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General Education System Quality Analysis/Diagnosis Framework (GEQAF)

Framework to strengthen national capacity in assessing education systems, based on local knowledge and expertise, developed by UNESCO in collaboration with its Member States. The GEQAF, which contains 15 analytical tools covering key interconnected aspects of an education system, is designed to guide diagnostics/ analysis, in order to strengthen the knowledge base required to design and implement improvement interventions.

Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

A multilateral partnership, established in 2002 as the Education for  All  Fast  Track   Initiative  (EFA-FTI)   and  comprising    around

60 developing countries, donor governments, international organizations, the private sector, teachers, and civil society/NGO groups, which is devoted to getting all children in school for a good quality education .

Gross domestic product (GDP)

The primary indicator of a nation’s economic activity, and therefore wealth, GDP is the market value  of  all  final  goods and services from a nation  in a given  year.  It is calculated  as the population times market value of the goods and services produced per person in the country.