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Picture of Zainab Shuaibu

Zainab Shuaibu Post 1

24 Jul 2020, 13:10

Activities in a lesson

Teachers should be always encouraged to look for variety of effective activities that can be applied in the lessons. It is better that teachers have more diversity of options because learners would be bored if they have only listening and copying the blackboard. 

It is said in a theory that there should be at least four different activities in a period of lesson, such as

 1) listening,

 2) reading, 

3) writing, and 

4) one more. "One more" could be simply an observation or a discussion or searching information.

 Teachers can build a constructive lesson plan with only four activities.

Picture of Michele Deane

Michele Deane Post 2 in reply to 1

25 Jul 2020, 14:10

Thank you for your contribution, Zainab. I would like to refer it to the activities we are invited to carry out in the course, but I am struggling. Is it reflection point on the quiz or is it activity 2.5?

I agree with you, lesson preparation and planning is absolutely crucial. One of my colleagues used to say "Fail to plan = plan to fail". 

I also agree with you that the lesson often needs to be broken down into various activities, but what is important to me it that these activities support the learners in attaining the expected learning outcomes for the lesson (unit). 

The following TESSA resources offer clear and constructive guidance on lesson 

These two resources will help you develop your approach to lesson planning and preparation further.

Picture of Aminu Rufai

Aminu Rufai Post 6 in reply to 2

2 Aug 2020, 08:59

With TESSA  Key Resources .and TESSA tool kits if put to practice will help in planning  and preparation of lesson


FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 9 in reply to 2

16 Sep 2020, 23:08

True Michelle, planning is absolutely important fora successful interactive learner centred lesson

Picture of Bonface Nabwoba

Bonface Nabwoba Post 3 in reply to 1

26 Jul 2020, 00:50

Interesting! Looks biased towards languages though. Does it apply to sciences too?


FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 10 in reply to 3

16 Sep 2020, 23:10

Yes Boniface. What one does after seeing application process is to figure out how it could be applicable in your own situation-kind of domesticate

Picture of SCHOLASTICA Coffee Lewis

SCHOLASTICA Coffee Lewis Post 4 in reply to 1

27 Jul 2020, 14:53 Edited by the author on 27 Jul 2020, 14:57

This is the format of lesson plan use in Liberia.


Trainer: ____________________________ 

Institution: _____________  Grade: _______________________   Course: _________

Credit Hour: _________       Duration: _____________     Date: ______________________

Theme: ___________________________ Topic: _________________________________




Aim/Interaction (T-Ts)

What Trainer is doing

What Trainees are doing
















This type of lesson plan is more learner-center. Please share the type of lesson plan use in your schools or coutries.

Picture of Sandra Amos

Sandra Amos Post 5 in reply to 4

28 Jul 2020, 08:52

This is really interesting - thanks for sharing. Forms can support teachers into thinking about learners but it doesn't work if teachers don't see a problem with writing 'listening' 'copying' 'chanting' in the column for what learners are doing. The same applies to teacher education. 

What do think about this form? Why is this form more learner centred? Could it be improved?


FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 11 in reply to 4

16 Sep 2020, 23:13

One may not be able to tell whether is learner centred or not without content

Picture of elizabeth Asewe

elizabeth Asewe Post 7 in reply to 1

9 Aug 2020, 06:12

Plan for learner learner interaction while performing the activities in a lesson

Picture of Chimdiebere Joseph

Chimdiebere Joseph Post 8 in reply to 1

8 Sep 2020, 07:01

Thank you so much for this. Varieties in teaching teachniques, should be applied by teachings, to make the class more interesting and interactive.


FLORENCE KISIRKOI Post 12 in reply to 8

16 Sep 2020, 23:14

You are right Joseph

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