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Music in our life

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Music is constantly present in the life of any person, and it does not matter whether he wants it or not. Music opens a door to a person in another world. In this world you can do without words - sounds reign here. Not only can an event not do without it, musical motives help people relax after a hard day. However, not everyone knows where to use music, why it is needed and how it affects our body, we just like it. Today we are trying to answer these questions.

Where to use music?

Music is everywhere. Music is a combination of several tunes. We hear it on every corner: strong gusts of wind, barking dogs, peals of thunder, foaming of birds, the rustle of fallen sheets or the crunch of snow under our feet, this is all music and nature itself creates it for us. There is also music that is created by man for man. Why is it needed?

For someone, music is work, a means of subsistence. People come to download and use different music for different purposes. But music, it’s like a child, it can’t just exist or be taken from nowhere, it always has an owner. Therefore, just as you can’t play with other people's children without the permission of parents, you can’t use someone else’s music without the permission of its copyright holders. People sell licenses for the use of music, thereby helping everyone around to work and earn money for composers, singing groups as well as advertisers and bloggers. There are music licenses on any pocket. There is free music, which you can use in your purposes without any payments. It will give you the rights to use the music for free. Some licenses allow not only non-commercial but commercial use, too. One thing only you must remember is to indicate in any way the author of the music that you use. Also? There is a Royalty-free music for what you need to pay only while buying a product. Under this license, there are no additional payments by the buyer for each use of the product.

For others, music is a crystallizer of thoughts. When a person has so many thoughts and tasks in his head that he can’t cope with all these, he simply turns on his favorite melody, his brain relaxes and you can already put things in order in your head and set priorities. Gradually, thoughts come to a certain harmony.

Also, music can be a girlfriend who will always support you in a difficult moment. Alone with music, you can allow yourself to be weak, to suffer.

How without music! It's impossible!

 The influence of music

Every day we all listen to different music, which somehow influences us. Many people, listening to music of different genres and styles, do not even think about its impact on their psyche and behavior. Attempts to describe the impact of music on human health were great. If by health we mean a mental or mental state, then this connection is obvious and does not require evidence. It does not matter to what extent this influence is manifested, what kind of influence it is, what it can lead to, but with great certainty it can be argued that this influence is, in one way or another, a fact.

Background music helps a person concentrate. For most people, the sounds of music help not only focus and increase mental performance, but also control their emotions. There is an opinion that classical music is able to eliminate muscle tension, reduce nervousness and establish metabolism.

The way in which music helps a person to cope with difficult life situations is hardly comparable to any other influence of external factors. She is able to create, improve or maintain his mood, as well as energize the whole day or relax at the end of the working day. In the morning, it is preferable to listen to invigorating and rhythmic motives that will make you finally wake up and tune in to achieve new goals. For the evening, calm melodies that contribute to relaxation are more suitable. And also, have you borrowed that calm music before bedtime is a wonderful remedy for insomnia?

Whatever mood you would like to set with the help of music, it is important to choose the compositions and melodies that you like and that will caress your hearing. The power of music lies in the fact that its influence is due to the psycho-emotional state of a person. It is able to positively influence and make a person happier if it is in harmony with his state of mind. Otherwise, the effect of music on a person may be negative.

As for the styles and directions of music, research by scientists suggests that different areas of music can affect the physical and emotional state of a person in different ways.

Pop music, due to the monotony of rhythm, increases tension, and can even cause irritation. Also, music of this kind reduces attention, but increases physical abilities, which is why music of this genre most often sounds in gyms.

Classical music has a beneficial effect on the psyche and human health, which was proved by many scientists many years ago. It lowers anxiety, reduces the likelihood of depression and gives a surge of creativity.

Rock music, the main component of which is rhythm, can lead a person to a state of trance. The effect of such music on our body is more negative: the pulse rises, attention and memory decrease, and even aggression may appear.

Music is very tightly entered the life of every person. In all past and future times, music has been and will be what accompanies us. And underestimating its importance in our lives, at least, is stupid. Therefore, it is up to us to decide how we listen to music, it depends on us what influence of music we choose.

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How to Avoid Scam NetEnt Casinos?

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Online gambling is flourishing now. Dozens of new Internet casinos emerge each year, NetEnt software providers and other teams launch new casino games, and high rollers join this exciting world. With millions of dollars and tons of sensitive data, the industry becomes attractive to various malicious actors: hackers, scammers, wild frauds.

Generally, to avoid compromised sites it’s enough to check any  Netent casinos recipe or other leading platforms where branded venues are rated. The same is true for Microgaming platforms and other casinos operated by well-known providers. However, online and mobile casino scammers become more and more cunning so it’s not an easy task to spot them these days.

