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Single Bets Or Multiple Tickets? How Is It Recommended To Play Betting?

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One of the first questions a punter asks when entering the betting world is whether to focus on single bets or multiple tickets. Many lean towards single tickets because they are attracted by the possibility of very high total odds. This is perhaps also because winning tickets that have huge odds are publicised in the press.

But punters who win such tickets are fantastically lucky. Of course, luck can play a big part in a match. But in the long run, you will win not because of luck, but because of your betting skills. So, does placing bets with more than one match per ticket really help you make a significant profit in the long run? 

Advantages of single bets

People who prefer single selection bets do so precisely because it depends only on one match. Thus, you can devote more time to perform a detailed analysis of the match.

Obviously, we are often talking about lower total odds than with tickets. However, if you choose to place a single selection on your ticket you will win more often than if you choose multiple tickets.

Disadvantages of single bets

Single bets do not have many disadvantages. Probably the only one, which we don't really see as a disadvantage, is the low total odds. From this, we deduce that we need to know how to "juggle" the stakes. Not many bettors know how to do this, and in the case of a series of unwinning bets, the chances of losing your wits increase. And from here to losing the whole bank is only a step.

Advantages of multiple tickets

High total odds are certainly one of the main reasons why punters choose multiple tickets. By winning such a ticket you will be able to generate quite a high profit.

Theoretically speaking, it is easier to win with multiple tickets than with a single bet, as both types have the same total odds. Therefore, you can visit 토토사이트 to join multiple betting platforms and place multiple bets online.

Disadvantages of multiple tickets

The higher the number of selections on a ticket, the higher the risk. In case of high total odds and/or a high number of selections, the amount of luck you need to have to win the ticket increases.

Also, if you lose a ticket with several selections, you will most likely lose it because of one or two selections. This inevitably leads to frustration. Especially if you find that you would have made a profit if you had played each selection with the same stake separately.


Perhaps at the beginning of your betting experience, you are attracted by the large amount you could win by placing multiple tickets. But with time, you should realise that this method is not very profitable. 

Thus, it is recommended to focus on single bets. In fact, the balance between single bets and multiple bets tips in favour of the former for professional bettors. If you want to place multiple tickets, we recommend that you do it on a small total odds. Let's say between 2.00 and 4.00.

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7 Best Cryptocurrencies Marketing Strategies In 2021

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Marketing for cryptocurrencies is as important as for any other industry. Online marketing is synonymous with growth in the online business world. Many ICO marketing companies have already entered the market.

Crypto-currencies are different from ICOs (Initial Coin Offering). A cryptocurrency is a digital currency or online payment system, while an ICO is a form of fundraising to raise enough money to successfully develop a crypto-currency project or startup.

If you're not sure what it is or how to market your crypto-currency, here are some strategies to help you get started.

1. Web design

The first and probably the most important thing you need to do before marketing your crypto-currency is to develop and manage your website.

Find the right web design and create an online platform where potential investors can get all the information they need about your crypto-currency.

This is also an opportunity to convince them of the need to invest in your currency, its benefits and its future.

You can't expect someone to discover your currency and invest in it if you don't provide them with the necessary resources.

2. Direct messaging

This is just one very effective way to spread the word about your future crypto-currency.

Many people ignore a marketing email before they even read it. So there is no need to worry about creating an interesting email marketing campaign.

A better solution is to collect the targeted mobile phone numbers of potential customers and send them SMS marketing directly.

Mobile messages are more likely to be read and are usually well received by interested consumers. You can use an SMS marketing company or software for this task.

3. Social media

An effective social media strategy can help you build an engaged audience around your crypto-currency. How do you do this?

You should encourage users to subscribe to your pages to keep up with the latest news and updates about your crypto-currency.

Don't know what to do? Hire a professional social media marketing company to help you get started.

4. Press Releases (PR)

If you're looking for the most effective Crypto marketing strategy, using PR service is the best one! use popular news and PR services to spread the word about your future digital currency. 

There are several press release sites online, including PR agencies specialising in crypto-currencies, that allow users to post news and updates on new coins.

They have a large number of readers who are always looking for information about new crypto-currencies on the market. This can help you build a network of interested users and investors.

5. Bitcoin Community

Besides the official Bitcoin community, there are several other communities where you can promote your new currency.

First, find and join the relevant community sites.

Before you start talking about your crypto-currency, you need to build trust by participating in ongoing discussions.

Then you can formally introduce your currency, its history, benefits, future and other details to users in the community.

If they are interested, they will ask questions to which you can provide appropriate answers.

6. Paid promotional activities

For those who are not familiar with many online marketing tactics, the best option is to hire paid marketing services.

These services are offered by Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other online platforms.

Essentially, they involve displaying advertisements, videos, banners, etc. in your currency on established websites in order to get traffic from them.

An online marketing company can help you create a paid campaign to promote your cryptocurrency.

Many crypto-currency developers effectively use this technique to advertise their new coins to interested users on relevant websites.

7. Email marketing

This is a form of direct marketing. Depending on the quality of the email campaigns, it can help you achieve good results.

Email marketing involves sending targeted emails about the launch of a new product or offer to specific people.

This is an excellent strategy for spreading the word about your new currency.

However, you should first build up an email list and only include people who are really interested in your product. You can then use an email marketing service or software to get started.

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The Effects Of Coffee On The Body

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Coffee is a drink that is surrounded by controversy. Some claim that the effects of coffee on the body, in general, are not negative, others warn that it is bad for your health. So where is the truth? Can we drink this invigorating drink every day? Are there any restrictions? In this article, you will get all the answers.

What Effects Coffee Has on the Human Body

When you drink natural coffee, first of all, the central nervous system is stimulated. Caffeine increases the level of cerebral activity, dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow. You feel energised and refreshed after drinking coffee, which is why many people prefer to drink it in the morning. But not everyone gets the intended effect; some feel ill after a cup of coffee. This means that the body is not absorbing the caffeine.

In moderate doses, the drink has these effects:

  • Increases efficiency;
  • It has a positive effect on digestion because it speeds up the digestion process;
  • One of the main questions is, does coffee affect blood pressure? It raises your blood pressure and increases your heart rate.
  • All this you will receive at the use of natural beans, if you buy instant coffee Arabica, then a similar effect will not be observed.

Does drinking too much coffee affect sleep? Of course yes, not only will you not be able to fall asleep, but you will get a number of negative symptoms:

  • Irritability, headaches;
  • Heart palpitations;
  • Stomach pains.

There are also cases of coffee poisoning accompanied by: vomiting, cramps and the formation of red spots all over the body. Although the lethal outcome is extremely rare, if we don't limit ourselves from drinking coffee frequently, health problems can't be avoided.

Coffee - its benefits and harms

As it is already known, if you drink it in moderation, it won't cause any harm to your health; on the contrary, it will give you energy for the whole day. Let's talk about the effects on different organs:

The liver. You will be surprised, but coffee regenerates it on a cellular level. Why exactly this happens scientists do not know yet, but those who drink several cups of coffee a day can have no fear of cirrhosis, cancer, or hepatosis;

Many people believe that caffeine is not safe for the heart, and the same goes for blood vessels. In the absence of any diseases related to these organs, you can safely drink coffee in moderation;

However, coffee has a negative impact on the kidneys. If a person drinks more than three cups of coffee daily, then in addition to addiction, he will get stone formation, as the body will lose a lot of fluid and will lose useful components: calcium, magnesium, potassium and others.

