Activity and Course completion tracking

If you need to set up completion tracking of activities so that a Statement of Participation or Badge can be configured for your course, you need to switch on the Course completion tracking in the Edit settings. These checks and setup should only be done after everything else in the course is ready, including the quizzes. Some of this configuration (badges) can only be setup by someone with ‘manager’ permissions for a course. If you are the course ‘owner’ you will need to request the ‘manager’ role for your course from (please provide the URL of the course for which you are requesting ‘manager’ permissions).

  1. Set up completion tracking
  2. Set up activity tracking
  3. Quiz activity settings
  4. Bulk editing the resource and activity completion settings
  5. Course activity completion
  6. Test the course materials and the quiz
  7. Set up the badge
  8. Final checks
  9. Enable the badge
  10. Set up the Statement of Participation

3. Quiz activity settings

Quiz activity completion

For each quiz activity the activity completion settings are slightly different.

Activity completion
  • Select ‘show activity as complete when conditions are met’.
  • If a quiz needs to be attempted or completed and there is no passing grade check the ‘require’ view’ box.
  • If any grade is required then check the ‘require grade’ box.
  • If there is a pass mark for the quiz then check ‘require passing grade’ instead of ‘require grade’.  The actual pass mark is set in the ‘grade’ settings further up the form.

Quiz grade pass mark

  • Set the grade by using the grade settings options:
  • If there are 8 questions in the quiz and the learner is required to pass 6 of the 8, then set the grade to pass at 6.00, for example:
  • If there are 10 questions and the learner is required to pass 5 out of the 10, set the grade to pass at 5.00.
  • Save and return to unit
  • On the home page alongside each item to be tracked there should now be a checkbox which will be ticked by the system when a learner completes the activity.
  • Set feedback for grades in quiz
  • Click on the edit settings button for the quiz
  • Click on ‘overall feedback’
  • In the feedback box for 100% type in a feedback message, for example:
  • If you have specific additional feedback for other grade boundaries which are above a pass grade then in the next grade boundary box down put the percentage figure (e.g. 80%) and type a specific message for learners who just miss achieving that percentage.
  • For your pass grade percentage put in the percentage in the grade boundary box (e.g. 70%) and type in the feedback for anyone who does not achieve that percentage.  For example:
  • If you message includes a link to a page in the course where you want learners to go after they’ve received the feedback, then include this too.
  • Save and return to unit