If you’re afraid of potential issues, start with our article. We will identify the signs of fraudulent casinos, show how to avoid them, and unveil where new players can seek help. While you should be aware of scammers, don’t panic. With basic knowledge, you can definitely minimize risks and keep your money safe. So, welcome our ultimate guide!

Distinct Signs of a Scam

First things first, know your enemy. Illegal and fraudulent websites usually try to mimic trusted casinos. They copy landing pages, list real online casino games from famous providers, purchase fake reviews, design all the required sections of the site like T&C or Privacy Policy. They may even copy great brand names to lure newcomers. However, there are a few red flags that help seasoned gamblers identify scams. Explore them:

●       Fake licenses or no licenses. Well, every gambler knows that an online casino without a license is a scam. But many platforms counterfeit documents. You can validate them using official sites of gambling commissions like Curaçao eGaming.

●       No real addresses or contacts. Again, all online casinos must be registered offline somewhere. Thus, if the chosen site doesn’t have this info or you see that it’s doubtful (check it with Google Maps), avoid this platform.

●       No casino software from big players. While this point is a secondary red flag, it matters. Evidently, good providers, including Net Entertainment, do not deliver rigged table games, jackpot offers, etc. Thus, check original NetEnt games first.

●       Only positive reviews. If you see that a casino has only positive feedback on AskGamblers or Casinomeister, it’s better to avoid this platform. However, some professional scammers order negative reviews intentionally so this point isn’t a 100% red flag.

●       Problems with the website itself. Poor graphics, glitches, too many cookies, odd gameplay interface… But the most distinctive sign here is the lack of proper encryption like TLS or SSL. An experienced user is always looking for these certificates on all sites.

●       Unclear terms and conditions or no T&C at all. Similarly to licenses, all online casinos should clearly specify their rules. Even if you don’t have an account, you should get access to this section. A scammer makes rules too vague to evade responsibility.

As you can see, it’s enough to know weak points. If you search in the right place, you can find red flags almost on all fake casino sites. But the strategy that helps gamblers avoid frauds is a bit more complex. Let’s proceed with it.

Top Tips to Avoid Scams

Well, you already realize which casino sites are fraudulent. It’s clear that you should check the license number, validate it, google the real address and the casino’s name, learn T&C carefully, review slot games, and so on. To help you in your online gaming journey, we’ve prepared a checklist with key features. Just move through it step-by-step, and you will be able to avoid scams:

  1. Check the site’s link. First, look at the website’s link. You want it to start with HTTPS, not HTTP as this small S shows that the site encrypts your info, protecting it. The link should match the original name, without typos and extra characters. Say, https://nameofcasino.com is okay while https://nameofcsino.com is a scam, most likely.
  2. Check the casino’s documents:
    1. License. As we’ve stated, the gambling platform must have a real, valid, and active license. Feel free to check it before you become a player.
    2. Registration. Often, casinos also have registration numbers so their policies should be based on their local laws. You can review them via governmental sites.
    3. Software certificate. Finally, you should ensure that the games aren’t rigged. For this, look for certificates from technology agencies like eCOGRA.
  3. Read the rules. Study them in full. If you can’t understand at least one statement – go to point #6 in our list. Here are a few insights: the best casino should specify age and country restrictions, currencies accepted, payment methods, languages, min and max limits, penalties, progressive jackpots. Explore rules for bonuses, free spins, promotions.
  4. Check the games. Don’t only focus on the main page where casinos list their partners. Instead, go to the NetEnt game library and look at the developers’ video slots, video poker, NetEnt Live Casino projects, etc. For instance, the best NetEnt title is Mega Fortune. You’d better not use the site if you haven’t found these mentions.
  5. Check the payment options. As a rule, trustworthy businesses offer a lot of different deposit options, from wire transfers to instant cryptocurrency transactions. A reputable company works with an equally reputable provider: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill. Some methods may be exclusive and unique for your country. Just avoid sending cash.
  6. Check the support. Last but not least, test the support center’s quality. We admit that a wide range of brands may have relatively poor support teams. But they still try to help. Scammers often don’t have the dedicated support operators at all or they use bots. Another problem is that support is often unavailable for owners of mobile devices or even desktop users.

Please, note! We can’t guarantee that these recommendations will protect you from all forms of gambling fraud. Always do your research and keep a cool head.

Is It Possible to Recover after Being Scammed?

Yes. If you lost your deposited funds, you can receive them back. Initially, go to forums and describe your experience. Send an email report to the available commissions and responsible gambling services. You can even try contacting legal authorities that may help you get rewards back. Still, you can also reverse a transaction after some time.