Also, there are several versions of drinking the invigorating drink during pregnancy. Experts argue that it is possible to drink it once in a while, but you should not get carried away. The nervous system in the womb can have negative consequences.

So we can conclude that the benefits or harms of coffee on the human body are determined by the individual health condition and the predisposition to drink each one. 

Scientists claim that a few cups of coffee do not harm, but rather help the body to invigorate and stimulate its organs. Also, we recommend buying only quality coffee.

The Czar's Blend shop offers a wide selection of natural coffee to suit every taste. Whether you're looking to make a Russian coffee or any other, in their catalogues, you will find everything you need and more. 

Each item has a detailed description so you can choose the perfect option. They deliver all over the U.S with free delivery.

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Recharge Telcel: Fastest and most effective methods 2021

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Recharging the Telcel pack online is a simple process. In fact, there are several different options available to you. Some options are more convenient than others, so choose the one that works best for you.

You can top up your balance from home, through a mobile device with an internet connection (such as a tablet or your own phone connected to Wi-Fi) or by using a computer to top up Telcel airtime online.

Telcel offers both online and in-store options to make sure you can top up without any hassle.

Within this guide, we show some easy means to know them to continue reading, on the other hand, if you have additional questions about promotions or something situations related to your line directly and prefer to contact an executive or go to the nearest service centre to your home or reach Telcel's support.

Top up Telcel with SwiftRecharge 

Follow these steps to Recarga Telcel online:

  1. To begin, access SwiftRecharge via the web. 
  2. Enter the phone number you want to top up (10 digits)
  3. Select the amount of credit for your top-up.
  4. Then tap the proceed to payment button and enter the requested contact details.
  5. Finally, select a payment method and complete the transaction.

Once the process is complete you will receive a confirmation message and your credit will be credited in a few moments.

In addition to taking advantage of interesting promotions and discounts, you can register on their website to receive discounts for your purchases. 

Their service is available 24/7 so that you can top up whenever it is most convenient for you and they have specialised agents for any queries or incidents. You can pay with all types of cards, Paypal or even cryptocurrencies.

SwiftRecharge is reliable, secure and offers all the guarantees of a leading service in the sector.

Recharge your Telcel using their official website.

Finally, you can top up Telcel from their official website. Without a doubt, this is one of the most convenient and fastest options you have to top up Telcel airtime.

You can do it from the comfort of your home, with your PC, Tablet or even your mobile phone connected to a Wi-Fi network. What you need to do is the following:

  1. Go to Telcel's website (https://www.telcel.com/), whose address is telcel.com.
  2. On the main page, you will see the option "Top up your Amigo balance", click on "do it now" to go to the top up page.
  3. Once on the top up page, you will need to enter the phone number you want to top up, then you will need to confirm it (enter it again) and finally, you will need to select the amount to top up.
  4. Then, you will need to choose the payment method. You can pay with your credit or debit card. Or, if you have a PayPal account, you can pay with your PayPal account.
  5. Depending on the option you choose, you will have to provide some details of your card (number, expiry date, postcode, etc.) or if you chose to pay with Paypal you will have to log in.
  6. Finally, you will need to confirm your details. Check that everything is correct, accept the terms of use of the service and click on "confirm and pay".

That's it! A confirmation message will appear. Also, if you wish, you can download and print the receipt. Likewise, the phone you have topped up will receive a text message informing them that their balance has been topped up.

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Why Do Startups Use ICOs to Raise Funds?

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One of the phenomena related to a blockchain is the emergence of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).

Given the interest in blockchain, it is no surprise that startups are continually emerging around this technology. One interesting thing to note about many of these startups is that they are resorting to a funding mechanism known as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). These coin offerings provide a mechanism to raise money without having to give a percentage of ownership in return. 

In essence, it is a new form of crowdfunding. Under this scheme, the startup in question raises money by creating and selling its own virtual currency, typically using rules similar to those of well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

To create an ICO, it is not necessary to create your own blockchain platform, but you can use one of the existing platforms. In fact, Ethereum has a toolkit to facilitate the creation of digital currencies and is a popular choice for creating ICOs. Once the coin is created, it is offered to the public for people to purchase. There are many different ways to marketing cryptocurrency ICO projects and reach the right audiences. Typically they will pay using other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or ether.

An important point is that people who acquire coins or tokens through an ICO do not acquire a percentage stake in the company. The promise of an ICO is that the coins acquired can be used to purchase goods or services from the startup, and the coin is expected to increase in value and can be sold on for a profit.

Staying in control

When receiving money from investors, typically startups are required to give a percentage of ownership of the company in return. Additionally, this ownership may be accompanied by decision-making power. Thus, after several rounds of investment, the original founders may be left in the hands of investors who have accumulated enough ownership to decide the direction the startup should take.

ICOs solve this problem by allowing startups to raise capital without having to divest equity. This allows founders to continue to make decisions focused on the long-term well-being of the company without the friction of obtaining shareholder approval.


Another consideration when using ICOs to fund a startup is that it is still unregulated in most countries. This means that companies can raise money from any person or entity on the internet that has a cryptocurrency wallet. The decentralised nature of the blockchain prevents the government from controlling or inhibiting an ICO. Additionally, the pseudo-anonymity of the blockchain makes it difficult for the government to track participants.

This makes it possible to bypass certain requirements that are required in other types of investment mechanisms. For example, in the US, private companies can only issue shares to accredited investors, who must prove that they have at least $1 million in assets.

Globalisation of investment

Although in theory, it is possible to create a startup from anywhere in the world, it is not a consequence that most of them emerge (or relocate) in places considered as innovation hubs, such as Silicon Valley. We could argue that one reason for this is the availability of talent, but in reality, the main reason is the availability of venture capital.

ICOs make it easier for startups to raise capital from anywhere in the world.

Comparison with crowdfunding

Some may say that this is not very different from the crowdfunding that is done today through Kickstarter or Indiegogo -Fondeadora, in the case of Mexico. However, the difference is that using crowdfunding platforms such as those mentioned above is still a centralised entity, which is subject to the laws and regulations of where they operate, as well as safeguarding participant information. In comparison, in an ICO you can participate without the need to share information beyond the address of a cryptocurrency wallet.


ICOs provide a new mechanism for startups to raise money without having to give up equity or ownership of the company. Additionally, they open up the possibility for people to participate regardless of where they are located. Given these advantages, it is easy to understand why they are becoming so popular.

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What Are The Advantages Of Staying In A Hotel Apartment?

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As we all know nowadays there are many possibilities of accommodation when it comes to staying when we travel. From hotels to apartments to campsites, etc. 

The most important thing when deciding in which accommodation we will stay is to take into account our needs, our preferences in terms of proximity to points of interest if we prefer more privacy but fewer services such as restaurants nearby, or on the contrary, we prefer to be within walking distance of the beach, restaurants, pharmacies, etc..  

Once we have these points in mind, we can start to think about what type of accommodation we are interested in. Staying in a holiday apartment has advantages and disadvantages like everything else, and depending on our situation and circumstances, we will see more positive aspects and if we are more like-minded.

