AUTOANKAUF-VOR-ORT.DE — zuverlässiger Service für den Kauf und Verkauf von Unfallfahrzeugen

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Nachdem das Auto einen Unfall hatte oder ein anderes Unglück passiert ist, hat der Besitzer zwei Möglichkeiten, was er mit dem Auto tun soll, das nicht mehr gefahren werden kann. Die erste Möglichkeit ist, Zeit, Mühe und Geld zu investieren, um das beschädigte Auto zu reparieren. Angesichts der Tatsache, dass Reparaturen manchmal teurer sein können, als ein neues Auto, ist es jedoch ratsam, dies nur zu tun, wenn Ihnen das Auto als Erinnerung, Ereignisse oder Personen, die für Sie wichtig sind, am Herzen liegt. Oder wenn es sich um exklusive, seltene Modelle handelt, deren Verkauf selbst nach einem Unfall eine dumme und falsche Entscheidung ist.

Einen Unfallwagen verkaufen ist dann die zweite Option, die in 90% der Fälle besser und für die meisten modernen Autofahrer geeigneter ist. Wenn Sie diese Entscheidung getroffen haben, wenden Sie sich am besten an ein vertrauenswürdiges und zuverlässiges Unternehmen für den Kauf und Verkauf von Autos in jedem Zustand - AUTOANKAUF-VOR-ORT.DE. Mit seiner Hilfe können Sie alle Ihre Pläne umsetzen.


Welche Autos werden von AUTOANKAUF-VOR-ORT.DE gekauft?

Jedes Fahrzeug ab dem Baujahr 2006 kann von dem Unternehmen gekauft werden. Es können Autos sein, die durch einen Verkehrsunfall, eine Naturkatastrophe oder durch ein anderes unglück beschädigt waren. Der Schaden kann erheblich oder auch nicht sein.Da jedes Auto und sein Zustand individuell bewertet werden, können Sie in jedem Fall auf eine faire Bewertung zählen und mehr Geld erhalten, als andere Autokauffirmen auch anbieten.
Außerdem bietet die Firma AUTOANKAUF-VOR-ORT.DE solche Vorteile, die man sonst nirgendwo erhält. Es sind beispielsweise folgende Vorteile:

  • Das Unternehmen evakuiert selbst das beschädigte Fahrzeug auf eigene Kosten von seinem derzeitigen Standort;
  • Das Unternehmen kümmert sich selbst um die Abmeldung des Fahrzeuges.
  • Sie erhalten das Geld in jeder für Sie geeigneten Form: entweder Bar oder per Überweisung.
  • Die Fachkräfte des Unternehmens beraten Sie bei jeder Frage, die während des verkaufs entstehen kann.


Wenn Sie herausfinden möchten, wie viel Ihr beschädigtes Auto kosten kann, besuchen Sie die offizielle Website von AUTOANKAUF-VOR-ORT.DE und bestellen Sie einen kostenlosen unverbindlichen Kostenvoranschlag. Bei Bedarf bietet das Unternehmen auch einen dringenden Kaufservice an. Das heißt, dass Sie innerhalb von 24 Stunden nach dem Unfall Ihr Auto verkaufen können. Mehr Information erhalten Sie direkt von den Managern von AUTOANKAUF-VOR-ORT.DE.


Offline meetings of the most popular figures in the gaming world

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Here, everyone present, from the bison of the industry to those who are just about to become one, will be able to recharge themselves with fresh ideas, subscribe to their thoughts, find like-minded people, prepare the ground for future business and just have a good time in one beautiful place with people whose interests are practically the same. Also, representatives of world game design are invited to such parties, who are ready to share their experience, knowledge, instructive stories and ideas with an interested audience. And more often than not, in addition to the speeches of eminent speakers, guests of such unusual parties will have a special surprise that the organizers keep secret until the end of the event.

Who should you go with?

When you come to an unfamiliar place, to strangers, especially if you have a high status on the network and do not want to fall face down in front of your audience, then parties of this format should be approached with maximum responsibility.

Of course, you can go with a boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, brother or sister and so on. But if it so happened that in your environment no one shares your gaming interests and no one wants to go with you to world-class gaming parties, what to do then? There is a solution to this problem. Take luxury companions with you.

These people go out and sell not the body, but the image. Together with their support, you buy your image and status in society. You are provided with beautiful packaging, with which you are not ashamed to appear in public.

A logical and intuitive meeting area should be organized for guests at such parties. The signs should lead them to the right place, show them where to go. Therefore, even if you have never been to parties of this scale, the accompanying girls will help you look dignified.

Where do the meetings take place?

Large meetings of a worldwide scale are held on small remains or huge pitchforks, where entry is allowed only with so-called invitation cards purchased in advance. But there are also small meetings of gamers and steers in every country. These people meet each other mainly in game bars. Since bars of this type are mainly intended for gamers, you can find game consoles there, and not only modern, but also retro: like or Sega, the walls are decorated with posters of popular video game characters. They also install some old computers, hang a shelf with game discs and old game magazines to create the right atmosphere.

The opening hours of such bars are a little strained, in general they focus on the active playing time of the American population, so European or Russian bars of this format generally start working after 5 pm and finish their work around 10 am. Periodically, in addition to cool meetings, the bars host themed events such as game tournaments.

80–90% of the people who entered the bar on the day of the event were not casual visitors, they were gamers aimed at luck and prizes. They specifically go to such bars to play in a suitable atmosphere and company or to participate in a tournament, many of which promise prizes to the winners. That is, the target audience of such events in bars is mainly young people who are fond of video games. There are no people from the street here.

What are the tournaments and prizes?

A couple of examples from the real life of the gaming world last year. On January 19, cyberbar Cyberspace hosted a Dota 2 MIX tournament! Here, of course, the number of participants was limited, there were only 80 lucky ones who managed to attend this tournament. The winners were expected to receive prizes of about $ 1000 + 25% of the registration fees. Everyone who was not in a hurry to come and watch this performance live was broadcast online on the Twitch channel.

Also, on February 2, a cool CS: GO tournament was held. Format: 5x5, group stage + playoff, bo3 final with an advantage card. The prize fund of the tournament was a percentage of the registration fees (only the guys who took the first and second places got them). And of course, for those who could not watch it live, there was an online broadcast of the tournament on the Twitch channel.


How To Receive SMS with a Virtual Number Easy?

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How To Receive SMS with a Virtual Number

Receiving SMS through a virtual number doesn't require any complicated procedure. You can have a virtual phone number within a couple of minutes or so. Many entrepreneurs and business owners prefer virtual numbers to receive SMS from Hottellecom since it is easy to integrate text messaging features.

How To Receive SMS with a Virtual Number | HotTelecom

But before we proceed further, it is good to learn what a virtual SMS number for business is and how it could help enhance your commerce image and trust.

What is a Virtual Number?

Generally speaking, a virtual number is a mobile telephone number that isn't attached to any SIM card. Unlike our mobile numbers which are usually associated with SIM cards, which we then insert to our mobile phones. Virtual numbers allow you to receive SMS or short message service back to the previous number where your previous was sent from.

There are significant advantages of integrating a virtual number to your business communication. One of the remarkable benefits is that you can use it effectively for marketing and advertising campaigns. By using it, you can scale your promotional advertising because you can manage your global customers.

How to Receive SMS Online with a Virtual Number?

Just like any ordinary mobile device that has SIM cards inserted, you can receive SMS in the usual way. But the best thing is that you can even learn how to receive SMS on PC without a cell phone. Just browse sent messages on your tablet or personal computer without technical knowledge. Hottelecom's easy-to-access platform made it personalized for you. You can redirect them to another number or your email via SMS-to-email service.

Additionally, there are some places in which the SMS numbers can also receive incoming calls. A must-have tool for every entrepreneur and business out there.

Why Purchase Your Virtual Numbers from Hottelecom?

Hottelecom is widely known as a reliable cloud-based phone service provider. It offers different types of virtual (cloud-based) phone systems for small, medium, and large scale businesses. Even entrepreneurs rely on Hottelecom's expertise when it comes to virtual telephony.

Purchasing your virtual number from Hottelecom gives you advantages such as:

  • You are capable of connecting the number of any country which is available on our website. There are more than 90 countries that are available in which you can choose from.

  • Protected privacy and security of your vital data.

  • You can connect your number for a marketing campaign and advertising purpose. As mentioned earlier, this significantly helps you in analyzing which marketing and advertising campaign of yours is meeting your expectation.

  • With Hottelecom's virtual numbers, you have the significant advantage of partnering with consumers across the globe.

  • Hottelecom provides you real-time management of incoming messages.

Improve Your Business with SMS Phone Numbers by Hottelecom

Hottelecom is your one-stop shop when it comes to the virtual phone system. One of our great offers is virtual numbers where you can receive SMS wherever you are. We know that customers' calls and messages are of high importance in every business. And that is why we continue to upgrade our services to give you an edge over your competitors. Virtual numbers by Hottelecom allows you to receive SMS online.

If you're interested in a temporary SMS number, all you have to do is register to the price section, buy virtual numbers, receive SMS, and enjoy the privilege it offers.

With Hottelecom, you can receive SMS verification online to confirm your registration. This kind of process is extremely useful because of the following:

  • It protects sensitive data on your account.

  • You can be sure to yourself and your business against unwanted advertising and “hot deals”.

  • You can preserve your identity anonymously by hiding your real number on the Internet.

Financial businesses are at risk whenever going online. If you buy a virtual number, you can receive SMS online. A new number you purchased shall be added to your account without revealing the genuine one. Thus, saving yourself from the risk of being hacked since virtual SMS numbers aren’t associated with your IP address.

Buy Virtual Number, Receive SMS for Verification at Hottelecom

Here at Hottelecom, our goal is to deliver the most reliable virtual phone system with the utmost protection to our customers. We know that running a business online is too risky. That is why we come up with the most credible services coupled with convenience and flexibility.

As a sort of example, you can receive calls and SMS, and yet you have the option either to redirect them to your real phone number or via email service. It is very convenient since you can work even if you are at home yet you can still receive those important messages.

Why Do Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Always Choose Hottelecom?

Aside from having the best quality of services, Hottelecom’s a great choice because:

  • Your data is fully secured,

  • Our customer support will always be there to answer your queries and concerns,

  • We have more than 100 ways of payment method, including cryptocurrency payments,

  • We have a highly stable and quality of connection,

  • And many more!

Once you integrate Hottelecom's virtual number to your business, you can fully expect to have the access and receive SMS in real-time. Because of the speed and reliability, there is no need for you to worry about delays in receiving messages. Receive SMS online without waiting longer than necessary.

Final Words

It is an undeniable fact that most websites, apps, and companies will always ask for your phone number. They ask for this before you can successfully register or verify

your account. Providing a real number puts your privacy at risk. Rather than putting yourself and your identity in this kind of risky scenario, a virtual SMS number covers your data without compromising the security of information.

