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5. Working with resources

5.1. Working with resources (2)

In the next three activities, you are encouraged to explore some of the other resources available to support learner-centred teaching. Each set – the TESSA Key Resources, the Inclusive Education Toolkit and Teaching Early Reading – has material that you could explore individually, or it could form the basis of your TGMs for a whole term. SICs and TGM facilitators can use the ideas in the resources for courses 1–6 to plan appropriate TGM activities which encourage discussion of the issues.

Inclusive education toolkit coverKey resources

Activity 6.7: Exploring the TESSA Key Resources (group 6 above)

Look at the TESSA Key Resources. You will recognise some of these from the work you have been doing over the past two years (i.e. using questioning, group work, roleplay, brainstorming etc), but you will also find some new ones (i.e. using mind maps, investigations or new technologies in your lessons, or working with multi-grade classes).

Identify two or three which you think will be helpful. Work with a colleague to explain why you think this might be helpful.

Plan a classroom activity that makes use of one of the ideas from this resource.

The Key Resources set out the principles of the resources, and you can find many examples of how they can be used in the TESSA subject resources.

Activity 6.8: TESSA Inclusive Education Toolkit

Look at the TESSA Inclusive Education Toolkit. Write down the seven principles of inclusive education.

Work in pairs to examine one of the principles. Report back to the group about what you learned.

If everyone agreed, this resource could form the basis of your TGMs for a whole term.

Activity 6.9: Teaching Early Reading.

If you are involved in teaching pre-school, Grades 1 or 2, have a look at the ‘TESSA Teaching Early Reading – with African Storybook’ resources. The course is available as a set of PDFs as part of the enhanced SPRINT resources. This will give you ideas to use in your classroom that will support the teaching of reading in the lower primary school. To get the full benefit from it, however, you would need to study it online.

TESSA Teaching Early Reading - with African Storybook

With your colleagues, make a plan about how and when you might use these resources. Again, this resource could form the basis of a whole term’s TGMs.