Module 4. Respecting the Child as an Active Participant

Learning objectives of this module

  1. List the articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) relevant to respecting the child as an active participant in decisions.
  2. Articulate the importance of listening to children and taking them seriously.
  3. Identify the approaches required to respect children’s participation rights in your work environment.
  4. Describe the different levels of engagement with children.


As explored in Module 1, the recognition of children as subjects of rights is a central philosophy of the CRC. Module 2 included an introduction to Article 12, the right of children to be heard and taken seriously. Children are not merely passive recipients of adult care and protection. They are social actors entitled to exercise their rights and participate in decisions that affect them. This module elaborates the implications this has for children within the health care system, and for the relationships between children and doctors, and indeed, between children and their parents.