Firstly, the most substantial difference is in the economic aspect, staying in a hotel apartment is cheaper than staying in a hotel on many occasions. It is also more economical not to include lunch or dinner buffet service, in a apartamente in regim hotelier Bucuresti offered by MRG Apartments, they offer have a fully equipped kitchen, which makes things much easier for someone with a specific diet or just when you feel like eating something homemade. 

On the other hand, if one day you feel like having breakfast, lunch or dinner "outside" you have many gastronomic options available just a step away, and on the other hand, if you prefer to have lunch or dinner, you can buy what you need and eat in the apartment resting and enjoying your company.

Secondly, one of the advantages is to feel at home, but without schedules, you have a kitchen, private bathroom, the rooms of the apartment, and the terraces for your use and enjoyment without being aware of lunch or dinner schedules, or breakfast schedules early in the morning. When we stay in a hotel apartment, it adapts to us, and to our schedules, tastes, preferences, and the people inside, whether they are a family, a couple or a group of friends. 

In MRG Apartments, they also provide a daily cleaning service, the bed linen is changed every 4 days, and the towels every day, so you only have to worry about bringing your summer clothes and enjoy every day, and that when you arrive at the apartment it is ready to rest. 

Thirdly, it should be noted that the apartments are usually larger than a hotel room, in addition to having more rooms, it is much more comfortable to spend a few days on holiday. Being larger, they have more capacity, some of them can accommodate up to 5 people, they are 2 bedroom flats. This makes it ideal for families or groups of friends. 

In short, as we pointed out before, it is recommended to have clear the needs that we want to see covered, and from there, choose the accommodation, the most versatile is a flat and more if it has added services to make the stay even easier.

That ends this article here. We hope that our readers will find this article helpful. Drop your comments below to share your thoughts with us!

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4 WordPress Themes By HivePress That You Should Know About

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When it comes to build a directory or classified website, the HivePress plugin is really a great way to do that. On top of that, HivePress also offers several WordPress themes to get the most out of this plugin and build professional websites. 

In this article, we are going to discuss WordPress themes for HivePress with which we can create professional services advertisement websites. 

All these themes have free and premium extensions to extend the functionality of your website, if you want to add marketplace functionality, a charge per featured ad, etc.

The themes are fully compatible with Woocommerce and use their payment system for monetisation.

They are very light themes with a very clean code. They use Gutenberg for the design and are very easy to configure as. You can also import demo content with a couple of clicks so you will save a lot of work creating the structure of the website and you will only have to modify images, texts and colours.

Another advantage of these themes is their system of custom fields (attributes), so you can adapt your website to any niche.

With any of these themes and their extensions, there are at least 3 different ways to monetize your website and turn it into an online business.


TaskHive is a HIvePress theme focused on creating a marketplace for freelance services whether they are programmers, copywriters, graphic designers, etc. (fiverr.com, freelancer.com or upwork.com)

With this theme, users can register on your website as freelancers or clients and for each sale of service, you as administrator can take a commission.


ExpertHive is a HivePress theme focused on plumbing, electrical, masonry, etc. services. (Thumbtack, TaskRabbit or Airtasker)

With this theme, users will be able to register on your website as a professional or client and will be able to contact you through a messaging system. Clients will be able to upload their requests to a general space and professionals will be able to send their offers to clients.

Like TaskHive, this theme has a control panel for both the client and the professional where they can manage their data, announcements, messages, etc.


JobHive is a HivePress theme focused on creating and monetizing a job board website similar to InfoJobs or JobToday in a very short time.

With this theme, users will be able to register on your website as a company or applicant and you can monetize by creating membership packages.


ListingHive is a free theme that you will find in the WordPress repository focused on creating a classified ads website along with the HivePress, a free classifieds plugin.

With this theme, users will be able to register on your website and upload their ads and through an internal messaging system users will be able to contact the advertiser.

As with the other themes, users have ad management and a messaging panel where they can delete, edit, send messages, etc.

Well, as you have seen, they are very interesting themes and very easy to configure if you want to set up this type of business.

They have a very competitive price and the good thing is that you will only make one payment and you will get personalised support and automatic updates for life.

See you in the next article!

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How Do You Choose Your Training Clothes?

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T-shirts, bras, leggings, shoes, it is important to choose training clothes carefully. Indeed, sportswear accompanies the sportsman in all his physical exercises. 

Therefore, they should feel completely comfortable when wearing the clothing of their choice. In order to choose the right clothing for your needs, this section proposes different criteria to find the ideal training clothing that suits your body type.

Know the materials and cuts before choosing your sports outfit

Choosing a sports outfit is not something you can improvise. You need to know the material and cut of each garment adapted to each discipline. This is why the most fitness clothing company often offers men’s fitness apparel Canada made from synthetic fibres such as elastane, polyester or polyamide. These different materials can withstand high-intensity workouts such as HIIT, circuit training and fitness. 

Examples of clothing made from these fabrics include T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, leggings, etc.

If you are into wellness activities such as gentle gymnastics, yoga and Pilates, it is best to opt for cotton sportswear. This material allows for more comfort during these physical sessions. 

As far as the cut is concerned, there is a choice between a close-fitting model and an oversized model. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most recommended cut for sports is the close-fitting one. The advantage of this type of cut is that it avoids chafing and allows you to stay as comfortable as possible during your workout.

Check the various technical characteristics of the chosen outfit

Once you have determined how to choose the cut and material of your sportswear, you should also be aware of the various technical characteristics of the clothing you will be wearing during your sports sessions. One of the elements to check is the breathability of the clothing. If you tend to sweat a lot during exercise, it is advisable to wear sportswear that wicks moisture quickly. 

This is the best way to stay dry and avoid feeling uncomfortable and cold. If you're doing a lot of exercises, it's best to wear leggings and tank tops with airy inserts.

For more comfort, you should also think about the stretchiness of the sportswear. It is important that the fabric follows the entire movement perfectly while remaining sufficiently flexible. This way, you can fully enjoy your physical exercises such as extensions, flexions and various jumps. It is also important to check the opacity of your clothing. Dense woven leggings are recommended to limit the effects of transparency during squat sessions.

Choose your sportswear according to the weather

The weather and the place of training are among the elements to check before choosing your sportswear. For those who are going to do cardio fitness in the gym, it is advisable to wear leggings and a t-shirt. You can also add a jacket if necessary.

For outdoor sports, it is important to use common sense. If it is too sunny, a tank top and shorts are sufficient. In cooler weather, it is advisable to wear sports tights under the shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt.

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ICO distribution made easy by Token Bulksender

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To promote newly launched tokens, airdropping them to influencers, well-known wallets or an initial set of excited investors is an excellent idea. Campaigns like bounty hunts or social media reward programs can make your token go viral in absolutely no time. ICO distributions and token giveaways remain one of the simplest yet effective token marketing strategies. In all these cases, you need the ability to bulk send your tokens to many wallets at once.

You can bulk send your tokens in a few different ways.

The obvious way is to send it manually one by one to all the required wallets.  This is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. You waste time sending the tokens individually which you should really be spending on planning and executing your next big marketing event. And in today's fast-moving crypto world, the excitement level of your investors goes down very fast. Worse, you would make mistakes - unintentionally leaving out those few critical investors who will be really angry about it.

