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Access course

This is a programme of study that prepares students, often mature students, although there is no age requirement, for studying at university. Access courses are designed for people who left school with few or no qualifications but who would like to study in higher education.

Accredited course

An accredited course certifies that a particular knowledge or competency has been reached by someone who passes it, by exam or other assessment. Organisations that provide accredited courses, such as colleges or universities, are subject to quality control processes that ensure accredited courses meet an appropriate standard.



Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree - types of degree course.



Every carer's situation is unique. A carer offers support to someone who needs it, whether that's a teenager supporting a parent with mental health issues, or a husband helping his wife live from day to day with dementia. Unpaid carers are individuals who care for family or friends without getting a paid income in addition to income they may (or may not) have through the benefits system.

Scotland has a legal definition of a carer: Someone who provides substantial amounts of care on a regular basis for either an adult or a child, where that adult or child receives, or is eligible to receive, support services under the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 (section 12AA) or the Children's (Scotland) Act 1995 (Section 24).

Carers Centre

A carers centre is a place that offers support to local carers. This might be advice and information, training courses, counselling or social activities.



Higher National Certificate Scottish Qualification at SCQF level 7 (


Higher National Diploma Scottish Qualification at SCQF level 8 ( sqa/ 4595.html).


Learning outcome

A learning outcome summarises what you are expected to have learned to do as a result of studying something.



National Progression Award Scottish Qualification available at SCQF levels 2-6 (



Professional Development Award - Scottish Qualification available at SCQF levels 6-12 (


Reflection Toolkit

This is the name of a reflection course that was developed by The Open University in Scotland to support adults to consider their situation and set out their hopes and plans. This course for carers is based on the Reflection Toolkit, which some of the carers featured in this course have completed.


Sense Scotland

Scotland-based charity campaigning on behalf of disabled people and their families (


Transferable skills

These are skills that you develop in one environment that you can use in a completely different environment. For example, as a carer you might become skilled in managing your time and prioritising demands. This is a skill that transfers well to many jobs, for example project management in business or administration.

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