Major payment system companies, issuers of cards, and bank groups support charge-back operations (not for bonus money). If you can prove that the casino is a scam, feel free to initiate this process. Frauds will not be able to strike back so your only risk is to get blacklisted on other scam sites. Still, if this particular casino is reputable, it can make other fair gambling services ban you.

It’s only your choice but mind all the pros and cons before choosing this way.

Summary, or Why Casinos Don’t Need to Cheat

There are some scams and frauds and it’s a pity that they are the reason behind a bad reputation of the gambling providers. But the majority of super casinos work legally and provide fair services. The thing is that both offline and online gambling venues add the house edge to every game or offering. As a result, in the long run, they get significant profits. Businesses want to build up their reputation to attract even more customers. In fact, reputable casinos can earn even more than scams.

Look for popular sites, check the news, play safe, enjoy, and win. All rights reserved.

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Full Research about Gambling Addiction

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Taking risks is a part of our nature. Whether it’s gambling on roulette, driving fast, or making an investment, we sometimes engage in activities entailing both potential risks and rewards.


Any kind of risk-based activity is associated with the release of dopamine, the chemical that triggers pleasure and motivates us to take chances. 


Risk-taking can serve as a driver for new discoveries, ideas, and other positive results. On the other hand, it can cause both physical and mental harm. The latter includes problem gambling, one of the serious problems for many people.

From compulsion to addiction

Before the 1980s, pathological gambling had been regarded as a compulsion but not as an addiction. The clinicians considered that the behavior of a pathological gambler was triggered by the urge to release anxiety. They didn’t view problem gambling as a crave for an intense feeling of pleasure. Later, the association of psychiatrists in America included compulsive gambling into the section of impulse control disorder. This classification made problem gambling akin to other mental illnesses like pyromania and kleptomania. In 2013, the association took a pivotal decision to recategorize gambling disorder as an addiction disorder. It brought a new comprehension of the nature of problem gambling and helped to alter the treatment accordingly.  


Since gambling is becoming more accessible and more addictive, finding an effective treatment is crucial. It’s hard to get precise statistics on gamblers that suffer from addiction because most of them don’t seek treatment. Yet, it is observed that the overall spike in the number of people who play casino games contributes to the increasing number of players with gambling issues. Some reports and surveys show that the US has the highest gambling addiction rates. It’s estimated that approximately 2.6% of the population in America is affected by problem gambling.      

How do people become addicted to gambling?

To understand the signs of unhealthy behavior we need to get familiar with certain chemical processes in human brains. When we engage in activities, the reward system triggers the release of dopamine. This covers us with a wave of pleasure. Hence, we get satisfied when we eat delicious food, do exercises, and have sex. And when the brain is stimulated by the thrill of gambling, the reward system produces several-fold more dopamine. The same is true for drug consumption. 


The repeated gambling activities or drug consumption make the brain less responsive to dopamine effects building up a tolerance over time. As a result, drug addicts need a larger amount of substance while problem gamblers seek riskier experiences. Numerous studies reveal a lot of similar symptoms between the two addictions.


In a nutshell, addictive behavior is the consequence of the derangement of the reward system, which consists of 2 reward pathways: wanting and liking. Basically, liking can be described as the pleasure of eating a chocolate bar. Wanting is what motivates us to buy one. In the case of extensive online gambling addiction, the player’s wanting remains at the same level, while the level of liking becomes reduced.    


But is gambling addiction triggered by human nature only, or there is something else?

Design of modern gambling machines

There is a growing concern among various experts that game design plays a crucial role in the development of a gambling disorder. Having analyzed the design elements of the virtual casino games, some studies suggest that developers intentionally design games in a way that influences the decision-making and behavior of players.


One of the misleading features of electronic gambling machines that are widely available in online casinos relates to near missing. This is when you lack one out of three symbols to hit a jackpot. What’s more, the missing symbol usually lands below or above the payline that feels like almost-win. In reality, a player isn’t closer to the win. However, this psychological hook makes gamblers think that they almost won and encourages them to play longer. For people vulnerable to problem gambling, this feature has a stronger effect. The brains of gambling addicts respond to near-missing like to a win rather than a loss.


Most of the modern video slots enable multiline betting instead of one classic simple payline. Some slot games feature up to 1,400 possible ways to win. This represents more opportunities for a potential win, yet the outcomes are misleading. For example, betting $2 on three various patterns, you get the $2 payout on one of them. You will be congratulated with lights and sounds and treated as a winner. Although, in fact, you have lost $4. This hook works effectively with both non-problem and problem gamblers. It makes our brain register losses as wins.       


