy access if they need an idea of a useful learner-centred activity.

In the next section, you will take some time to explore what else is available, and to work with your SIC and other teachers to find ways of sharing physical resources and good ideas.