Adding Activities

Activities, such as forums, quizzes and wikis enable interactive content to be added to the course. Some are only suitable for a tutor/teacher supported course (tutor only) rather than a free standing open educational resource.

  • Blog allows for creation of blogs within a course (tutor only)
  • Choice enables a tutor to ask a question and offer possible responses (tutor only)
  • Custom Certificate is your preferred design, rather than standard Statement of Participation
  • Forum provides a discussion Moodle forum facility (tutor only)
  • Glossary can be a list of definitions, like a dictionary, or resources for information.  
  • H5P HTML5 Package of interactive content (presentations, videos, multimedia, questions etc).
  • Lesson enables sharing content and/or practice activities in flexible ways (tutor only). 
  • Questionnaire allows survey construction using a variety of survey question types.
  • Quiz enables a course author to create quizzes comprising questions of various types.
  • SCORM package Shareable Content Object Reference Model collection of files.   
  • StudentQuiz allows students to add questions for the crowd (tutor only).
  • Wiki lets users edit a set of linked pages, often a collaborative activity (tutor only). 
  • Workshop enables collection, review and peer assessment of students' work (tutor only)

8. Quiz

8.4. Amending existing quizzes

You may have a quiz which has been set up without random variant questions, ie there is only one question for each numbered question the learner sees in the quiz. This means learners will see the same questions every time they attempt the quiz. 

To make sure learners see a different set of questions each time they attempt the quiz, you will need to set up a question bank with categories and use the add random question option for each question, though you could have a quiz which includes some random variant questions and some questions which always appear each time the learner attempts the quiz. This means writing more quiz questions and devising variants of existing quiz questions.

If the existing quiz has been attempted, you will not be able to add new questions to it or remove questions, it is only possible to make some corrections to quiz text for an already attempted quiz. To update the quiz with substantial changes needed if adding random variant questions, you will need to make a copy of the course and quiz and update the copy, because attempting to update a live course with substantial changes to functionality of assessed activities is not advisable or helpful to learners who may already have completed the original version, especially if the quiz counts towards course completion.