Design features like flashing visuals and audio reinforcements, as well as high speed of gameplay, strengthen the effects and encourage gamblers to play longer.


If we add the extensive promotion of gambling via sites or apps and the twenty-four-hour access to online casino services, we will get a large number of factors that are able to potentially contribute to the development of gambling disorder and addictive behavior.        

On a final note

Online casinos are largely promoted as entertainment that delivers fun and thrill. And it’s indeed so if a person has control over it. There are many risk factors that can become seeds for problem gambling without a player even noticing it. Therefore, it’s vital to remember about responsible gambling and follow the advised practices.         

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How to Choose the Right Casino for Online Roulette?

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If you are magnetized with roulette wheels but can’t afford regular travels to Vegas, take a look at online casinos. They offer diverse experiences thanks to different variations of the game. But the question is how to find the best gambling website with a quality product?

Choosing the online casino with roulette, it’s crucial to check available game’s types, software providers, and the level of security.

Types of roulette

Land-based casinos rarely place more than three roulette tables, being limited in the game’s versions presentation. In contrast to that, online platforms list dozens of different types, including innovative ones with VR implementation or live dealers. If you are into playing with high limits, choose the one among roulette casinos rated by GoldenTiger.casino. A lot of platforms have specific offers for significant bets in games.

Classic versions

There are three basic types of roulette: American, European, and French. They date back to the age of the first casinos – roulette tables have filled all gambling houses in Europe by 1780. Nowadays, these three variations are equally popular.

American type is the least profitable for players. It has two zero sectors instead of one, so the house edge jumps to 5.26% instead of 2.7% for the European version. The second sector, known as double zero, changes the sequence of numbers on the wheel. The table layout is also slightly different.

European version is the most known one with 37 sectors, a single zero, classic sequence, and a low house edge. Similarly to American type, European variations may or may not include fast play and autoplay features. We recommend choosing roulette with all possible options available, which is also accessible via mobile devices.

French version is similar to the previous one but has two unique rules called La Partage (gamblers receive half of their even money bets back if the ball stops at zero) and En Prison (even money bets will be left on their places for the next spin if the balls hit zero). These features lower house edge to 1.35%.

Modern versions

We can find a few other types of online roulette which feature modified rules or technical innovations. The most favorable version is Live Roulette with real croupiers, just like in land-based casinos. The game is broadcasted from special studios and players can bet using virtual interface.

As for technical innovations, you can’t miss 3D Roulette launched by Playtech. It’s played by European rules but provides a 3D wheel and a bunch of visual advancements. Another innovative type is VR Roulette by Microgaming. It provides a new-age immersive experience with VR glasses.

There are also some minor variations with unique features:

Mini Roulette. It has a smaller wheel with fewer numbers on it (usually, from 0 to 12). This version also featured a higher house edge – up to 7.69%.

Multi-ball. It consists of a single wheel but has up to 10 balls on it. Layers can bet inside (at least one ball must hit) or outside (both balls required).

Multi-wheel. It includes several screens with wheels rotating simultaneously. Like in slots, bets can be placed on any number.

Pinball. This unique version doesn’t have a wheel but features a pinball field with numbers located at the bottom line where the ball lands.

Rockin’. This is another unique layout similar to a lotto game. Each ball has a number on which players bet.

Except for live games, all of the mentioned roulette types use RNGs to calculate results. It means that they aren’t controlled by casinos directly, but algorithms still can be rigged. That’s why you may want to play blockchain-based roulette where decentralized databases guarantee the fair play.

2. Software providers

While different roulette types are universal for casinos, some software providers add extra features, change layouts or visuals. The majority of providers design American, European, and French versions, but there are also some exotic products. While choosing a casino for playing roulette, make sure that the platform uses certified products from well-known brands.

As one of the most famous and experienced companies, Microgaming works with hundreds of casinos, offering all kinds of the game: traditional one, the one with a progressive jackpot, the one with multiplayer tables, Live Roulette, and VR Roulette.

Playtech lists Mini Roulette and a bunch of live games. The brand is known for the Pro variation which includes a lot of extra bets like caret, line, or column.

IGT offers an impressive set of different roulette types, including Double/Triple Bonus Spin Roulette with a larger bonus well, Hot Streak Roulette featuring a side bet with a progressive bonus, Three Wheel Roulette with tripled chances to win, and Pinball Roulette where the action takes place on a pinball table.

