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Student Support Team


The level of study of a module at the OU, this corresponds to a year at most other Univeristies, so stage 1 = year 1 undergradutate study


Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Student-centered approach

learning that is primarily led with the eyes on the student – e.g. small group seminar discussions

students with disabilities

Students have a wide range of visible and hidden disabilities. Whilst many students let the students know about their needs up front, not all do. Therefore Associate Lecturers play an important role in spotting students who need additional support and helping them recive it.

study skills

The skills that students need in order to succeed during academic study. Most students at the OU will need to devlop these skills and our Associate Lecturers have a key role helping students develop them. Study skills are a partcualr focus in stage 1 modules.

supported open learning

the unique OU model of distance teaching

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