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Picture of Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson Post 1

11 Jun 2018, 15:42

Baby Steps to OE

I felt a little overwhelmed by today's task, and so I thought "what is the most essential piece of CoP that I need right now?"  I know there is a wide internet overflowing with information, but at this early stage in my OE learning, I need something more simple, and more concrete; I need a real-life connection.

One of our colleges librarians has been posting and linking materials about OE/OER and I had no idea! I now know I have him as a resources. My mentor/colleague/friend gave me the mental push about OE, so I know I have her. I always feel awkward about reaching out to people I don't know (I am not a natural networker!) but I know that Guilia Forsythe (you may have heard of her in Day 1) is local and is friends with my mentor/colleague/friend.

Suddenly, my CoP seems less empty and much more personal.

Here is one of the links that our librarian posted:

This link meets me "where I'm at" today, but I do have a question...Do we need to provide copyright info if we are linking? Or only if we are posting? Sometimes it's the little things that I need to know ;)

Picture of Jenni Hayman

Jenni Hayman Post 2 in reply to 1

14 Jun 2018, 22:07

Hi Amanda, what a great discovery that there are colleagues available for your CoP!

To answer your question about copyright info when linking or posting, I'd say no for linking, and yes for posting. Like any other academic exercise, it's good to model (especially for students) effective and respectful citation and referencing in discussion forums. This is certainly a more informal situation though. With links, the reader can determine copyright from the article or resource as needed.