If you do have further issues or any queries on how to receive SMS online, don't hesitate to reach on to us. Our tech specialists will be happy to assist you and help you in growing your business.


How to make a passive income by Hodling DGTX?

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Last month, we published two blog posts explaining some key elements of our plans to drive demand for the DGTX token, including launching a brand new stablecoin, DUSD. In this third part, we introduce DGTX Staking, enabling loyal holders of DGTX tokens to earn rewards for staking them.


There is plenty to look forward to, and we can’t wait to unveil all the details of our plans. However, for today, the focus is on the next step in driving demand for DGTX – staking.


What is Staking?

The concept of staking tokens emerged from the Proof of Stake consensus. The general idea is that those who are validating blocks in a blockchain network need to have some “skin in the game.” So they put down a certain value of network tokens as a stake, for which they earn validator rewards. The financial investment of their stake is designed to ensure that they act in the interests of the network.


However, at this point in the evolution of crypto, staking is no longer limited to those participating in block validation, and it’s become particularly popular within the DeFi space. This is because staking offers another benefit. Staked tokens restrict circulating supply and, in turn, help to drive demand, as users want to participate in staking themselves so they can be eligible for rewards. Therefore, the simple laws of economics mean that staking offers a way of driving value for tokens.


With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce we will be launching a DGTX Staking program. It will allow anyone to stake their DGTX tokens and earn DUSD rewards for doing so. The DGTX Staking program is designed to ensure that our investors receive optimal benefits for their loyalty as long-term holders of DGTX.


Introducing the DGTX Staking Program

The full details of the DGTX Staking program are shown below. However, we know that many of our community prefer things short and sweet. So the overall concept can be summarized quite simply as follows.


Holders of DGTX will be given the option within the exchange interface to stake their tokens in return for daily rewards, that will be funded by system gains from liquidations. They can decide how much they want to stake, and once they do so, their DGTX tokens will be held on the exchange’s staking wallets until they decide to unstake them.


Staking rewards will be distributed daily in proportion to the number of tokens staked. Rewards will be allocated in DUSD, as the new native currency of the DFE.


We believe that the introduction of the DGTX Staking program will directly benefit DGTX and its holders. It will incentivize more people to hold DGTX so they can participate in staking and earn rewards. At the same time, staking will reduce the circulating supply, helping to drive the value of the token.


Adam has been working together with members of the Digitex community in preparing the DGTX Staking program in detail. Big thanks to our very own Cryptrader, who has been instrumental in helping us flesh out the concepts of staking and stablecoins into workable proposals for development.


For those of you who like digging into the details, keep reading for more information. However, as a final note, we’d like to add that we reserve the right to make changes to the terms outlined here as we work through the implementation plan with the development team this week. Nevertheless, we believe we have a viable concept and will be including the introduction of staking into the Digitex roadmap, which will be released very soon. So, make sure you stay tuned for more updates!


Preliminary Terms of DGTX Staking

1. System Gains Distribution

The system gains obtained from liquidations can be distributed proportionally to the amount the DGTX holder has staked in relation to the total supply of DGTX staked.


The equation for system gains staking reward could be something like this:


Daily Reward = Daily System Gains*Holder’s DGTX staked/Supply of DGTX staked


Example: Bob has 100k DGTX staked, and the total supply of DGTX staked is 200m. The daily System Gains that day from liquidations is 100k DUSD.


So that day’s reward for Bob would be:


Daily Reward = 100,000 DUSD* (100,000 DGTX/ 200,000,000 DGTX)


Daily Reward = 50 DUSD


Please note that the System Gains will not necessarily be 100% allocated to daily staking rewards. This will remain as a variable that can be changed so we can distribute system gains as we see fit between staking rewards, insurance fund, and giving back to traders through market making losses. However, rewards will be sufficient to act as an incentive to keep staking DGTX.

Read more here:


Top 5 advice ideas and inspiration for online dating

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In recent years, the life of every person has become more and more tightly connected with gadgets, according to statistics, on average, a person's screen time per day takes more than 3 hours (this is not taking into account the fact that many works at a computer, we are talking now about free time). Therefore, it is not surprising that at this time more and more people prefer to look for their soul mate not in real life, but online.

Considering the progress with which we are moving, hardly anyone will be surprised by the emergence of such a concept as "online dating", together with which a huge variety of online dating services and usa dating or “meet local singles” site for different age categories were born.

As a rule, such specialized resources for online dating are something like unusual social networks. Here you can create your portfolio, post information about yourself in a specially designed section, view the profiles of other participants, in general, everything like Twitter, Vkontakte or Facebook. Most services even provide participants with the ability to send messages and even video calls between users. Usually, such service, like women looking for men serve as a kind of dating platform, and after communicating online, most users decide to meet in real life (if the coronavirus is not a hindrance, of course).

It is estimated that over the past 10 years, one in five couples have created their relationship through online dating services, and we are confident that these numbers will only grow in the future. Today we want to talk to you about what are some trick ideas and tips to help you make your online date unforgettable.

First communication

Not everyone likes impudence and imprudence, so if you are looking for a good person, then think carefully about what you will write first. Sometimes it is quite difficult to start a conversation, since you don't want to be banal, and original ideas usually come to mind when they are no longer needed.

Before you start communication, you must provide at least all the maximum possible paths for the development of events in your dialogue, and you also need to be ready to answer correctly to questions of a different nature. Of course, a girl, like a man, will be interested in who you are, where you are from, what you do, and so on.

You should always be able to unobtrusively and gracefully introduce yourself, without causing unnecessary fears. At the first deal, one should not get into the soul and impose too much, this can scare away. It's better to take care of compliments you might make or talk about something distant, find out what you have in common with this person, and talk about things that interest both of you.

But compliments also need to be able to do correctly. You should not invent any pompous or pretentious words. Give simple compliments, but try not to be boring and boring. Praise the person for what he or she was able to do on their own, to which their efforts were directly applied, and try to be sincere. Try to invest in 2-3 phrases, no need to stretch, as such messages attract more attention than sophisticated statements of half a page.

Experts advise

We spoke with relationship experts and put together a list of working tips on how to make your date as cool as possible. So, let's go!

1. Fill out your questionnaire as honestly as possible so that later, during the date, you will not have inconsistencies and awkward situations.

2. In the process of communication, you do not need to touch only work or household chores. Try to be open-minded and cover different topics, especially those that can unite you. Psychologists say that non-standard conversations will help you get to know each other better.

2. It is not necessary to meet new acquaintances right away. It is better to do this no earlier than 3 weeks after the start of online dating on  dating sites. Communication will be easier and more relaxed if you get to know each other better.


Therefore, if you want to join the number of lucky ones who have found a soul mate on the Internet, you must adhere to these rules while using  best dating application.

What conclusions can be drawn?

You need to take these dating apps dating opportunities seriously. Yes, it is not an exception that for someone, this is a kind of entertainment that distracts from thoughts about everyday routine, but for others it is a great opportunity to find yourself a mate in which you will be happy as never before. You sit at home in a comfortable environment. Why not finally relax and be yourself if you really want to be happy? After all, many dating apps and dating sites are created especially for you from year to year.


Sex education and everything related to it

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Today we will devote our article to the most pleasant things in our life - sex and everything related to it. The article will focus on sex itself as such, but on such things as: the sexiest smells, interesting facts about sex, toys for adults and much more. All data provided by you is based on research by scientists or many years of human experience. It will be interesting, we promise;)

About smells and sexuality

Scientists have been able to confirm the well-known theory that smells affect a person's arousal and sexuality, it is not for nothing that there are special scented candles, but this is not about that now.

Psychologist Martha McClintock has spent many years studying the effects of odor on sexual perception. The psychologist asked 50 participants in the experiment to evaluate the smell of T-shirts, saturated with sweat of various men. This test can be regarded as rather sadistic, but Martha McClintock believes that the results of the experiment are really important and this is what they showed: women are most impressed by the smell of those men who had the same set of genes as the fathers of the women tested. The bad news is that there is absolutely no way that men can change how women perceive themselves. However, this news is also good news on the other hand.

Variety and sex

An intimate relationship is the key to a happy family and a fulfilling life for many people. Therefore, it should not be a burden, boring or unwanted. Sex can and should be done in different ways. One of these ways are sex toys, which allow partners to reveal their sexuality and experience new sensations.

For some couples who have been together for me years, sex over the years ceases to bring satisfaction and pleasure, and becomes commonplace or some kind of need. To add variety to the relationship and use sex toys. These can be objects or devices that a man and a woman, or they use together to satisfy their sexual needs. This category includes whips and whips, masks and various collars, vibrators, massagers, rings, balls, special chains and handcuffs, some types of clothing, a variety of underwear, as well as various pieces of furniture and household items that people use in their sexual games for even more sophistication. All of this and much more can be bought in online or offline adult stores. I like because there is a large selection of goods of various kinds for every taste and any price. Here you will find everything that you and your partner might like and make your sexy life much brighter and more interesting.

Who pleases with sex toys?

The opinion that "Intimate toys are bought by people dissatisfied in sex" has long ceased to be relevant. Toys for adult help bring bright colors to the sex life for both men and women.

If we talk about women, then firstly, with the help of a vibrator, orgasm occurs much faster. Frequent vibrations stimulate erogenous spots more strongly. The vibrator also helps to relieve muscle tension and relax. And sometimes it can even be beneficial and necessary for women's health, for example, after childbirth and pregnancy, weakening of the pelvic floor muscles is often observed, and with the help of vaginal balls and Kegel exercises, your muscles will become elastic and healthy, which will increase the pleasure of both partners.

But the idea that sex toys are invented specifically for women is also wrong, since men also have a lot to choose from. One of the options is a cock ring. It prevents the outflow of blood from the erect penis and increases the duration of intercourse. Also, the ring prevents early ejaculation, making it more intense sweat, which is pleasant to both partners.

5 reasons to start using sex toys

1.  Sex will be more interesting. If you have been together for a long time, that nothing new awaits you. Sex toys will help with this - you can choose them together - it will actually add interest and bring new impressions to your relationship.

2. You fulfill your fantasies. A sex toy will become a cool accessory in a role-playing game, help to realize a scene from your favorite movie, or openly declare something that you have been silent about before. Experiment and have fun!

3. Sex lasts longer. If you're in the mood for a marathon and your man can't last long enough for you to reach orgasm, it may end up in mutual disappointment instead of a joyous and mutual ending. Fortunately, various inventions of the sex products industry will help in prolonging the pleasure of men.

