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Finding of Fact hearing

A hearing to decide any significant facts which are in dispute so that interim decisions can be made regarding contact or an exert witness can carry out an assessment (such as a Cafcass officer preparing a section 7 report). This usually involves determining allegations of domestic abuse or substance misuse.  

First Hearing and Dispute Resolution Appointment (FHDRA)

The first hearing in a case for a child arrangements order.  The court will consider the safeguarding information, identify the issues and encourage the parties to try to resolve matters by agreement.  If this is not possible, the court will make directions to enable the matter to proceed to a fuller hearing.


Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors is a project bringing together a team of experts from the Family Team of the Royal Courts of Justice RCJ Advice, working in partnership with Rights of Women. They provide a network of trusted and fully vetted advisers to provide legal advice for domestic abuse survivors.  For further information please see

Form C100

The court application form to apply for a child arrangements order, specific issue or prohibited steps order under the Children Act 1989.

Form C8

The court application form to keep a party’s contact details confidential.

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