Welsh Levels of Care E-Learning Program Glossary

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Lay Descriptors

Describe in simple terms the typical condition of the patient and types of care.

Level 1

Routine Care

The patient has a clearly identified problem, with minimal other complicating factors.

Level 2

Care Pathways

The patient has a clearly defined problem but there may be a small number of additional factors that affect how treatment is provided.

Level 3

Complex Care

The patient may have a number of identified problems, some of which interact, making it more difficult to predict the outcome of any individual treatment.

Level 4

Urgent Care

The patient is in a highly unstable and unpredictable condition either related to their primary problem or an exacerbation of other related factors.

Level 5

One-to-One Care

The patient requires at least one-to-one continuous nursing supervision and observation for 24 hours a day.