Adding Activities

Activities, such as forums, quizzes and wikis enable interactive content to be added to the course. Some are only suitable for a tutor/teacher supported course (tutor only) rather than a free standing open educational resource.

  • Blog allows for creation of blogs within a course (tutor only)
  • Choice enables a tutor to ask a question and offer possible responses (tutor only)
  • Custom Certificate is your preferred design, rather than standard Statement of Participation
  • Forum provides a discussion Moodle forum facility (tutor only)
  • Glossary can be a list of definitions, like a dictionary, or resources for information.  
  • H5P HTML5 Package of interactive content (presentations, videos, multimedia, questions etc).
  • Lesson enables sharing content and/or practice activities in flexible ways (tutor only). 
  • Questionnaire allows survey construction using a variety of survey question types.
  • Quiz enables a course author to create quizzes comprising questions of various types.
  • SCORM package Shareable Content Object Reference Model collection of files.   
  • StudentQuiz allows students to add questions for the crowd (tutor only).
  • Wiki lets users edit a set of linked pages, often a collaborative activity (tutor only). 
  • Workshop enables collection, review and peer assessment of students' work (tutor only)

3. Custom Certificate

One of the functions which is enabled on OpenLearn Create is the Moodle Custom Certificate.

This allows you to set up a customised certificate of your preferred design, rather than using the standard Statement of Participation (a 2- or 3-page template which can include digital badges on the third page). You can add a second page to your custom certificate; however, it can be tricky to configure it.

While the Statement of Participation works based on setting up the Course Completion tracking (often based on Activity completion), the Moodle Custom Certificate uses the Restrictions feature (also based on Activity completion).

You need to have the Course Manager or Teacher role to be able to fully configure a Custom Moodle Certificate in OpenLearn Create, so will need to complete the Data Declaration form to get this role (please contact the OpenLearn create mailbox to request the form). 

It is possible to set up the custom certificate without a background layout, as some elements are for layout, however a background template design can save a lot of time when trying to produce a certificate with a consistent and professional appearance. The background template design can show all the static text, logos, branding, and design you want to appear on the certificate. Ideally you need three versions of the certificate background design which can help when setting up the certificate, though the most important of these is Version 2. The background image for Version 2 needs to be a .png file with colours set to RGB not CMYK:

  • Version 1 shows everything including all the dynamic text which you set up the system to add to the certificate
  • Version 2 shows the background design excluding the dynamic text, instead it has spaces for all the dynamic text
  • Version 3 shows the font sizes and colours for all the dynamic text

Your background template can be either landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical) in layout.