Evolution Gaming is famous for different live games, including roulette. The provider broadcast high-quality videos for desktop and mobile platforms. The only drawback is that there’s no free mode for newcomers.

If you’re not into roulette only, try some card games like blackjack on 21Blackjack.Club. For any casino game, it’s essential to check the reliability of software providers and the security level of casinos.

3. Casinos’ security

Here are some essential tips on choosing the safest casino to play roulette:

Check for licenses. eCOGRA certificates and national gambling commissions like UKGC are the most trusted.

Use secure payment methods. Wire transfers and wallets like Skrill are generally safe options.

Read reviews. Gambling forums are the best place to find feedback from real users.

Remember about basic Internet hygiene. Don’t share sensitive data and check websites’ encryption.


As you can see, there are a lot of different roulette versions available. To choose the best one, you should define which type suits your style the most and find a software provider which offers it. When choosing a casino, check for its licences and security measures first. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable service and quality products – this way you’ll make the most of playing online roulette.

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Is Blackjack Still the Most Popular Game?

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Blackjack is considered to be one of the most famous table games. Players of all ages are fond of it. Thanks to the rise of online gambling, blackjack became available to everyone on their smartphones or computers. There is even an online casino named after this popular game — Blackjack Ballroom! It offers over 10 unique variants of blackjack. 

But since we have lots of other casino games, it begs the question of whether blackjack is still the most popular casino game. Let’s find out.

What the statistics say

According to the UNLV Centre for Gaming Research, blackjack is truly one of the most popular casino games. In 1985, blackjack covered 77% of all casino activities. But with time, these figures changed a lot. By 2018, the share of blackjack lowered to 49.15%. Thus, the decline of 27.85% over 30 years points to the players’ decreasing interest in blackjack. However, these figures are true for land-based casinos only. Adding blackjack games to websites and mobile apps hurts traditional gambling houses. The opportunity to play blackjack for free in online casinos makes brick-and-mortar venues less attractive. 

Talking about profits, blackjack brought 50.25% of revenue in 1985. But it’s worth mentioning that despite the continuing decline, the revenue share of blackjack experienced a slight increase after 2012. Turning back to the UNLV research, these figures reached 28.43% in 2018. Although land-based casinos are slowly losing interest in this game, blackjack still brings huge profits and it’s safe to say that the game is popular. 

What made blackjack so popular?

Since we’ve started to talk about blackjack’s popularity, it’ll be logical to discuss why this game is of high demand. And here are a couple of reasons provided by BusinessMatters.

Firstly, we can’t deny that blackjack is easy to play. And its rules and gaming strategy are easy to learn as well. Talking about rules, they are static and players from all over the world understand them.

Secondly, it has a low house edge, and therefore — good odds. Its payout is 3:1.

Thirdly, blackjack is an international game. And there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about this game. 

Different table games may have some limits on making bets. But it’s not about blackjack. This game is available all the time. And unlike other games of this kind, blackjack provides a fair chance for players to return what was lost in the long run.

What also makes blackjack popular is its social aspect. The gaming session is usually run by several players. And it makes the whole process interesting and fun.

And finally, blackjack allows punters to make their own decisions. It lets them feel involved in the process and plan what to do next — hit, split or stand.

The future of blackjack

As you might have noticed, despite the fading allure of blackjack in recent times, there are still reasons why people adore this game. Although it’s not as catchy as it used to be, many sources still believe that it has a bright future just like other tables games. But the future for blackjack is unique.

Today, online blackjack tournaments are becoming popular. And this gives a boost to online multiplayer blackjack, in turn. The thing is that during these tournaments, players receive points for each bet. And by the end, players with the highest points gain a part of the fixed prize pool. Such a format lasts around a week. And the payouts can reach up to 10,000 pounds (appr. 13,000 dollars). And it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose during the game. The money you bet influences your final score.

Since blackjack is here to stay, the game providers promise to introduce new game modes and titles with high limits. The current online gambling venues are already following this way, especially in the live dealer space. New and exciting variations like Blackjack Switch and 21 Duel have already entered the market. So, it’s only a matter of time when other versions pop up.

You might have already heard about Virtual Reality and its implementation in casino games. Blackjack is not an exception. Using VR in casino games will let you experience the gameplay of a real casino, where you play against real people online. This approach is still in its infancy, but technologies are sure to reshape the market. So, we need to wait until it turns into reality.

On a Final Note

As we have found out, blackjack has significantly evolved. Based on the information given above, we can say that it’s already not the King of table games. Still, it doesn’t make it less engaging and popular when compared to other casino games. And we believe that sooner or later blackjack will see a boom again, as it still has a lot of potential to show in the future.


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