4. There will be more orgasms. According to research and surveys, more than 70% of women achieve orgasm only during clitoral stimulation. This is why there are many toys for women that can be used in pairs or solo for additional stimulation of the clitoris. In addition to new sensations, they are also very beautiful and pleasant to use.

5. Sex will always be good. Research has shown that couples who use sex toys have sex more often. They explain this by the fact that they are interested in trying new devices, and, of course, by the fact that they get more pleasure from sex. And if something makes you happy, then why not do it more often, right?


Water excursions in Miami 2020

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Miami is one of the most alluring cities in the world, which is a favorite vacation spot for both ordinary people and celebrities. It's no secret that almost everyone would like to be there at least once. You are too, aren`t you?


The developed tourist infrastructure of this warm and hospitable city, a huge number of attractions and a gorgeous ocean, of course, cannot leave anyone indifferent. Numerous parks and science centers, the famous districts of this town, about which we know a lot from TV screens, a rich nightlife that everyone would like to experience, the best sandy beaches, expensive restaurants and boutiques and much more that has been done for people - that's what represents this city of Miami. Highly qualified guides will be happy to conduct an entertaining excursion, during which you can learn many interesting facts and fall in love with this city even more. As for excursions, even here Miami cannot be compared with anyone, since it can offer its guests both a walking, air and water fascinating trip for any budget. In this article, we will provide you with an overview of the very best water activities and excursions that are the must-have for this vibrant place.

Explore Miami like never before on a unique speed boat tour. Get wet and let the adrenaline flow through your body more than ever before in your life as you experience that feeling, the need for speed, turns and turns on this high-speed cruise. This and much more is ready at any time to provide you with the platform, where you will find the most exciting water activities.

The high-speed Jet Boat Miami cruise

The high-speed Jet Boat Miami cruise offers its customers a trip full of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions. This is what will leave a pleasant imprint on your vacation, and you will want to come back here again and again for these sensations. This cruise begins its journey from the Sea Isle Marina, the ship will take you to the islands of incredible beauty, whose name is San Marco and Memorial, where you can see live the homes of the richest people in the world who come here to relax or even meet celebrities, because their favorite place recreation is of course Miami. Experienced captains feel confident in these waters knowing every milliliter of water. These dashing guys are ready to play tricks with you, so if you suddenly feel that you need more adrenaline, tell the ship manager about it, he will definitely enhance your emotions and tickle your nerves. Wear your surviving t-shirt with pride 😉

For lovers of relax

If you are lovers of calm, luxurious and measured rest, then these guys have something tasty for you too. Yacht charter with service personnel, only wide-open spaces and an ocean for two. Who better understands this kind of romance if not them? Also, on the site that we indicated above, there is a wide variety of water activities for every taste. Among them you will find:

• Adrenaline Jet Boat Ride

• Jet Ski Miami

• Banana Boat Miami

• Pontoon Boat Rental Miami

• Boat Sightseeing Trips

• Rent a Yacht Miami

This type of entertainment will appeal to everyone. Regardless of the holiday you are with children, you want romance or drive will always find something to offer just for you.

The price

The prices for entertainment vary quite significantly. For $ 12, you can purchase a children's ticket for riding a water banana, or if you want to rent a yacht for a couple of days, you will have to pay an amount that exceeds the border of $ 1000.

Important information

When booking a long-term cruise or yacht rental, you will need some of the things without which it would be difficult to imagine this vacation possible. To make your reservation you will need:

 your passport (or any other ID),

 credit card or cash to pay for company services.

What to take with you so as not to regret later?

• Camera (perhaps you will be able to see incredible ocean inhabitants, or just take a picture against the background of the sea sunset and dawn is always nice)

• Swimming shoes (if you make stops on coral reefs barefoot you will not be able to leave the boat)

• Everyone will choose the rest according to their mood and needs.

Also, for the convenience of visitors, the site has the opportunity to book any entertainment online in advance in order not to go out in queues and not waste the wonderful time of your vacation in vain. The site has the ability to pay with any card, only in this way the site using 2048-bit encryption can keep your data safe. Have a nice rest and be happy!


Top 5 advice ideas and inspiration for online dating

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In recent years, the life of every person has become more and more tightly connected with gadgets, according to statistics, on average, a person's screen time per day takes more than 3 hours (this is not taking into account the fact that many works at a computer, we are talking now about free time). Therefore, it is not surprising that at this time more and more people prefer to look for their soul mate not in real life, but online.


Considering the progress with which we are moving, hardly anyone will be surprised by the emergence of such a concept as "online dating", together with which a huge variety of online dating services and dating apps for different age categories were born.

As a rule, such specialized resources for online dating are something like unusual social networks. Here you can create your portfolio, post information about yourself in a specially designed section, view the profiles of other participants, in general, everything like Twitter, Vkontakte or Facebook. Most services even provide participants with the ability to send messages and even video calls between users. Usually, such resources, like serve as a kind of dating platform, and after communicating online, most users decide to meet in real life (if the coronavirus is not a hindrance, of course).

It is estimated that over the past 10 years, one in five couples have created their relationship through online dating services, and we are confident that these numbers will only grow in the future. Today we want to talk to you about what are some trick ideas and tips to help you make your online date unforgettable.

First communication

Not everyone likes impudence and imprudence, so if you are looking for a good person, then think carefully about what you will write first. Sometimes it is quite difficult to start a conversation, since you don't want to be banal, and original ideas usually come to mind when they are no longer needed.

Before you start communication, you must provide at least all the maximum possible paths for the development of events in your dialogue, and you also need to be ready to answer correctly to questions of a different nature. Of course, a girl, like a man, will be interested in who you are, where you are from, what you do, and so on.

You should always be able to unobtrusively and gracefully introduce yourself, without causing unnecessary fears. At the first deal, one should not get into the soul and impose too much, this can scare away. It's better to take care of compliments you might make or talk about something distant, find out what you have in common with this person, and talk about things that interest both of you.

But compliments also need to be able to do correctly. You should not invent any pompous or pretentious words. Give simple compliments, but try not to be boring and boring. Praise the person for what he or she was able to do on their own, to which their efforts were directly applied, and try to be sincere. Try to invest in 2-3 phrases, no need to stretch, as such messages attract more attention than sophisticated statements of half a page.

Experts advise


We spoke with relationship experts and put together a list of working tips on how to make your date as cool as possible. So, let's go!

1. Fill out your questionnaire as honestly as possible so that later, during the date, you will not have inconsistencies and awkward situations.

2. In the process of communication, you do not need to touch only work or household chores. Try to be open-minded and cover different topics, especially those that can unite you. Psychologists say that non-standard conversations will help you get to know each other better.

2. It is not necessary to meet new acquaintances right away. It is better to do this no earlier than 3 weeks after the start of online dating on  dating sites. Communication will be easier and more relaxed if you get to know each other better.


Therefore, if you want to join the number of lucky ones who have found a soul mate on the Internet, you must adhere to these rules while using  best dating application.

What conclusions can be drawn?

You need to take these dating apps dating opportunities seriously. Yes, it is not an exception that for someone, this is a kind of entertainment that distracts from thoughts about everyday routine, but for others it is a great opportunity to find yourself a mate in which you will be happy as never before. You sit at home in a comfortable environment. Why not finally relax and be yourself if you really want to be happy? After all, many dating apps and dating sites are created especially for you from year to year.


Make the most of trading with Alexey Kirienko and EXANTE

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Don't rush into trading! Learn the basics first to be successful with EXANTE brokerage! 

The key elements of trading  

Investors usually earn on the price difference between opening and closing positions with financial instruments. Investors usually trade on terminals online.

It could seem like a very hard endeavour for beginners, if they’re not educated in finance, economics or advanced mathematics. It’s somewhat true. One doesn’t need a higher education in these fields, even though one is beneficial. However, you have to learn the basics before you get to trading or you’re doomed to fail.

Basics of trading

Forex market explained:

·         A company provides access to make transactions

·         The trader opens an account with the brokerage

·         Trader make trades on the terminal

You can learn technical and fundamental analysis, the tools you need and how to read them - this will make the beginner trader understand that there is no magic knowledge behind making profits. Everything is based on logic and common sense.

Beginning with EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko

One of the ways to begin in trading is to pick a market. Many choose forex as a starting point. 

Learning about trading through videos and educational materials is a way to begin. One doesn’t necessarily need to pay a lot of money for it - a lot of information is available online for free. Taking a paid course taught by successful investors and financiers could be beneficial, as you can usually get one-on-one consultations. After learning the basics make sure to practice on the demo account of the brokerage you’d like to use first to test your skills and get accustomed with the platform. 

Overview of EXANTE established by Kirienko 

EXANTE brokerage provides access to over 50 markets from any location in the world, which has stable internet connection. A wide choice of financial instruments provides limitless opportunities for the investors. 

EXANTE also offers a user friendly platform, tools for analysis, and educational materials. As well as 24/7 support, security and reasonable fees.

The EXANTE brokerage company was established by professional investors for professional traders.

Newbies can become an EXANTE client as well, but it is recommended that they learn the basics and practice on the demo account first. The demo account offers the same tools and possibilities without losing money. Unfortunately it doesn’t allow one to make any money, as you trade in virtual currency.


Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max camera review

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If there is anything stable in our essentially dynamic world, it’s how people react to the new iPhones. Every time, a huge number of under-bloggers and reviewers fumble works of art from Apple, accuse of being secondary, lagging behind the market, but despite all this, the new iPhones are being swept away like hot cakes.

The apple device maker has expanded its line of mobile phones in recent years and in September 2019, two brothers, the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, appeared, the love of my life.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max wants to be constantly worn without a case, even though it is quite expensive for a smartphone (the price starts at $ 1360).

But today our article will be devoted not to the cost of this phone, although this is also a rather important question, but to what exactly distinguishes the iPhone 11 Pro Max from all its predecessors, but about its camera!

A few words about the sensational camera

The camera has become the main focus of the iPhone upgrade program. If you have ever seen how the iPhone 11 Pro Max looks, then you will surely notice what decorates the back of this phone. Yes, this iPhone has three rear cameras: wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto. This is just a godsend for photography lovers! In addition, as in the simple iPhone 11, there is a night mode that wins its users over and over again.

To the pair of a wide-angle lens with an equivalent focal length of 26 mm and a telephoto lens, which has a focal length equivalent to 52 mm, an ultra-wide-angle lens with an equivalent focal length of 13 mm was added. The viewing angle is very wide, which is really impressive.  If we start talking about the technical side of this smartphone, then we can highlight the fact that the wide-angle camera consists of six lenses. Shoots at 12 megapixels with a pixel size of 1.4 micrometers. Focal length - 26 mm, aperture ƒ / 1.8.

Night mode


Night Mode is a feature of the iOS 13 Camera app for the full iPhone 11 lineup that automatically turns on in low light or complete darkness. Of course, night mode only works on a wide-angle camera, but the results are impressive.

