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6. Summary: Being a reflective practitioner

This enhanced SPRINT programme has used the structures and ways of working familiar with teachers as part of their school-based continuing professional development; but has enhanced them through the provision of resources and a systematic approach to TGMs. You have been encouraged to adopt a theme each term, and all the TGMs have been used to develop your understanding of that theme.

Activity 6.10: School development planning

This enhanced SPRINT programme has offered you the opportunity to explore different ways to

  • Collaborate, practise and reflect on teaching and learning,
  • Share experiences and resources for learning, and
  • Promote literacy across the curriculum.

After having explored the additional resources in the previous activities, as a group, discuss what extra resources you need, and consider how you could work together to create them. Can you share resources between teachers? With other schools? Remember that you can often adapt teaching resources to use in different grades and subjects, so it is important to continue speaking with colleagues who might be teaching a different subject or in a different grade, as you have been doing over the past two years with the resources provided as part of the enhanced SPRINT programme.

Now in your TGM, complete the table below with what you have done so far, and what you can do in future to continue to develop your teaching and support your learners. This could be the start of your enhanced SBCPD plan for next year.


What have we done?

What else could we do?

Collaborating, practising and reflecting on teaching and learning,




Sharing experiences and resources for learning




Promoting literacy across the curriculum




Activity 6.11: Impact on teaching and learning

Watch the DESO from Chisamba district as she speaks about the impact of this enhanced programme on teaching and learning. What are the two key points that she identifies?

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In the future, you are encouraged to carry on using this approach, to work together to plan and evaluate classroom activities which actively engage learners, and to induct new teachers into this way of working. The themes you choose may be the same as those you have already covered, in which case you can re-visit the materials.

Alternatively, new priorities may emerge, in which case you can probably find some relevant resources or develop some of your own that can be shared. When sharing resources make sure you provide useful information for someone else to use (such as what grade, subject, topic you used it in, and how learners reacted or any changes you made to it), and store them safely in the school, on a computer or a suitable device. Some resources that may interest you are included in Additional Resources.

Activity 6.12: Reviewing your learning Quiz

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