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Friday, 12 April 2024, 12:54 PM
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Course: Empowering methodologies in organisational research (Empowering methodologies)
Glossary: Glossary

scientific method

Scientific method is understood here as a master narrative that is based on modernist, Enlightenment values of scientific neutrality and objectivity. It is closely associated with a popular (although inaccurate) view of how knowledge is produced the natural sciences. The scientific method is often positioned as the ‘gold standard’ and used to discipline forms of social inquiry, including those based on post-positivism. Unreflexive or zealous application of the scientific method leads to ‘scientism’: principles and practices developed in the natural sciences are applied in areas of inquiry where their application is inappropriate and detrimental.


Self-reflexivity is a way for researchers to question things that they might otherwise take for granted, such as choices and decisions they make during the research process.

Statement of Participation

A Statement of Participation demonstrates successful completion of an online module and your interest in the subject. It can be used to demonstrate your commitment to your ongoing continuing professional development. It does not usually carry any formal credit towards a qualification, because it is not subject to the same rigour as formal assessment.


A subaltern is someone whose history has been erased through colonial power (see also colonialism).