Just imagine that at night you get a natural, clear, rich color photo that you can take yourself in a matter of seconds without any photoshop.

As we said, night mode turns on automatically in low light conditions. At the time of shooting, the camera analyzes the visibility and determines how many frames must be captured to create a good image, then captures a series of frames with different exposures in the buffer for a certain period of time, sometimes this process can take up to 30 seconds, but on average it takes about up to 5 seconds. Then the artificial intelligence analyzes each frame in real time, aligns them relative to each other based on the gyroscope data, adjusts the tonality and color, eliminates noise, enhances the details and combines them into a complete picture, which you and I can only enjoy.

Yes, perhaps many are saddened by the fact that it is impossible to get a full-fledged "night" picture on previous iPhone models. Only thanks to the latest wide-angle camera sensor has the night mode reached the proper level and now fully lives up to its name in iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple never tires of showing this in its marketing materials - and it looks powerful every time.



The front camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max is now capable of shooting slow motion video, and Apple is positioning this as a new feature called Slofy. This novelty has amazed many selfie lovers and, indeed, the results of its work are very impressive.

Another interesting feature of the front camera is related to the fact that the angle of view of the front camera changes slightly when the position of the smartphone is changed. Vertically, it becomes a little narrower, horizontally - a little wider. This can be relevant for shooting group selfies, and it is also good that during this shooting a little surrounding space gets into the frame - it looks quite natural and straight juicy.

However, the very ability to shoot video with a high frame rate on the front camera can be useful as well as a different angle of view.

Despite all the nuances that exist, the iPhone still remains a pleasant and functional device that everyone wants. So the Apple smartphone, which has long been familiar to everyone, gets really better every time, the update can be called very good and clearly worth attention.


Cyber Cafe Management Software – Senet

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senet logo

Interest in the Internet business has not fallen for many years, but on the contrary is increasing due to the constantly growing demand, requiring the expansion of all kinds of offers. But not only the constantly growing demand arouses the interest of entrepreneurs, but also the opportunity to profit from this business. In society, they talk about the super-profitability of this type of business, and quick payback at relatively low costs, which any novice businessman can afford.

Usually, the owners of computer clubs are clearly divided into two types:

1.     These are people who do not understand anything in computers, except for using a home PC at the schoolchild's level;

2.     These are the people whose life has been connected with computer science and computer science for many years and over the years the interest and advancement in this area only increases.

 A computer club, like any other business, does not consist of one component. In this case, we will focus on two components - technical and tactical. The technical component includes computers, local and electrical networks, software (we will talk about this in more detail a little later). The tactical part is the premises, repairs, interior design, maintenance and business organization.

What is Senet?

Senet is an excellent piece of software that must be included in your internet cafe business plan. It monitors, protects and improves the performance of your establishment. The system allows you to fully automate the work of the administrator, and also has the following features: Simple and intuitive interface, shell for clients, automatic raising of clients after the paid time. Automatic calculation of the cost of services. Unlimited number of services and tariffs, discount for users. "Night" mode with prepayment. Ability to manage client computers (view active tasks, shutdown, restart, issue a message, start programs).

Senet restricts access to the system, drivers, folders and programs, protects against abuse, blocks access of unwanted persons to confidential files, registry, control panel and everything else that is required in order to reduce the time of maintenance. Internet Cafe Software is a new generation product that can monitor computers, laptops, mobile devices, game consoles and other consoles, track the use of computers by customers and collect detailed statistics (login, account replenishment, free time usage, etc.).

The best Cyber Cafe Management Software – Senet

Senet is a complex automation system for computer clubs, cyber cafes and internet cafes. The main tasks of the system are registration of sessions of the computers in the hall and automatic blocking of the operation of computers whose session has expired. In addition, this internet cafe management software keeps records of any additional services, user payments, the balance of each user, accounting for computer reservations, collects statistics and generates the reports of a different nature you need about work and much more.

The Senet program has a well-developed system for restricting employees' access to various functions and reports. With the help of additional modules, it is possible to display the state of the computers in the hall on a separate screen to users at the entrance to the computer hall, display the current state of computers on the club's page in social networks, and much more.

Also, with the help of this cyber cafe business software, you will receive the planned income from the club without theft and black checks.

Always choose the best for yourself

Initially, the software was created as a solution for the needs of a network of private computer clubs, which badly needed a system that would simplify the administration and maintenance of a large number of computers at the same time.

Until a couple of years ago, many of today's Senet clients were using standard free systems, which were, in fact, so-called alarm clock applications. In addition, they were not secure - such software can collect personal data of users for the purpose of further resale. For example, access to social networks, game accounts, and even bank cards of gamers from which purchases were made in games. The first few years the development team had to spend fighting the habit of using free or pirated software in clubs and giving management program for cyber cafe, Senet, a try, which can be tested for free for a certain amount of time, but you quickly get used to good things.

In fact, there are not so many computer clubs around the world as it might seem at first glance. This niche is not only promising, but for many years it will remain low competitive, thanks to which it is much easier and cheaper to start a business in it than to open a coffee shop or barbershop, as everyone loves now. At the same time, if your fear is among the world's top countries in terms of the achievements of cybersportsmen, then the development and creation of new arenas, cyber cafes and much more is simply inevitable in such a situation. We believe that there has not been a boom in this area yet, and it should be expected within the next few years.


Online VS Offline cryptocurrency wallets

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Online VS Offline cryptocurrency wallets

The popularity of cryptocurrencies throughout the world continues to grow, so the topic of safe storage of digital money is becoming more and more relevant. So, if there is a cryptocurrency, there must be a system for storing it. That is, to ensure the protection of access codes. Accordingly, a digital wallet is a program that protects savings, allows you to carry out various operations and withdraw earned "coins". In this article, we decided to share information with you about online and offline cryptocurrency wallets. 

Of course, there is no equally ideal solution for all users, therefore, the choice of a crypto wallet should be approached thoughtfully, we will provide you with all the pros and cons of these two systems. How does it work? For transactions, it is important that the private access code matches the public one. After the transaction is completed, a corresponding entry appears in the transaction log. There is no physical transfer of cryptocurrency.

If you decide to engage in cryptocurrency, then for any transaction related to it (transfer, purchase, sale or exchange of electronic delegates for fiat ones, for example satoshi to usd) you will need a wallet to work with electronic currency. There are a large number of offers of all types of digital wallets on the market, of which today we will divide them into two types: offline and online cryptocurrency wallets.

Offline cryptocurrency wallets

Cryptocurrency differs from traditional money primarily in that it is stored not in a wallet or some kind of virtual bank, but directly in the blockchain ecosystem. The coins themselves, information about the distribution of digital assets between users, transaction history - all this data is stored by the blockchain. They cannot be changed or erased in any way, except that by completely eliminating the worldwide Internet network, which will be tantamount to the end of modern civilization.

An offline wallet for cryptocurrency is something like a regular flash drive, on which all information about the digital currency is recorded. During the existence of cryptocurrency, due to hacker attacks and high-profile thefts, so-called offline opportunities have appeared for storing their assets. Offline wallets are physical devices that store private keys, often to multiple wallets. To access money, such a wallet must be connected via a USB connection to any device with Internet access.

You can always take it with you and feel that your money is with you, but what to do if you lose your device, and someone very competent finds it .... What to do then? Not to worry. There is a solution, which is an effective way of storing currency. Password and recovery code access ensures that even if you lose your device or fall into the hands of an intruder, no one but you can access your money.

Online cryptocurrency wallets

The Online wallet service is provided by special service sites. They can be exchange exchanges, payment systems and data storage services. You should choose popular online repositories with a good reputation. Among the online crypto wallets, there are multi-currency ones. They allow you to store various crypto coins in one place. Thanks to such wallets, the trader has the ability to exchange even not very significant and popular crypto money for ordinary (for example dogecoin to usd).

Wallets of this type are considered the most unprotected, because they are registered remotely, the data is stored on a server that can be accessed around the clock via the Internet, which means that they are also susceptible to various hacker attacks, which forced the developers of wallets to introduce additional protection measures: SMS-confirmation, two-factor authentication and much more, which made this type of cryptocurrency savings more reliable.

The online cryptocurrency wallet is endowed with advanced features, and crypto protection is constantly improving. However, it all depends on the resource that you use, and therefore you need to choose a platform very carefully, learning about all the pitfalls that you can stumble upon.

The option of using online wallets is perfect for novice users, since they are often not always able to ensure the safe storage of coins on their computer at the proper level. Before you start registering on a certain online service to manage your coins, you should analyze in detail whether you can trust this resource to store your coins and what amount of such savings will be optimal. In order not to run the risk of losing a large amount, you can periodically transfer currency from your main wallet to online.

When choosing an online wallet, it is necessary to take into account the reputation of the platform, their experience in the market.

Online wallets are considered to be more vulnerable than offline wallets. This is due to the fact that in addition to the owner, the service that owns the storage also knows about the private key. It is this information that is most vulnerable to hacker attacks. Attackers can attack both platform servers and user devices.

Despite the possible vulnerabilities, online wallets are still the most successful and convenient option for short-term storage of funds.


People working in the field of crypto industry do not need to choose between wallets, everyone uses what is convenient for him. Which one to choose depends a lot on how you plan to use your tokens. Deposits of trading floors are considered the most unreliable place of placement, as we already said earlier, but nevertheless, one cannot do without them in this market. Nowadays, there are enough ways to store virtual assets, both online and offline, and our article was devoted to just this.

And remember: the risk of losing money increases in proportion to the amount. Be careful and good luck!


How to create a sales playbook to grow your business

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When you manage any business, you need to make sure that you have a plan to sell your products. Your business model depends on the money that you will make, and you cannot make any money if you do not have a sales playbook. Use these tips to build the playbook, to make it as simple as possible to use, and to cater to all the people that work with you. You must ensure that your SaaS sales plan works for your business, and you must train everyone to hold the company line, sell in a manner that is consistent with your company’s image, and provide customers with a level of service that they service.

What Is The Playbook Like?

The sales playbook has everything you need to work with leads, build customer relationships, and close sales. You also use the playbook to follow up with customers and provide them with service in the future. The book includes everything from sales scripts to customer personas that will help you understand who you are working with. The book is a bit like a business bible, and it should have physical and virtual copies that everyone in your office can access at any time.


What Are The Benefits Of The Playbook?

The playbook that you use provides you with several benefits, including:

  • It is a training manual you can use for all your new hires.

  • It saves time because you can easily reference when you need to.

  • You can save time as you sell because it allows you to move from one step to the next very quickly. The book tells you everything you need to know. Research is not required to make a sale.

  • Everyone will use the same scripts and “tow the company line” because they are using the language and tips that are in the playbook. Without the playbook, everyone who works for your company would give your customers a different message.