The easier method is to use a dapp like Vypr Batch Sender. Vypr Batch Sender enables the bulk transfer of BSC/ BEP20 tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction. The best part about this dapp is its intuitive UI - with an excel-like spreadsheet to add addresses and corresponding token amount. You can enter all the details yourself or you can easily copy and paste from an excel file or a text file. All the spreadsheet features like column-wise selection or copy are available, which makes this dapp the most user-friendly token bulksender. It does instant validation of the addresses and the amount entered and notifies users of any duplicate addresses.  And it provides all this at the lowest price of all such dapps. Visit https://vypr.network/sender to know more.
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How To Organise A Long-distance Move

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You are moving from one region to another, or moving to another city. It is important that the move is carried out in the best possible conditions. So you need to know how to organise a long-distance move. Here are some tips to make your move easier.

The long-distance moving checklist  

Moving long distance cannot be improvised. You need to start the process in advance to make sure you do it right. Ideally, it is recommended that you start 3 months in advance to avoid missing any steps. A checklist will help you to know what to do and when to do it. 

3 months before the move

The organisation of the long-distance move, therefore, begins 3 months before the planned departure date. At this point, you should :

  • notifying the landlord and making an appointment with him to carry out the inventory of fixtures 
  • sorting through your belongings and getting rid of anything superfluous 
  • requesting quotes from movers and comparing them 
  • prepare your new home by doing some minor work if you wish 
  • gather information on moving assistance.
  • You should also inform your schools if you have children.

1 month before the move

Approximately 1 month before your departure, you must :

  • make an appointment with your current landlord for an inventory of fixtures 
  • choose from the quotes and contact the selected mover 
  • prepare your change of address 
  • take one or two days off work if possible 
  • start packing your boxes.

Here again, organisation and meticulousness are required for a good result.

15 days before the move

With 15 days to go, you are getting closer and closer to your long-distance move. Now is the time to :

  • cancel your gas and electricity contract for your current home 
  • make an appointment with the technician for installation in the new home 
  • notify the neighbours of your departure if you wish 
  • clear the walls.

You may choose to do some repair work, if necessary.

Choosing a professional mover and moving trucks

When you are moving away, choosing a professional mover is the best way to ensure that your move goes smoothly. For example, if you live in Lyon and are moving to Paris, it is easier to use a specialist in long-distance removals, as they are used to the road. A professional mover will provide you with a transport estimate or a more extensive service that includes boxing.

Your mover will also take care of organising your move. For example, he can apply for parking permits himself. You are also entitled to home delivery of your boxes, within a short period of time of between 24 and 48 hours.

There's one more option that people usually choose over professional movers. You can hire moving trucks to DIY the whole process. And if you're looking to book a Uhaul truck, might be wondering does Uhaul provide drivers and you should know that they don't provide the drivers. So, you must look out for services out there who do drive such as Rented Truck Driver and have enough experience to drive Uhaul trucks.

Long-distance, short-distance and medium-distance moving: what is the difference?

Long-distance moving is obviously more difficult because of the distance involved. Moving to another city or another country requires managing everything from a distance, which is not always easy. Travel costs are higher, and it is quite complicated to do the move yourself.

On the other hand, for a medium or short distance, things are much easier. It takes less time to get there and back. You can therefore go to the site of your new home without too many constraints to carry out the various steps.

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Why Does My Facebook Session Expire?

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Facebook Login

Have you ever wondered why my Facebook session is expiring? Here's how to solve this problem.

If you often use social networks on your smartphone, you've probably wondered why my Facebook session is expiring.

Sometimes it happens that we go to log in to the social network application and we get a message that the session has expired, so we have to re-enter the username and password. 

The reality is that this is due to a bug that sometimes occurs in the social network. And if it is a one-off failure it is not usually too much of a problem, but if it happens continuously, having to enter your username and password constantly can be very annoying.

Fortunately, this is a problem that can be solved. You won't need to spend all your time logging in every time you log in to Facebook. And, more often than not, the solution will involve updating the social networking app.

Solution: Your Facebook Session Has Expired

If you are constantly getting the message that your Facebook session has timed out, the main solution is to check for any updates to the application. In most cases, this problem is due to bugs in the programming of the app that can be solved by simply updating it. If you already have the latest version, a possible solution may be to uninstall and reinstall. Usually, problems are resolved in this way.

If you usually access Facebook from your browser, the most common solution to this problem is to clear your cache and log back into the social network.

However, in many cases, as soon as we log in again, everything works again and it doesn't keep happening constantly.

Why My Facebook Session Closes

It is difficult to know why I am logged out of Facebook, as it is usually due to internal problems within the application.

It's also possible, especially if you share your device with someone else, that someone has logged into Facebook from your computer and logged out of yours to log in. Or even that you did it unintentionally, especially if you've been fiddling around with the platform's sometimes less-than-intuitive settings.

But whether it's Facebook's fault or human error, the solution is the same. First, try logging in again and see if it doesn't happen again. And if the error persists, follow the instructions we mentioned above.

Does Facebook Expire?

What must be clear when looking for solutions is that, to the question of whether Facebook expires, the answer is no. There is no set period of time after which Facebook expires. There is no set period of time after which you need to re-enter your Facebook login credentials.

If you find that you are frequently logged out, there is a problem. And you should follow the steps mentioned above to try to solve it. Don't settle for logging in to the social network every time you try to log in, as this is not how the app works properly.

Even if the problem is too persistent, you can opt for a more drastic option such as resetting the phone to factory settings.

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Social Media And Digital Marketing: Growth Strategies

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social media

Social media is a tool to generate more sales and its role changes over time, as new strategies and channels are implemented to support digital marketing.

To make the most of the networks as a means of recommendation, it is necessary to have a strategy that includes obtaining correct statistics. Knowing how many users commented, shared or liked the published content is crucial to make better decisions based on real data. It is preferable for the content to be related to the brand's products, but not to sell them directly; it is advisable to channel users to a website or catalogue through links so that those interested can make their decision.

Another aspect of current strategies is contact with customers and potential customers. Thanks to the fact that social networks facilitate interaction with consumers, it is now easier than ever before to find out about their satisfaction and complaints about the products we offer.

Comments can be received through the platform's mailbox or data can be collected through surveys, which are often accompanied by discounts or promotions in order to encourage the user to take a few minutes to express their opinion.

With the information obtained, companies are given a great opportunity to improve in all aspects, from product features to the sales mechanism.

In order to implement new and better strategies, some brands even try to anticipate how users will react and offer them other advantages before their competitors do.

This technique requires extensive analysis of behaviour throughout the history of networks, observation of the environment and a deep understanding of the target audience.

There are some tools in development to facilitate this task, but for the moment, common sense and the intelligence of social media and marketing experts prevails, but here are some tips to help you grow your social media and digital marketing.

5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media And Digital Marketing

An excellent area of opportunity for online marketing is social media, but it also requires good social media marketing to achieve good results. As a community manager, we recommend you to follow these 5 tips to improve your presence in the most famous platforms of interaction.

1. Create a strategy

Before launching into the adventure of putting your name on a social network, do as much research as you can on your target audience. Do most of your potential clients interact through Twitter? 

Do they spend the day checking their Facebook homepage? Are they recurrent users of Instagram? Are they professionals who take care of their image on LinkedIn? After identifying the networks you need to focus your attention on, research what topics your audience is most interested in.

2. Read the news

Once you've started posting, keep up with social trends. Keep an eye on the trending topics on TW and pay attention to the memes on FB. Use this knowledge to communicate with users; don't hesitate to generate content about the topic of the moment, but remember that it should always be in line with your brand's personality. 

