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Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF)

A strategic policy and expenditure framework which balances what is affordable against policy priorities of the government, in the context of annual budget processes.


A one-to-one process between an experienced and a newly qualified teacher, whereby the former provides support, advice and informal training to the latter.

M-learning (mobile-learning)

A form of e-learning through social and content interactions using personal electronic or ‘mobile’ devices (handheld computing devices), such as smart phones, tablet computers or personal digital assistants (PDAs).

Monitoring and Evaluation

The processes of continuous, methodical collection of information to track the progress of an intervention (monitoring) and measuring, assessing and analysing change (evaluation) to assess implementation and fine-tune implementation processes, look for results and evidence of impact and demonstrate accountability.

Multi-grade teaching

A system where a single teacher is responsible for learners in two or more curriculum grades (sometimes for a whole school) at the same time.

Multi-shift teaching

Where the supply of schools  (and/or  teachers)  is inadequate to provide single shift schooling for all learners, teachers teach learners in two or more shifts; this often has a negative impact on education quality, the morale of teachers and the status of teaching in general.