  • Finally, the book allows everyone to see the most effective sales techniques. This makes it very easy for you to help your sales team learn to sell more effectively. You will not need to give your staff a “honeymoon” period of a few months because they can clearly see what they should do.

How Do You Write The Playbook?

The sales team that opens your business will start writing the playbook. You may not open with a playbook because you need time to learn what works. The team will continue to make contributions to the playbook until it has been fully-formed. You can produce the playbook and share it with the people that are hired once the business grows. 

You should include more than just the sales team when you want to complete the first version of the playbook. You might invite the:

  • Marketing team

  • Sales team

  • Product experts

  • Executives

  • Satisfied customers


What Should You Add To The Playbook?

When writing the playbook, you need to add several sections so that you can use it as a training manual. If you have not added all these sections, the new hires will not have any idea what your company is about. You want the playbook to give people a good sense of the personality of the company, how the company serves customers, and how the company came to be.

Start with the history of the company and explain what it is all about. Everyone that works with you needs to know what the company is like, how the company operates, and the hierarchy within the company. This makes it much easier for your sales team to understand what the culture is like. If you have not explained the company culture or personality, it is difficult for your staff to know what you want from them.


You should explain all the different jobs within the company so that new hires know how they can advance through the company. These employees also need to know the chain of command if they have problems on the job.

The rest of the book should include how you will work with leads, how you will sell, and how you can communicate with your clients. The playbook needs to spend some time talking about all the products that your company offers. You want your customers to know for a fact that you have options for them, and your sales team can easily reference all the items on the list. Without this list, your sales team is left to guess when they are offering products are services to clients.


The process for selling should be included so that everyone who works for you knows what they are supposed to do. Your team needs to know what to sell and how to sell it. They need to know if they are allowed to strike deals with customers, and they also need to know how financing works if your company offers financing options.

What Are Buyer Personas Or Characters?

You need to know who your ideal customer is, and you need to know how they will pay for the products or services that you offer. Some customers need to be able to pay right now, and others might pay in installments or obtain financing. You need to know if you want customers with cash or customers who finance. You need to know what kind of business they run, how big their business is, and how many employees they have. You also need to find customers that are willing to work within your basic communication structure.

For example, some companies want to communicate with their clients often, but others want to wait for responses before inundating customers with more phone calls or emails. Once you have found the right kind of customer, you can sell them fairly easily. 

How Do You Communicate?

You must teach your employees how you want them to communicate with customers. You can lay out a basic plan for communicating with new leads, and you should explain why that communication plan works for your business. Not all companies can communicate in the same way.

Explain to your staff when they should email, when they should call, and when they should text. You can maintain a high level of customer service, but you will not communicate too much. At the same time, your staff learns how to follow up with customers to close the sale.


Write a section with sample emails and phone call scripts. You can easily explain how to talk to customers in a way that works for your business. You can even require that a certain script be used. For example, one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the world teaches all its employees to say “it’s my pleasure” when thanked by a customer. You know where you are, and you expect that level of service. You want to set a similar standard for your company.

If you use a CRM, you need to make sure that everyone is using it in the way that you want. You do not want your staff to create their own CRM style and upset the workflow within the office. 

How Are Bonuses And Commissions Handled?

You need to explain to your staff how you manage commissions. You also want to include the KPIs or Key Performance Indicators that you are looking for. Some people want to offer bonuses when reps close a certain number of sales in the week. You might offer a higher commission if the rep reaches a certain sales level, or you might offer a different commission rate when the sales are especially large.

You should also include a section that explains how sales reps can be promoted based on their sales. This should appear here and in the job description section noted above.

Add As Many Resources As You Can

You should add as many resources as you can when you want your sales staff to learn how to make the most money possible. You should also help your sales reps find more leads. You can use special lead generation programs that will provide you with more options, but you also want to give your staff a chance to find their own leads. You can fill up the resources section with companies in the area, customers that you might want to reach out to, and any trade associations you might want to work with.

Never Stop Working

You should never stop working because your sales playbook will continue to grow with your business. You can add as many steps to the playbook as you like. You can also enjoy the playbook as you add more items that pertain to the expansion of your company. You can allow your staff to add to the playbook when they have good ideas, and you can build in new positions that your company has created as your initial sales team gets promoted and expands the sales department.


Written by Karina Collis, B2B sales expert

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Learning Curve: Is There A Way To Speed Up Getting into Online Slot Mechanics?

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Slot Mechanics

Have you ever played Nostalgia slots and in the middle of your spins wondered just how marvelous the pieces of tech work are? Are you curious to know how slots are designed? Have you ever wanted to get into the world of creating online slot machines?

We are going to dissect the mechanics of slots and help you understand how they work.

Slots Have Come A Long Way. Or Have They?

When comparing offline machines with the modern-day online variants of the game, it certainly looks like slots have come a long way in terms of development. While there have been massive changes to make user interfaces better and more interactive, the basic principle of operation has remained the same.

At the heart of both offline and online versions of the game are RNGs. The only difference is that the physical games have tangible hardware while online slots are purely powered by software. There is also more theming in online slots and more features that make the user experience better.

Dissecting the Mechanics of Online Slots

Random number generators select random numbers ranging from 0 to about 4 billion. Each of the numbers in this range is attached to a unique sequence of symbols. Every time the RNG selects a number, then the unique sequence is displayed on the screen.

The distribution of sequences is determined by a unique algorithm. Before a game is approved for public use, casino auditors have to thoroughly test it to ensure fair play to the customers. They ensure that the tech doesn’t give the house too much of an edge before they can let them roll it out to customers.

Here is the entire process simplified:

Step 1: A player places a bet in the game and presses the spin button on a mobile phone or a desktop.

Step 2: The game’s software activates the RNG which selects a number in each reel in microseconds. The number selected is then translated to the sequence, which should be displayed once the reels come to a stop.

Step 3: The game’s software compares the displayed symbols and determines whether the play was a win or a loss.

Step 4: The player gets a notification on their screen to know if they won or not.

Step 5: Depending on the design of the game and the number of reels (there are usually 3 or 5 reels in most slots), a combination of symbols will mean any of the following:

●     Get a multiplier that will increase your winnings by a given constant displayed on the screen;

●     Get free spins that will give you bonus rounds to play the game and see if you can win anything;

●     Get wilds or scatters that hold different rewards. The value of wild symbols varies from one brand to the other. The scatters are similar to wilds but they have lower reward value than wilds;

●     If none of the symbols appears on the reels, then you have lost your wager and have to go again.

Thanks to advanced graphics and other technological advancements, slots enjoy high levels of customization now. A lot of games are theme-based and the graphics of the game depict vivid details consistent with the theme.

The animations are used to let the player know when they have won a prize, earned some free spins, or lost their bet. The graphics are accompanied by sound effects, which make the gameplay more immersive.

How To Get Started in Online Slots Mechanics

If you are interested in getting into online slot mechanics, there are a few things that will help you accelerate your learning curve.

A Grasp Of Mathematics

It is all about the math in online slot machines. They are largely powered by mathematical algorithms. From random number generation to determining the outcome of a play, it is all about mathematics.

You will need a good grasp of probability to be able to design a system which serves its purpose in the gambling niche. If you have plans of getting into this field, you should have some love for crunching numbers because that’s literally what you will be doing the entire day.

Software Development

For online slot machines to work, there is a lot of software development that goes on behind the scenes. You need knowledge of the core programming languages used to design online casino slots. The most common languages are Java and C++, but modern developers are exploring the use of other languages such as Javascript and Python.

There is also the front-end part of the game, which is all about the user interface and user experience. One needs to master front-end programming languages or have great video graphic design skills to work in the industry.

There is also a niche for cybersecurity experts because online slots are susceptible to hacks. So, there is a need for proper security systems. If you specialize in cybersecurity, then you are already on the right path towards a career in the gambling industry.


These are the basic prerequisites to get into the online slot designing and mechanics. It is always imperative to understand how slots function before you decide to dive headfirst into the industry.

As a side note, a career in the world of creating and designing online slots is very fulfilling. There are many opportunities for you to grab, and there couldn’t be a better time to get started.


Top 5 Ways to Earn Money on Blackjack

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Gambling is a type of hobby that can be both risky and profitable. It depends on the games you choose and the strategies you use. Unlucky players often give up and instead of analyzing their own mistakes, start looking for “magic” schemes to apply to the game. However, earning money on blackjack is real, and there are some ways to win in the casino online.

Online casino earning options

It is believed that players in online casinos can earn money only by playing slot machines and testing their luck over and over again. But this is a very superficial look at gambling. There are virtual gambling clubs like Blackjack Ballroom, where you can earn in many other ways. Gamers can try their luck participating in tournaments, lotteries, or other competitions held by the site. Let's take a detailed look at earning opportunities suggested to visitors of modern gambling clubs on the Internet.

In addition to slots, you can play poker, blackjack, or roulette. These may be traditional online versions or live dealer versions. Now, everyone can play them, right at home. The main difference between these kinds of gambling is that not everything depends on luck, but also on the player’s skills. Therefore, you need to constantly develop and learn to apply different strategies.

Note that even games with live dealers can be played at home. There, you actually compete against other players, while the gameplay is managed by live dealers. You can watch the process thanks to specially placed cameras in broadcasting studios.

Earlier, we also mentioned tournaments. This is a kind of competition between all players of online casinos. Here, you need to play and earn points. Tournaments last a limited time and those players who manage to score the highest points become winners and receive the main prize of the tournament. As a rule, this is an impressive amount of money.

Now that we are done with the theoretical overview of online casino earning options in general, let’s proceed to blackjack particularly. Essentially, all the above options are applicable to earning on blackjack too.

The basic blackjack strategy

Unlike games of chance, blackjack can be won using a strategy built on mathematical analysis. The basic blackjack strategy comes down to calculations and player’s decisions. The approach is not as complicated as that to poker but is still quite efficient. Many amateurs and professional blackjack players around the world prefer this particular strategy. And not in vain!

It is based on the system of calculating chances and in some cases, can reduce the advantage of a casino to a minimum of 0.5%. Another advantage of the basic strategy is that it is suitable for most types of blackjack, and is equally applicable to playing in landbased and online casinos.

Duplication of bets

Next, we consider a strategy in doubling bets, which is a big problem for the casino. The correct use of this opportunity together with well-informed decisions to get additional cards reduces the casino advantage to only a hundredth of a percent.

For example, if your starting hand in the game is from 9 to 11, then the chance that after taking another card this amount will be in the favorable range from 19 to 21 is quite large. This means that you are more likely to win, so you can double your bet. Also, starting hands with an ace almost always provides an excellent opportunity to double the bet and make a profit in an increased amount. Feel free to duplicate it, having a starting hand in the area from A-7 to A-2.