Also, we recommend keeping an eye on Pinterest and Tumblr to show your users the latest news on topics such as art and fashion.

3. Post frequently

One of the best ways to stay top of mind with your users is to regularly post interesting content. If you update your networks once a week, no one will remember you. It is normal for a brand to make between 4 and 6 posts a day, and if your comments include attractive and good quality images, you are almost guaranteed to be successful in terms of positioning.

4. Get your followers involved

Organise activations, create controversy, ask for opinions: anything that gets your users to interact with your brand and with each other will attract more followers. Competitions and exclusive promotions for networks help to spread the word about your services and products, while comments on your publications generate organic growth that, if you know how to take advantage of it, can be converted into leads.

5. Offer more than commercials

Avoid succumbing to the temptation to advertise all the time. For an account to be attractive to users, it must offer much more than commercials; it must deliver valuable information, enjoyable moments and unique insights. 

Position yourself as an expert in your field by talking about related topics, making recommendations or sharing interesting external content for your audience. This is the best way to attract more followers, and the more of them you have, the more noise you will make about your brand.  

In these times where digital marketing is as fierce as offline, we cannot be naïve, recognising the strategies of others to gain visits on a website, blogger or social media has the marketing seriousness.

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7 Tips For Buying Effective Office Furniture

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Buying office furniture is a task that depends on the particular needs of each work area and the previous space you have. To make this task easier we present a guide with the key steps you should take into account to acquire the right furniture for your office.

1. Analyse and measure

First of all, it is essential to calculate the current available area and the way it will be distributed. Depending on the tasks to be performed in each room or office, you will be able to define the ideal place for the executive, technical, customer service, or other relevant sections.

Take into consideration that the selection of spaces for each of your company's departments will also depend on the square metres needed for storage, the number of people in the area and the mobility needs of your collaborators. 

2. Study alternatives to optimise functions

Once you have defined how you will organise the different areas, you can use conventional office furniture to optimise them. 

For example, if you had considered an area to place separate desks for employees, perhaps a modular furniture system, which allows you to make better use of the current dimensions, could be more efficient. Or, if you are allocating a large area for storage furniture, a small place for a mobile archive might be more efficient.

If you had considered installing a modular unit in a certain section, and an adjacent set of collaborative desks, you may be able to make the space more efficient by installing a height-adjustable station that can easily fulfil both functions. 

Nowadays it is advisable to prioritise co-working or free-standing areas, as they allow greater mobility and dynamism than fixed positions for each collaborator, and avoid acquiring the furniture that makes it difficult to move around the office. 

3. Choose scalable options

The world is constantly changing and so are the needs of our employees. Although it is not possible to create a plan for your office that will always be valid, it is advisable to choose furniture and organise spaces in such a way that there is always the possibility of adapting or expanding the capabilities of any office.

Modular systems are a good alternative in this regard, as they can be fitted together and expanded naturally without the need for complex installations. 

4. Ergonomics is essential

One of the crucial factors that every company today must take into account is ergonomics, an issue that costs companies around the world millions a year in medical bills, and can also severely impair the performance of their workers. 

By choosing office furniture with proven ergonomics like draughtsman chairs, you are making an investment that will benefit the health of your employees and the economy of your company.

5. Prioritising quality

In the same way, it is essential to give priority to quality, which will always translate into a more efficient investment. Opting for cheap furniture, or even worse, used furniture, is a risk that will not be very convenient.

It is better to allocate a sufficient budget to certified and quality furniture, because in addition to representing a lower risk of accidents, they offer greater durability and really efficient functionality, in order to maximise performance within the company.

6. Consider sanitary recommendations

In these times it is also pertinent to adapt to the recommended hygiene measures to minimise any risk. 

In this sense, modular systems with additional insulation extensions, transparent partitions to separate adjacent areas in meeting rooms, or translucent panels to avoid direct contact at desks or adjacent workstations, are very useful additions to protect the health of your employees.

7. Comprehensive office furniture plan

By devising an overall plan to approach your furniture installation strategy, you will also be able to map out a more efficient and consistent route.

This will help to improve the company's image, with a well-planned and well-adapted design to best suit the different functions and needs of the company.

Also, included in this plan is a protocol for the management and maintenance of the furniture. In this way, you ensure that the functionality of your furniture is maintained for the long term and help to consolidate a relevant and successful corporate project. 

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Renovate Or Knockdown And Rebuild? Make The Right Choice

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Have you bought a house to renovate? Before starting the work, you should ask yourself whether Knockdown and Rebuild is a better option. The renovation has a lower impact than demolition and rebuilding, but in some cases, the quality of the house is such that it is better to start from scratch. But how do you know if this is the case for you? This step-by-step plan will help you make the right choice.

Step 1: Find out what is possible and allowed

Of course, it makes no sense to make plans that you may not be able to carry out afterwards. Therefore, first, go to your local authority and find out what is possible and permitted in your municipality in terms of planning and heritage regulations. 

For example, you may not be able to demolish your house because it is a listed monument or a site of heritage interest. Or you may be able to demolish your house, but you cannot build a new building there. So do not neglect this step!

Step 2: Check the condition of your house

Restoring a dilapidated house can be both laborious and expensive. It may be financially more attractive in practice to demolish the old house and build a brand new one. So call in an architect or KDR Northern Beaches experts to assess the condition of your house properly. 

He or she will check, for example, the condition of the supporting structure and the foundations, check for moisture in the walls or the presence of lead water pipes. Take the opportunity to examine whether it is possible to demolish without damaging neighbouring buildings and natural features.

Caution: Be aware that some defects are more serious than others. For example, major stability or moisture problems are more decisive than a leaking roof that you are going to renovate anyway.

Step 3: Determine what you want from your house

Some functions of the house are easier and quicker to create by building rather than renovating. However, it is also possible to simply demolish part of the old house and add an addition. So think carefully about what you consider important in your house and how you want to achieve the desired result. Do you have enough living space? 

Can the structure of the building support additional loads? Does your home meet your basic needs? But also ask yourself how, for example, you are going to bring in as much light as possible and what adaptations are necessary so that you can live in your home for the rest of your life.

Step 4: Consider whether you can meet the energy requirements by renovating

Are you planning to renovate? If so, your home must meet the energy requirements for renovation. First, examine whether it is feasible. In particular, pay attention to the orientation and compactness of your building, examine whether you can integrate the required heating and ventilation technology and whether the insulation of your house will make it sufficiently airtight. 

Not sure if you can meet the energy requirements? Knockdown and Rebuild is probably the best alternative.

Step 5: Make a financial comparison

Equally important: the budget of the different options. In order to make a financial comparison between renovation and demolition/reconstruction, you can once again call on the expertise of an architect or contractor. 

Take into account the investment, but also the possible additional rent, the ecological impact of the materials and the reduced VAT rate applicable to demolition/rebuilding. Also, add the added value you create afterwards: ask yourself how many renovation plans will increase the value of your home. If the land is more valuable than the house itself, demolition/rebuilding is more attractive.

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The 5 Most Common Causes Of Engine Overheating?

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car overheating

Engine overheating can be caused by a number of factors, including a faulty radiator, a fault in the cooling system, an incorrectly installed water pump or a faulty thermostat.

Most engines develop a temperature between 90 degrees Celsius and 105 degrees. Any malfunction in the components described above can cause the temperature to rise above the normal level, leading to overheating and stalling of the car engine.

In this article, we will present the most common causes that can lead to engine overheating, as well as the consequences of this situation and ways to solve the problem.

The most common causes of engine overheating

It's certainly not pleasant when you have to arrive somewhere in an emergency to notice that steam starts coming out from under the bonnet and you have to pull over.

What is even more unpleasant is the fact that this situation has arisen and you will certainly need to make expensive repairs, since overheating has particularly damaging effects on the various parts of your vehicle.

The following are the most common causes of engine overheating.

A fault in the cooling system

Air entering the cooling system through a crack is one of the possible causes of engine overheating. Coolant will leak around this area, creating space for air to be sucked in.

This air entering the cooling system will occupy the upper portion. The coolant will not be able to pass through it to reach the engine, causing overheating. A crack in the cooling system will cause the engine to overheat, and you may need to go to the vehicle repair centre to fix that and avoid overheating issues.

Coolant circulation blockage

This situation will cause symptoms similar to those described above. It is sometimes possible that a malfunctioning thermostat, the formation of mineral deposits or the presence of a foreign object can block the smooth flow of coolant in the radiator which is intended to disperse heat.

Low oil level

Engine oil plays an important role in the cooling process and prevents too much heat build-up. Approximately 75% to 80% of the heat developed is dissipated in the engine.

Engine oil also has the role of properly lubricating various engine parts, reducing friction and therefore overheating.

What are the signs that may indicate engine overheating?

Dashboard warnings

Dashboard warning signals can indicate when your engine is overheating by lighting up the temperature gauge. Most drivers choose to ignore these signals, even though the repercussions can be quite serious. 

The onboard warning lights will not warn you if the thermostat has failed, but will warn you in any other situation. In newer car models, when the engine starts to overheat, a warning light will come on to indicate a problem with the car's operation.

Steam or smoke

When you notice steam or smoke coming out from under the bonnet, the first thing to do is to stop the car. The appearance of steam or smoke from under the bonnet is not a good sign.

It may occur if you have an oil leak or it may indicate engine overheating. In this case you should visit a car service to detect a possible problem and have it rectified as soon as possible.

Hot air coming from the air conditioning system

Even if the emission of hot air from this level means that the engine is already warmed up, it is most likely that overheating of the engine will occur.

What you can do in this case is to top up the antifreeze level to prevent this problem.

How can you avoid engine overheating?

To avoid such situations, it is a good idea to check the vehicle's cooling system, the oil level, the condition of the radiator, the thermostat and the water pump. Any problem at this level will cause overheating. 

In case of engine overheating it is advisable to proceed as follows:

  • Drain the cooling system at the time recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Check for any signs of damage or faults;
  • Top up the oil level and change it at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer;
  • Check the technical condition of the radiator, thermostat and water pump and any signs of damage.

Overheating can be a major problem with serious repercussions for your car. For this reason, it is advisable to check the technical condition of the car even if the problem has only occurred once.

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Luxury Travel: Top 5 Best Destinations Abroad

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Forget about overly signposted routes, crowded beaches, soulless hotels, endless queues to visit a museum, cruise ships that look like factories...

For you, dream travel means luxury travel. And whatever your desire to get away from it all, there are destinations abroad that are bound to suit your tastes. From the United States to Russia, via the Caribbean or Africa and the Middle East, you can make travel rhyme with chic. 

The Californian Dream Made in Luxury

If you want to experience the American Dream in its most chic form, fly to California! Follow in the footsteps of the Hollywood stars of the golden age and adopt their lifestyle. There are many agencies specialising in high-end holidays that will create a tailor-made trip for you. Or, you just keep reading a luxury magazine online and find the details about the luxury travels and best options for yourself.

In Los Angeles, you'll stay in the hottest boutique hotels, take a private surfing lesson in Malibu, discover the most popular art galleries and enjoy guided tours of design districts and museums. Then, in a convertible, you will leave L.A. for Palm Springs. Located in the desert and less than 200 km from the City of Angels, the charming 50's city is known as a favourite getaway for celebrities.

Egypt on a historic-chic boat

You've been longing to discover the land of the pharaohs for a long time, but you're afraid of the hordes of tourists and have trouble with the usual bus tours. Rejoice because there is a way to discover Egypt that fits your desire to experience a chic trip.

Pretend you're Agatha Christie by boarding a legendary ship: the Steam Ship Sudan. As you sail along the Nile, you will be amazed by the beauty and myths of this unique country. You will enjoy the scenery and excursions in VIP mode while savouring the refined luxury of this boat from another time. Far from the XXL cruise ships, this intimate ship is on a human scale. 

Safari in Tanzania

What if the real luxury was to realise your childhood dream? Meet the wild animals that fascinated you so much when you turned the pages of your picture books. Fly to the lands that intrigued you when you read Hemingway's Snows of Kilimanjaro by taking a ticket to Tanzania.

For an upmarket trip, you'll stay in luxurious lodges with impeccable comfort and authentic charm. During the day, you'll hit the trails with professional guides to spot the famous Big Five, the five most powerful and feared large mammals in Africa. After viewing buffalo, leopard, rhino, elephant and lion, you will enjoy a gourmet dinner under the sky. You'll extend this dream trip with a few moments of relaxation in a chic hotel on a small, unspoilt island off the coast of Zanzibar where you can indulge in the pleasures of scuba diving. 

Russia by luxury train

Soak up the "sleeping earth", feel like Michel Strogoff, the hero of Jules Verne, and reread Boris Pasternak while being lulled by the movement of the train... What adventurer hasn't dreamed of boarding the mythical Trans-Siberian Railway? However, some may be put off by the supposed relative comfort and the length of such a journey, which crosses 2 continents and 8 time zones! Don't worry, it is possible to take different routes and above all to experience a top-of-the-range journey on rails! 

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express is the luxury version that many tour operators have been hoping for. The cabins offer great comfort and the service on board is impeccable. Of course, there are stops to visit Moscow and the many cultural attractions along the way.

Anguilla or the little known 5-star island

Be careful not to confuse this Eastern Caribbean island with Antigua. Less known and more preserved, Anguilla, which is located 20 minutes by boat from the very busy St Martin, is a little jewel that combines luxury with coconut palms and privacy. The stars have not been mistaken, as many of them have gone there to escape the paparazzi and, above all, to enjoy all the pleasures of a high-end trip.

The gastronomic capital of the Caribbean, Anguilla is rich in restaurants with refined cuisine concocted with local products and you can also enjoy grilled fish on every street corner or on the beach, in the shade of the frangipani trees. Between a massage in a star spa or on your own terrace and a round of golf, you can take the time to discover the island's Amerindian archaeological sites.

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What Should To Look When Choosing An Online Bookmaker?

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A lot of people have heard of the words "sports betting" but don't know exactly what it means and here is a rough definition of the term sports betting.

Sports betting is the anticipation of the outcome of a match and betting an amount of money on that outcome and if the result at the end of the match corresponds to the bettor's prediction then he will receive an amount of money directly proportional to the bet, otherwise, the bettor will lose the amount bet.

What Should I Look Out For When I Choose To Register With An Online Bookmaker?