Separation of pairs

Separation of pairs should also be considered as the game strategy. This decision has to be taken 1 time in 50 changes on average, that is, somewhere around 2% of the game time.

Simply put, the strategy of pair separation is constructed as follows: pairs of aces and eights always need to be split; pairs of other cards are never separated. Also, jacks, queens, kings, and 10s are evaluated in blackjack at 10 points. In most online casinos you can split them into two hands. However, in some casinos, there is a rule that split cards must be of the same value. For example, you can split a couple of queens, but splitting the king and 10 will not work.

The strategy of the MIT blackjack team

In the early 1990s, a group of MIT students decided to put their brains to good use. They went to a casino, more precisely, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. There, they won several millions of dollars at the card table.

This group chose a special technique of card counting as their main strategy. Counting cards is considered legal unless an individual (or a group of individuals) uses technical devices. This is a very effective strategy that still keeps casinos around the world in constant fear. This technique gives professionals a real chance to win. Given the potential genius of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gaming club and their commitment to the discipline (at least initially), the threat to the casino was more than real.

The main task of counting cards is to keep track of which cards have already been used, and thus get an idea of ​​which ones are left in the deck. If most aces and cards with a face value of 10 points remain in the deck, the player is in advantage. In the opposite case, the dealer is more likely to win. Be that as it may, keeping a balance between these card categories gives you an edge in certain situations.


Do you still think that one can win in a casino only at random? Really, too many gamblers rely on luck when playing. However, those who know a little about probability theory and have mathematical knowledge will quickly realize that a casino does not always have to be a winner.


The Most Visible Differences Between Live BlackJack and Online BlackJack

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There are no two identical casino games — online slots, blackjack, poker, and many other games differ from one another. Each of these games can be found in many modern online casinos. Most of such sites do their best to make their players feel comfortable and enjoy their pastimes. They’re constantly updating their services for better, adding new games to their collections, and trying to offer new gaming opportunities. So, nowadays gamblers have a wide selection of games and can choose what they like most. Those who want to relax may give a preference to slot machines, while those who prefer more intellectual games most probably would like blackjack. Talking about blackjack, what is so amazing in this game that makes intellectual gamblers chose it? It’s not just about playing against dealers and trying to beat them. It’s also about using a particular strategy, making decisions, thinking, and analyzing.

Just like other skill-based games, blackjack comes in many variants and forms. You can play against both computerized or real dealers. Although both these types of games are played online, the difference lies not only in visual effects but in gamers’ feelings, too. You can compare the traditional and live Blackjack experience with GW casino or any other gambling website yourself to get a general understanding. Or you can stay here and read our article where we’re describing the most significant differences between live and online blackjack.

Interface Discrepancies

If you have ever played online blackjack, you should be aware of how it looks like. While playing, you see a window of a game together with the online casino’s interface. And usually, all you can see is a blackjack table, your cards and dealer’s cards. Some games may also show you the image of a dealer who you’re playing against, or you can hear voiceover. But you know that it is not real and as there’s no real interaction or communication between you and dealer. It’s just a simulation of real blackjack.

But when it comes to live blackjack, the distinction is clear enough. In the same gaming window of an online casino, you can see a real person who is shuffling or laying out the cards, speaking to you, and so on. In this format, everything is real and you immerse yourself in the game. It feels like you play in a real casino as you see, speak, and play with a live dealer. And you see the flow of a gaming process that also gives the feeling of fairness and transparency that online blackjack cannot provide.

Gameplay Differences

As we said above, both types of blackjack described in this article are online and have a lot in common. But there are also things that make them different from each other. So, let’s discuss how they work further.

Online blackjack is a single-player game. And it runs on casino software and random number generators that are used for online slots or video poker. That can be a reason why some players prefer playing live games to traditional ones. It is hard to feel like you’re playing in a real casino if the gaming process is quite automized. You just make your bets, you receive your cards, play and finish the game in a few clicks of your mouse. In some games, you may receive some tips that may help you in making the next move. But that’s actually all — no interaction or live communication. Such an option can be useful for beginners or amateur players who learn and master their skills. But in fact, it may annoy some players.

Live blackjack is a different matter. The game is provided to gamblers via streaming from dealer studios. They are equipped with gaming software from reputable providers, tables, and other necessary facilities. Among dealers, there are lots of women though men are also present, and you can even choose a dealer with whom you’d like to play. But that’s not an important thing. As we have already mentioned, the punters prefer playing live blackjack as they can interact and communicate with dealers as if they were sitting in a real casino at a real blackjack table. It’s also possible to hear how dealers shuffle or lay out the cards, which helps to feel the atmosphere and authenticity of a real gambling house. But mind that you can rely only on your skills, knowledge, and experience as nobody will tell if you should hit or stand your hand.

Other Distinctions

And finally, it’s also necessary to discuss other discrepancies between online and live blackjack as they don’t end in interface and gameplay differences.

Online blackjack has an advantage over live one. It commonly offers to play numerous variations of a game (European, American, French, etc), while live blackjack is focused on offering a couple of popular blackjack variants.

Also, online blackjack may allow you to fully concentrate on the gaming process while the live format may distract you sometimes. And there can be situations where playing online blackjack is more convenient than playing a live variant. For example, you have an appointment and waiting in the queue. It’s more convenient to launch an online version. Of course, you can try playing a live version of blackjack, but it’s quite a dubious pleasure.

And at last, it’s about withdrawals. Live blackjack is said to offer fast or even immediate cashouts while online versions may have some delays.

Closing Remarks

To sum up, we’ve reviewed the discrepancies between live and online blackjack. And it’s correct to say that each of these types of games is good in its own way. As we have already emphasized, you should choose the game based on your abilities and preferences. We hope that the article was helpful for you and now you see and understand the distinction between live and online blackjack versions.


Best Online Casino Games to Play For Real Money

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As you know, people love playing casino games because they bring joy and winnings. But have you ever thought why some gamblers manage to win hilarious sums of money? It’s not only because of choosing the game that they are good at. It’s also important to look at the following parameters: house edge, gambling odds, and return to player percentage (RTP). These factors may affect your gameplay:

-       Gaming odds indicate your chances of winning, so the higher they are, the better;

-       The house edge points at the casino’s benefit from a game. The higher it is, the smaller chances you have to make profits;

-       RTP means a portion of money that you will get in the long run from all your wagers.

So, to choose the best casino game for real money, you need to stick to these parameters. The games like blackjack, poker, roulette, and online slots perfectly fall into this category. And you can find them in many popular and modern online casinos like Casumo or MrGreen. Also, the Seven Heaven real money casino lists these games and provides some recommendations on choosing an online casino game that will be the best fit for you. We decided to follow the lead and talk about the games that will surely entertain you and bring some profits.


According to News5Cleveland, the game provides very good chances of winning and a low house edge since it’s skill-based (mostly true for live dealer games). Still, some share of luck is included in blackjack. As you may know, you gamble against the dealer and your aim is to collect 21 points. Even if you’re new to it, you’ll quickly learn how to play it. The rules and basic strategies are quite simple and easy to remember.

Talking about different versions of blackjack, it’s safe to say that the distinction between them lies in the number of cards. The fewer decks you have on the table, the lower the house edge is. It’s better for you. So, it’s advisable to stick to a single-deck blackjack to take advantage of the game.


For example, Vegas Single Deck Blackjack from Microgaming offers an RTP of 99.69% and comes with a low house edge of 0.31%. Compared to other single-deck blackjack variations, this one pays 3:2. The dealer here hits on soft 17 (for instance, Ace and 7) and stands on hard 17 (all other card combinations totaled 17).


This game also belongs to skill-based gambling activities and it greatly depends on your knowledge, skills, and psychology. In poker, punters play against each other. And they should produce a higher edge than a casino. Your chances of winning will rely on card rankings that include card sequence, pair, suit, and so on. Learning to play poker may take a lot of time and effort. But if you know how to play and increase your winning opportunities, it’s worth trying to benefit from this game.

Just like blackjack, poker has different variants of the game. The most popular and profitable version is a three-card poker due to its speed. And it’s said to have a lower house edge.


For instance, Three Card Poker by IGT provides an RTP of 92.72%-97.99% with a house edge of 3.01%-8.28%. The rules are the same as of land-based casino games — each gambler and the dealer have 3 cards, and they play against each other. Also, the IGT title allows using 3 ways of gambling — Ante wagers, Pair Plus wagers, or even combined usage.


Another popular table game consists of a wheel with 38 figures on it. The 1-36 figures are red or black and 0 is green. The croupier turns the wheel and the ball should fall on one of these figures. In roulette, you can put wagers in different ways, but the easiest one is to put on red or black numbers. In this case, your chances of winning are fifty-fifty. What is special about this game is that the odds are unchangeable, and the house edge is 5.26% according to BroBible. You can try to raise your payouts by wagering on particular figures or ranges, but that may minimize your chances of winning.

Talking about certain titles, we can’t help but mention French Roulette Gold from Microgaming. It follows the rules of the European roulette. And it comes with an RTP of 98.65% and a house edge of 1.35%. Such a high return-to-player percentage can be explained by adding the La Partage rule to the game. It means that gamblers may lose only a portion of their bets if they have wagered on even numbers but the ball is on zero.


Although online slots differ from table games in terms of payouts, it’s hard to deny that slot titles are a must-have of any casino. They come in different forms and themes with lucrative perks and jackpots. Although they are purely luck-based casino games, online slots are known for providing higher RTPs and a lower house edge.


One such title is Ugga Bugga by Playtech. The game has an RTP of 99.07% and a house edge of 1.93%. It consists of 3 reels and 10 rows decorated with fruits, masks, and drums. The reels don’t depend on each other and provide 10 winning paylines. The game is low-volatile with the only one bonus option available — Wild sign.


We have discussed the importance of choosing a casino game for real money wisely looking at the following parameters:

-       Higher betting odds;

-       Lower house edge;

-       And higher RTPs.

Also, we have mentioned the games that fall into these categories and provided the titles that you can try playing. So, we hope that this article was helpful and informative to you, and you will use our recommendations in your gambling activity.

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Die Revolution des Online- und mobilen Glücksspiels in nächster Zeit

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Brauchen rasante technologische Fortschritte im 21. Jahrhundert eine Offenbarung? Sicher nicht! Die High-Tech-Implementierungen haben sich im Großen und Ganzen schon in allen Lebensbereichen verbreitet. So sehr, dass diejenigen, die kein Upgrade durchführen, mit Redundanz konfrontiert werden sollten. Die Glücksspielbranche, die seit mehr als 20 Jahren besteht, ist keine Ausnahme von dieser massiven Störung. Es hat sich von traditionellen Geschäften zu Internetplattformen für unterwegs revolutioniert, die ein nahtloses Erlebnis bieten, von innovativen Spieloberflächen bis hin zu hervorragenden Casino-Boni, die es im Luxury Casino gibt.