The first thing you need to do is to choose a bookmaker you have heard or read about. Registering with a bookmaker that no one has heard of increases the chance of being cheated and not having winnings sent to you.

The design of the bookmaker should be done in a professional way. For example, in the list posted by the appropriate gambling office there are bookmakers with incomplete websites or missing essential data (About Us, Address, Contact, Terms and Conditions etc.). To find safe sports betting sites, you can visit 먹튀사이트 sports community. You can find verified sports Toto sites to bet online.

Maybe, at first sight, these aspects don't seem important to you but you have to take them into account, for example, a bookmaker can insert in the Terms and Conditions the text "Any payment over 5000 Euro will be made in instalments within 60 days", me reading such a text in the terms and conditions section would make me avoid opening an account.

For example, if you go to the bookmaker's page you can see at the bottom of the page how all these data should be displayed.

Highest odds, in order to have the highest winnings you must pay attention to the value of the odds because depending on their value are your winnings.  

This loss is only on one bet but on dozens or hundreds of bets, these amounts you would have won are quite high.

The offer of bets as large as possible, the most famous bookmakers offer for important sports events more than 100 types of bets (final result, the result at half-time, number of goals, Asian handicap, cards, corners, etc.) so if you want to bet on that match you will surely find the type of bet you prefer.

Live sports betting, these bets differentiate the bookmakers, i.e. a serious bookmaker has a very rich live betting offer and this inspires a lot of confidence among the bettors.

Live sports broadcasts, for those who bet live, these broadcasts are very appreciated and they offer the bettor the possibility to see how a match is evolving so that the bets placed live contain the latest details about that match.

Single bets, bookmakers that do not accept single bets should definitely be avoided, in the online environment single bets have been accepted for many years while offline bookmakers used to require punters to bet at least 3 matches on a ticket, this reduced the punters' chances of winning at betting.

Bonuses, this I have left to the end as it is and is not important, a punter should aim to make a profit in the long run and the conditions of rolling a bonus may differ from a punter's betting preferences so instead of focusing on making a profit, they focus on meeting the conditions of rolling.

For example, if a roll condition is minimum odds of 1.50 then the punter will try to bet on odds with a value greater than 1.50 even though they would not normally want to do so. 

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All About Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

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ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds are a combination of stock market investments and mutual fund investments only externally.

ETFs emerged in the 1980s and were quickly dubbed as a solution for those who no longer wanted to invest in mutual funds, and they are.

Basically, where a mutual fund where you saved your money invested in various forms such as bonds, stocks, bank deposits, monetary instruments and others, ETFs choose to invest more in stocks-indices-bonds but at much lower costs.

Basically, ETFs are a relatively easy form to trade, enjoying the same investment regime as shares, but at a lower cost (you pay one commission, not several if you buy different shares).

Instead of investing directly in certain shares of a company that can be relatively high risk, you choose to invest in an ETF with shares from a particular economy or several sectors in its composition.

Characteristics of ETFs

The cost is lower if you invest in ETFs instead of individual stocks;

  • Being passively managed, the management cost is not very high;
  • Lower risks for trading world-renowned stocks;
  • You can trade very easily in international stocks;
  • Special for medium and long-term investments;
  • Less expensive than investing in mutual funds;

They are quite identical to open-ended mutual funds because the net present value is calculated at the end of each trading session.

As above, they are similar to stock market indices in that they involve the development of a portfolio of shares in a particular economy or sector.

You can invest very easily in any country, sector, economy, industry.

Dividends on shares held are paid directly into your personal account.

Who can invest in ETFs

You can invest in ETFs quite easily if you want to. The good thing is that you don't need to have much knowledge and you don't need to be as active as with shares.

If you're a keen investor, investing in stocks is for you. If you're a passive one without much time, then ETFs might suit you.

How many types are ETFs

ETFs can be categorised into several types.

  1. Sector ETFs. E.g. financial ETFs, telecom, IT technology, healthcare, energy, real estate and many others.
  2. ETFs by sub-sectors: ETFs in software, timber, construction, phasing, infrastructure, media, etc.
  3. ]]ETFs by regions: ETFs in North America, Europe, Africa, Emerging Markets, etc.
  4. d. ETFs by country: ETFs from the US, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, etc.
  5. e. ETFs by asset class: ETFs in equities, alternatives, commodities, real estate, etc.
  6. d. ETFs by capitalization: small-cap, large-cap and multi-cap ETFs.
  7. If you want to see what the ETF classification looks like, you can check this list. Basically there you will see a limited set of 80 ETFs. Once you make your account thousands of possibilities in which you can trade.

How to Invest in ETFs

Investing in ETFs is a lot like investing in mutual funds or stocks.

First, you should choose a company/broker that has ETF investments under its management.

There are many brokers you need to contact to trade.

The good thing for beginners is that by owning an ETF, investors can short sell and trade on margin. Another advantage would also be the amount that is locked in by an ETF, which is much lower than with mutual funds.

Basically, ETFs are easy for those just starting. You just need to look out for good options, like you can see information about the best gold ETF available and start with your investment.

You don't need more than an account and a few clicks + money in your bank account.

My recommendations, as with mutual funds are:

  • Investing is done with patience and analysis!
  • Don't invest money you don't have!
  • Don't borrow to invest. Save to invest.

Don't invest to make short-term money. NO, ETFs are not designed for short-term investing. Only invest in ETFs if you want long-term compounding.

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5 Ways To Connect A Samsung Mobile Phone To A PC

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Need to connect your Samsung phone to your PC? There are plenty of ways to do this process without getting complicated with weird tricks. In addition, Samsung has some extra options that make it easy for users.

So you can choose from a range of options, both for WiFi and wired connection. If you don't know where to start, don't worry, we'll help you with some suggestions.

Use Samsung Flow

This option allows you to connect your Samsung mobile to your PC using Wifi, Bluetooth or cable, so you can use whatever is most convenient for you.

To try it out, just follow these steps:

Install Samsung Flow on both your PC and your mobile device.

Start the Flow setup on your PC making sure both devices are connected to the same network.

You will see that the Flow app on Windows automatically detects your mobile device, so just select your Samsung device.

All that remains is to confirm the password that will appear on both devices.

And the same dynamic will apply if you use a USB cable. Depending on how you want to use it, you will have to enable a series of permissions... access to your contacts, record audio, manage your calls, access to your multimedia content, etc.

What can you do with Samsung Flow? Pass files, documents, videos, images and almost any content between the two devices. On the other hand, you can also view your notifications, reply to messages, etc. And if you activate Smart View, you can duplicate the screen of your mobile on your PC with all the extra options that this dynamic offers.

The Simplest Way: Windows File Manager

Yes, the simplest way to connect your phone to your PC and transfer content is to rely on the traditional method of using the cable to use the File Manager.

The dynamic is simple. Just connect your device to the PC using the mobile cable. The only requirement is to have the "Transfer files" option enabled. Once you perform these steps, you will see your mobile within the devices detected by the File Manager.

You just need to ensure that you download Samsung USB drivers and install them on your computer. This way, you will be able to see both the files on the internal storage of your Samsung mobile and those stored on the SD card.

Use The Google Tool To Connect Your Phone To Your Mac

You know that the Apple world is very particular, and not everything is as simple as Windows. And the process of connecting a mobile phone to a Mac for file transfer is no exception.