Der beispiellose Anstieg der Anzahl der Benutzer mobiler Geräte hat bereits 70% erreicht. Zwar werden voraussichtlich rund 684 Millionen Glücksspielnutzer erwartet und die Online-Einsätze werden bis 2022 insgesamt 1 Billion US-Dollar erreichen. Zweifellos ist eine Zunahme des mobilen Glücksspiels festzustellen, die jedoch aufgrund des Verbots in einigen Regionen weltweit immer noch schlecht akzeptiert wird. Noch vor wenigen Jahren schien eine Wettplattform für Handheld-Geräte eine märchenhafte Vorstellung zu sein, aber in der heutigen Zeit geht es um schnell wachsende, nachhaltige und sichere Online-Glücksspielplattformen.

Lassen Sie uns einen Einblick in die Revolution des Online- und mobilen Glücksspiels gewinnen, die wir in nächster Zeit erwarten können.

Faktoren, die Innovationen im Online- und mobilen Glücksspiel vorantreiben

·         Live/In-Play-Spiele und mobile Boni

Online-Glücksspiele sind praktisch, aber diese Erfahrung, gegenüber einem Live-Dealer zu sitzen, ist etwas, das die Spieler auf jeden Fall suchen. Angesichts der Tatsache, dass nicht viele Casinos Live-Gaming-Optionen anbieten, ist dies eine Gelegenheit für Außenseiter der Branche, Innovationen zu entwickeln, um ein sichereres, qualitativ hochwertiges visuelles Online-Spielerlebnis zu bieten. Mit der zunehmenden Nutzung von Smartphones können Spieler mit mobilen Anwendungen an Live-Wetten teilnehmen und auch von mobilen Boni profitieren. Um moderne Zocker anzusprechen, sind exklusive mobile Apps mit attraktiven Casino-Boni zu einer untrennbaren Norm geworden. Die Ideen hinter solchen Angeboten basieren auf der Tatsache, dass vielleicht fast alle Spieler lukrative Belohnungen gerne erhalten.

·         Verwendung von Kryptowährungen

Wenn nicht alle, akzeptieren viele Casinos in Deutschland die Zahlungen mit Kryptowährungen. Wundern, warum? Blockchains und Kryptowährungen wie Bitcoin sind hervorragend geeignet, um die Anonymität der Spieler auf der Website, die Sicherheit aufgrund der militärischen Verschlüsselung und den Wegfall von Geldtransferoptionen von Drittanbietern zu gewährleisten. Dieser relativ neue Service scheint also ein attraktiver Treiber für innovative Lösungen für Online- und mobile Glücksspiele zu sein.

·         Verfügbarkeit von GPRS

Der Erfolg eines Produkts oder einer Dienstleistung für eine mobile Plattform hängt von der Verfügbarkeit von GPRS im Mobilfunknetz ab. Die Geschwindigkeit, mit der die heutige GPRS-Technologie voranschreitet, bleibt neben kostengünstigen mobilen Daten einer der wichtigsten Faktoren für alle Spieler von mobilen Glücksspielen.

·         Vorantreiben von Virtueller Realität

Die Schaffung einer virtuellen Welt, in der Spieler durch Manipulation der digitalen Plattform existieren, ist von entscheidender Bedeutung, um Endbenutzern ein realitätsnahes Erlebnis zu bieten. Die Virtual-Reality-Technologie ist ein Schlüssel für ein umfassendes Wetterlebnis mit 3D-Grafiken, mobilen Spielen und natürlich Live-Händlern.

·         Gesetzgebung und Regulierung für Glücksspiele

Europa scheint weltweit führend in Bezug auf Vorschriften für mobile Glücksspiele zu sein. In vielen Ländern haben gesetzliche Verbote die Einführung von Casino-Diensten aufgrund kultureller und wirtschaftlicher Aspekte immer behindert. Es scheint sich jedoch zu ändern, da die Regierungen in vielen Ländern über die Verluste in Bezug auf Steuereinnahmen und das vielversprechende Marktwachstum im Bereich der mobilen Glücksspiele nachdenken.

Auswirkungen der Online- und mobilen Glücksspielrevolution

·         Schnelles Wachstum

Neue Technologien treiben das Wachstum des Online-Glücksspiels weiter voran. Mit seiner Fähigkeit, die Kundenbindung zu fördern, erreichte ein Online-Gesamteinsatz von 620 Milliarden US-Dollar im Jahr 2017 im vergangenen Jahr in den USA selbst rund 700 Milliarden US-Dollar.

·         Verhaltensänderungen

Verbraucherverhalten ist etwas, das jedes Unternehmen interessiert und betrifft. Online- und mobile Glücksspiele finden ihren Platz und Benutzer können sich nahtlos an fast alle Einstellungen anpassen, sei es auf Reisen zum Arbeitsplatz oder in kurzen Pausen oder einfach nur auf der Suche nach Spaß unterwegs.

·         Exklusive mobile Glücksspiellösungen

Viele Wettunternehmen haben sich der Bereitstellung exklusiver Lösungen für mobile Kunden verschrieben. Solche Anwendungen sind in Großbritannien besonders beliebt, da Studien zeigen, dass fast 5 Millionen Benutzer auf mobile Geräte angewiesen sind, um auf Glücksspielseiten zuzugreifen.

·         Innovativer und ganzheitlicher Ansatz

Komplexe Grafiken, ein ansprechendes Layout und eine gute Leistung für Spiele wie Poker, Roulette, Craps und Blackjack auf jedem mobilen Gerät, entweder zum Spaß oder um Geld, zwingen die Anbieter zu einem innovativen und ganzheitlichen Ansatz.

Zukünftige Herausforderungen, die Aufmerksamkeit erfordern

Der Spaß am Online- und mobilen Glücksspiel ist mit zahlreichen Bedenken behaftet, wie ineffiziente Glücksspielanbieter, Betrug, manipulierte Algorithmen, Sicherheit und Vertrauen der Spieler. Hier sind einige:

·         Millennials zu Online-Glücksspielen anlocken

Kostenlose soziale Casinospiele für diese demografische Gruppe sind eines der Beispiele, die darauf hindeuten, dass es schwierig ist, Millennials zum Glücksspiel zu bewegen und ganz zu schweigen davon, sie dazu zu bringen, um echtes Geld zu spielen. Viele Anbieter wissen bereits, dass sie daran arbeiten müssen, damit sie sich trotz der Verbreitung mobiler Geräte auf sichere, faire und problemlose Glücksspieldienste einlassen.

·         Transparenz bei Online-Glücksspielen

Online-Casino-Operationen sind für viele neuen Kunden immer noch eine Blackbox und für Spieleentwickler schwer zu entschlüsseln. Ein faires Spielkontrollsystem mit der Fähigkeit, unvorhersehbare Pseudozufallszahlen für Spiele bereitzustellen, wäre eine praktikable Lösung, um Transparenz zu gewährleisten. Die Blockchain-basierte Plattform sieht vielversprechend aus, um Probleme dabei zu beheben. Auf diese Weise können die Partner auch eine Reihe von Spielern kennenlernen, die von ihnen zum Projekt gebracht wurden, die von den Spielern platzierten Wetten und die daraus resultierende Provision.

Die Revolution endet nicht nur mit der Blockchain Geschäftsidee. Da mobiles Glücksspiel weitaus rentabler sein wird als Online-Glücksspiele, muss die Branche weitere bessere und effizientere Wege finden, um neue Geschäftsideen zu schaffen. Die Gründung einer mobilen App ist für jedes Online-Casino die richtige Entscheidung.

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The Overview of Online Blackjack Casinos in Asia

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Asia is the world’s largest gambling market, which is obvious because of the total population. In 2016, Singapore and China topped the list of countries with the largest amount of money spent on gambling activities. As the internet technology progresses, more gamblers choose online casinos, so that they can play via desktops or mobile devices in the comfort of their homes.

This particular article is dedicated to Japanese crypto operators gambling in Asia. We will cover basic rules and variations of the game, approaches to online playing, features of specific casinos, and legislation aspects.

Main features of blackjack

Blackjack is a well-known game which is really popular in Asian countries. Occasional gamblers love it for the ability to control the gaming process, while seasoned gamblers stick to blackjack because of the low house edge. In Asia, two variations of the game are played: traditional and Chinese blackjack. Let’s cover their features briefly.

Traditional version

The game originated back in the 1700s, but went viral only in the middle of XIX century. Blackjack got its name because of 10:1 payoffs for the hand including Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades/Clubs.

Rules are quite well-known. Gamblers get cards to play, and should earn more points than those of the dealer without exceeding 21. All combos exceeding 21 are considered a “bust” or immediate loss. Players receive a 1:1 payout in case of the dealer’s bust, or a payout of 3:2 if their two-card value hits 21.

Casinos in Asia typically use six, seven or eight decks of 52 cards for a traditional blackjack. Each card has its own value:

●     Number cards have their defined value like tenths for 10 or fives for 5.

●     Face cards including jacks, queens, and kings always have a value of 10.

●     Aces count as 1 or 11 based on the player’s/dealer’s hand.

Traditional blackjack provides several bonus features like insurance, surrender or bonus wagers which may increase or decrease a house edge. However, the general rule for newcomers is to avoid bonus bets.

Chinese blackjack

This variation is popular in Southeast Asia. Locals play it during Chinese New Year because they believe these are the lucky days. Chinese blackjack is traditionally the game for family and friends but gamblers can find it in land-based and online casinos nowadays. This version is similar to the traditional one but with different values, combinations and roles.

Dealers use one or two decks of 52 cards. Cards have similar values to those of a traditional blackjack except for the aces that are valued as 10 or 11 if the player has two cards, 1 or 10 – for three cards, and only 1 – for four and more cards.

The most unusual rule for dealers is that they can check the players’ hands. If the player gets from 16 to 20 points at the starting hand, the dealer can decide whether this player needs another turn or not.

Chinese blackjack also allows for extra winning combinations:

●     Ban-Ban or Ace + Ace. It’s an instant winner if the dealer doesn’t have other winning combos. Ban-Ban pays 3:1.

●     Ban-Luck/Ban-Nag or Ace + any 10-value card. It’s a regular winner if the dealer doesn’t have other instant or regular winning combos. Ban-Luck/Ban-Nag pays 2:1.

●     5-Dragon or five cards with a total value of 21 or less. It’s an instant winner which brings a payout of 3:1 for 21 points, or a 2:1 payout if the cards are valued less than 21.

●     Free Hand or 15 starting points. It’s an option to reload the game. A player or a dealer may ask for resigning their starting hand if it has a value of 15 points.

As winning hands are valid for both players and dealers, Chinese blackjack has a high house edge. Gamblers need a lot of skill and luck to be successful in this game, that’s why it’s not so popular in casinos.

Best casinos to play blackjack online

Asian players may visit land-based casinos or join websites to gamble online. Obviously, the most convenient way for blackjack fans to play their favorite game is to register for online casinos. Although baccarat is a top casino game in Asia, blackjack’s popularity is growing fast. Ultimately, there are two ways to play online blackjack:

●     Using a browser or an app. Flash and HTML5 versions of the game as well as mobile apps are fast, bright, and multifunctional. There may be various themed casinos and tables.

●     Using live dealer casinos. Such gambling websites offer virtual rooms where players can get live casino experience. Game broadcasting is combined with a digital interface here, and live tournaments can take longer than blackjack games offered by regular online casinos.

Both casino types allow gamblers to start one-to-one games with a dealer or join a table with other players. As a rule, in browser/app versions opponents are bots, and in live rooms gamblers play against real people.

Note: always read rules and conditions. Online blackjack casinos use one to eight decks of 52 cards and players rarely know the exact amount. This information can usually be found in the Rules section, so make sure to look through it carefully.

When it comes to online gambling, you should always check whether the website is safe and secure. Thus, use only licensed blackjack casinos:

●     Dafabet. One of the largest Philippine casinos with regulated gambling. In addition to blackjack, it also supports betting on sports and arcade games.

●     Royal Panda Casino. The best site for Chinese and Japanese visitors as it supports multiple languages and accepts the Japanese Yen.

●     Cherry Casino. This is another good choice for Japanese gamblers willing to play blackjack, including its live version.

●     LuckyNiki Casino. This anime-themed casino offers both regular and live dealer blackjack games.

●     188Bet. The casino is regulated by the Isle of Man but it works fine for Asian states and provides exciting blackjack games powered by Microgaming.



Wo kann man die Ausbildung im Glücksspielbereich bekommen?

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Auch wenn es in Deutschland nicht so viele Casinos wie in Las Vegas gibt, möchten immer mehr Menschen die Karriere in Bereich der Glücksspiele machen. Es gibt einige luxuriöse Spielbanken,  wo man viel Geld verdienen kann. Darüber hinaus ist es möglich, als Dealer in einem Online-Casino wie zum Beispiel ZodiacCasino.De zu arbeiten. Aber beide Varianten setzen bestimmte Kenntnisse und Fähigkeiten sowie die entsprechende Ausbildung voraus.

Bei der Ausbildung als Casino-Croupier geht es nicht um eine Ausbildung, die staatlich anerkannt ist. Jedes Spielcasino kann an seinen Dealer bestimmte Anforderungen stellen und bietet normalerweise keine bestimmte Bildung. Sie werden nicht direkt in Spielhallen ausgebildet, sondern erhalten notwendige Kenntnisse außerhalb Ihres zukünftigen Berufs. Vor allem eignen Sie Ihnen theoretisches Wissen über Casino-Spiele an, denn Sie sind nachher der Experte in diesem Bereich und müssen alles im Blick haben. Die Ausbildung zu einem Casino-Dealer dauert normalerweise 6-9 Monate, was im Ergebnis die Möglichkeit gewährt, in einem Spielhaus zu arbeiten. 

Besonderheiten des Berufs eines Dealers

Ein Casino-Dealer organisiert den Spielprozess und sichert den richtigen Ablauf von Blackjack, Roulette und anderen Casino-Spielen. In der Vergangenheit galt dieser Beruf noch als Traumberuf für viele Menschen. Jedoch wenn Sie in diesem Bereich arbeiten möchten, sollten Sie hohe Anforderungen erfüllen und Multi-Tasking-fähig sein. 

Welche Aufgaben haben Dealer im Casino?

Die Arbeit des Dealers scheint einfach zu sein, doch in Wirklichkeit stimmt das nicht. Manchmal dauern Spiele sehr lange und der Croupier muss fähig sein, stundenlang zu spielen und die Konzentration nicht zu verlieren. Außerdem muss er eine gute Auge-Hand-Koordination haben.

Wie arbeiten Croupiers?

Nach der Ausbildung als Casino-Dealer können Sie wählen, wo Sie arbeiten möchten. Es ist möglich, als Angestellter zu arbeiten. Außerdem ist es möglich als Casino-Dealer oder Poker-Dealer beschäftigt zu sein. 

Wie kann man zum Casino-Dealer werden?

Wenn Sie ein Casino-Croupier werden möchten, sollten Sie  belastbar sein und in stressigen Situationen ruhig bleiben können. Die wichtigste Voraussetzung dazu kann Ihr persönliches Interesse an Glücksspielen sein. Zum Beispiel, wenn Sie es mögen, in einem Offline- oder Online-Casino zu spielen, wird es leichter für Sie, diesen Beruf zu erlernen, als für diejenigen, die nie gespielt haben. Außerdem ist es anzumerken, dass Sie mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein müssen, um in diesem Bereich arbeiten zu dürfen. In manchen Spielbanken dürfen Sie sogar erst ab 21 Jahren arbeiten. Zusätzlich müssen Sie nicht die Veranlagung dazu haben, Spielabhängig zu werden.

Welche Fähigkeiten sollte ein Casino-Dealer haben?

Auch wenn eine spezielle Ausbildung nicht notwendig ist, muss ein Casino-Dealer sehr gut in Mathematik sein und fließend Englisch sprechen, da in luxuriösen Spielcasinos nicht selten Kunden aus anderen Ländern spielen. Darüber hinaus müssen Sie ein gepflegtes Erscheinungsbild haben. Dies ist eine wichtige Voraussetzung in weltweit bekannten Spielhäusern. 

Wenn Sie allen diesen Anforderungen entsprechen, können Sie versuchen, in diesem Bereich zu arbeiten. Wenn Sie Ihren zukünftigen Beruf ernst nehmen, können Sie auch Casino-Dealer-Kurse in Anspruch nehmen. So können Sie schneller alle Besonderheiten des ausgewählten Spiels oder mehrerer Spiele erlernen. 

Was sind Casino-Dealer-Kurse?  

Casino-Dealer-Kurse führen die Studierenden in Spielregeln, Dealer-Verfahren und Casino-Etikette ein. Weiter berichten wir über die wichtigsten Besonderheiten der Casino-Dealer-Kurse in Deutschland.

Casinos und andere Glücksspieleinrichtungen sponsern häufig Kurse oder Schulungsprogramme für Casino-Dealer über spezielle technische Schulen. Die Kurse enthalten Anweisungen zu Spielregeln und Händlerverfahren, einschließlich des Mischens, Handelns und Annehmens von Wetten. Die Studierenden können sich auf ein Casino-Spiel konzentrieren, beispielsweise auf Poker oder auf mehrere Spiele wie Poker, Blackjack und Baccarat. Die Länge der Casino-Dealer-Kurse variiert je nach Programm.

In diesen Kursen können Sie folgende Themen erlernen:

  • Deutsche und internationale Spielregeln

  • Traditionelle Glücksspiele und beliebte Variationen

  • Wie man mit betrügerischen Spielern umgeht

  • Casino-Sicherheitsverfahren und Überwachung

  • Kundenservice des Spielcasinos


Dieser Kurs behandelt die Grundlagen des Kartenhandels wie Scheckhandhabung, Handelstechniken und Spielschutz. Die Studierenden lernen die Fähigkeiten, die ein Pokerhändler benötigt, wie das Mischen, Austeilen und Verteilen von Karten. Andere professionelle Techniken umfassen das Mischen des Decks, das Verwalten von Wetten und den Griff des Dealers. Ein Poker-Lehrplan enthält auch die Regeln für Texas Hold'em, Omaha und Seven Card Stud. Diese Kurse können von Anfängern oder solchen, die bereits Kurse in einem Casino-Händler-Schulungsprogramm abgeschlossen haben, belegt werden.


Auf den Blackjack-Dealer-Kursen lernen Sie die richtige Art zu mischen, Schecks abzuwickeln, Karten zu schneiden, das Deck zu sichern und Spieler zu verwalten. Sie informieren sich auch, wie man sich verdoppelt, mehrere Hände hat und sie teilt. Relevante Handelsinformationen umfassen Themen wie Lizenzierung, Casino-Sicherheit und Versicherungsmöglichkeiten. Das Training umfasst häufig das richtige Aussehen, die richtige Einstellung und das richtige Verhalten, was ein Händler benötigt, um einen Blackjack-Tisch zu kontrollieren.


Überprüfung der Schneiden, das Herstellen von Änderungen, die Handhabung von Stöcken und die Professionalität sind einige der Praktiken, die in einem Craps-Dealer-Kurs vermittelt werden. Die Studierenden lernen auch die Regeln und Vorschriften des Spiels sowie das Stützen, Platzieren, Kaufen und Festlegen von Wetten. Weitere Themen sind Scheckbearbeitung, Auszahlungen, Einsatzarten und Gewinnchancen. Diese Fähigkeiten müssen nicht nur erworben, sondern auch beherrscht werden, bevor die Kandidaten bereit sind, an einem Craps-Tisch in einem Casino zu arbeiten. Craps-Dealer-Kurse dauern in der Regel etwas länger als andere Kurse. Sie werden sowohl von neuen als auch von etablierten Händlern besucht.


In diesem Kurs wird die präzise und schnelle mentale Multiplikation betont, wobei Tischlayouts, Radspeicherung, Spieltempo und allgemeine Verfahren behandelt werden. Die Studierenden lernen, wie man Chips drückt, zieht, muckt und dimensioniert sowie Konzepte wie Einzelwette-Auszahlungen, Auszahlung, Kauf, Kugeldrehung, Gewinnchancen, Muster und Kehren. Für Roulette-Dealer-Kurse sind keine Vorkenntnisse in Tischspielen erforderlich, sodass sie jederzeit belegt werden können.


In Baccarat-Handelskursen werden die allgemeinen Spielregeln sowie die Mischregeln und -verfahren wie „Nehmen und Bezahlen“ vorgestellt. Die Studierenden lernen, mit Unregelmäßigkeiten und besonderen Umständen umzugehen. Sie untersuchen auch Händler- und Anruferpositionen, Kartenwerte und -platzierungen sowie Marker. Finanzielle Lektionen beinhalten Informationen über Provisionen und Löhne für Bank- und Spielerhände.

Also, es gibt viele Kurse, wo Sie die Ausbildung bekommen können, um in Online- sowie Offline-Casinos als Dealer zu arbeiten. Wenn Sie gut in Mathematik und Multi-Tasking-fähig sind sowie den Wunsch haben, in einem Spielhaus zu arbeiten, können Sie versuchen, diese Kurse zu besuchen, um den Traumberuf zu erhalten.


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