In this case, the best option is to use Google's Android File Transfer tool. Just download it to your Mac and connect your phone via USB cable. After a few clicks, you'll be able to see your files and folders. And of course, transfer your files back and forth with drag and drop. It's simple and convenient.

Airdroid, Transferring Files Remotely

If you don't want to rely on a USB cable or use the options offered by Samsung and Microsoft, you can opt for third-party tools.

One of the best options is AirDroid. While it has a premium subscription, you can opt for its free version. In that case, the only requirement for its dynamics to work is that both your mobile device and Windows computer are on the same network.

All you need to do is download the AirDroid app on your Android phone and decide how to use it on your PC. You can download the desktop app or use it from its web version. You will see that this tool can be as simple or as complex as you wish, opening up a world of possibilities.

What can you do with AirDroid? Transfer files between devices, manage contacts and notifications, make calls or send messages, control some mobile settings, among many other functions.

Vysor, Connect Your Devices Using The Web Browser

If you don't want to install anything on your Windows computer or are looking for a simple solution for occasional use, you can consider Vysor. The idea is to use your web browser to view files and apps on your mobile.

Just install the Vysor app on your mobile device and then follow the link that sends you to its web version. There you will find all the available options, including the possibility to use the web browser by following these steps:

Once you choose this option it will ask you to connect your mobile with the USB cable to link it.

Then you just need to give the necessary permissions on your mobile phone.

Once you finish this process you will be able to duplicate the screen of your mobile in your web browser.

If you don't want to use a cable, then you will have to opt for the desktop version, which also adds the possibility of using WiFi.

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Top Reasons That You Should Gamble Online

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gamig online

We offer you some good reasons why it pays to open an account and play online casino games. Although the gambling industry has been growing steadily in recent years, many players are still reluctant to visit online gambling "halls". And if you're reading this article, you're probably one of them. But we hope that the arguments below will convince you to finally make the switch to the virtual environment.

Great offers

In the offline version, there are some top casinos that try to retain their customers with financial bonuses, but these are rather the exception to the rule. If you prefer to play roulette or slots in the bookmakers on the corner, you already know that there can't be any special offers.

Online, however, the best bookmakers offer substantial welcome packages on registration, which in most cases means doubling your first deposit. In addition, customers can constantly benefit from reload bonuses or other regular promotions. 

Variety Of Games

No matter how big an offline casino is, it certainly can't compete with the online ones in terms of the variety of games on offer, be it slots, roulette, blackjack or baccarat. There are hundreds of games to choose from online, and the list is constantly updated.

Not only just casino games, but you can also play more traditional games like Satta Matka, being one of the most popular betting games in India. You can play Satta Matka from your home, see live results and many tips.

Safety And Comfort

Online casinos invest heavily in security systems to ensure that your bank details are protected. This way, you can enjoy your winnings without having any fear that the money won't go into your account. Large street casinos generally employ security guards, but they can only provide security while you're inside, not when you leave for home with any winnings.

Absolute Privacy

Online casinos protect your privacy and your personal data will not be disclosed to any third party. Although the general perception has changed in recent years, gambling is still seen by some people as a vicious habit, and online you can enjoy the hobby without worrying about meeting someone you know while entering the casino.

Play When You Want, From Where You Want

Online casinos are open 24/7, and the fact that most have mobile versions means you can play from absolutely anywhere, provided you have internet access.

Control Over Money Spent / Winnings

If you normally play at an offline casino you need to be extremely organised to keep a proper balance of spending and earning over longer periods of time. But online casinos give you the data you need at any time to know how much money you have deposited, withdrawn or wagered over different time periods, so you know how profitable your hobby is.

Play At Your Own Pace And You Can Do It At Multiple Tables In Parallel

Another important advantage of online casinos is that you will never be pressured to make a decision and only you choose when and how much you bet, even when it comes to live dealer games. In addition, you have the option of playing multiple blackjack or roulette tables in parallel, which offline is physically impossible.

No Waiting In Line For Online?Your Favourite Game

Have you ever gone to an arcade with the thought of playing your favourite slot machine, only to find it unpleasantly busy? Well, online you can't run into this problem. All the games are available and you can access them whenever you want.

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How to save YouTube videos to watch on your smartphone

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YouTube today is the most popular platform providing access to a wide variety of video materials for every taste. However, the service has one significant limitation, which is that video hosting only offers streaming files for free. But what if you want to watch fresh videos on a trip, where you will not have a stable Internet? The answer is simple: you can simply save them to your smartphone in advance.

There are dozens of programs and services (both free and paid) that can convert YouTube videos to MP4 format that most devices play without problems, but many of them are crammed with ads or have watermarks on downloaded files. First, let's figure out how to save a video to a desktop PC, after which it can be downloaded to your smartphone without any problems.

4K Video Downloader

You will need 4K Video Downloader. It does not contain ad junk or other such restrictions. The main toolkit is free, but there is also a paid version that will allow you to convert the entire playlist at once, rather than each file separately.

After installation, you will need to copy the video URL from the address bar, open 4K Video Downloader and click the "Paste Link" button. Besides MP4, the program also supports other file types. Also you have the option to download subtitles.


Now let's look at a way to save videos directly to an Android smartphone without using a PC, and most importantly, without using third-party programs. VDYoutube allows you to download any video in MP4, WEBM or 3GP formats. At the same time, the highest possible quality is 720r. Also, as a bonus, there is the possibility of separately saving the YouTube to Mp3 audio file.

In order to download a video, you will need to get its URL. To do this, go to the Youtube application, click on the "Share" button and select the "Copy link" item. Now go to the service page and paste the copied address into the input field. Alternatively, you can add the letters vd to the copied link so that m.youtube.com/file_name turns out to be m.vdyoutube.com/file_name.

Then you will be taken directly to the file download page, where you will be offered options for downloading the video. Choose the desired format and click "Download". Ready!

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The Right Tools For Beginners At The Electronics Workplace

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Quickly mending a cable or carrying out repair work on electronic devices in the household - no problem with a well-equipped workplace. We show you what you need to have!

If you are still at the beginning of your "hobbyist career", you will notice how complex the electronics sector can be.

Which devices and tools do I absolutely need as a beginner?

What is more for professionals and not absolutely necessary at the beginning?

We give an overview of what the basic equipment of an electronics workplace should look like.

In general, you should pay attention to the quality of the tools when buying them, because only with good tools is it possible to work precisely and, above all, safely. In this article, you will learn how to recognise high-quality tools.

Homogeneous illumination of the workplace

LED lamps are particularly suitable for a workplace because of their light intensity. A magnifying lamp with a real glass lens and energy-saving LED technology to ensure the best possible view when working.

Soldering for beginners

A soldering iron is needed to connect two heat- or current-conducting parts. Invest in a high-quality soldering station right from the start to avoid unnecessary trouble or even injuries.

A good device for beginners is a digital soldering and desoldering station. The sleep mode on this multi-function station extends the life of the soldering tip by automatically reducing the temperature of the plunger if it is not used for more than 15 minutes. This saves energy and material. You can find more tips on soldering for beginners in our magazine.

"Little helpers" when soldering

Soldering is often a tricky business for beginners, as even small inaccuracies can cause damage to material and people. Therefore, it is all the more important to facilitate the work with some tools as an aid. A suitable tool for this purpose is, for example, a PCB holder with sliding screw fixation, where the parts to be soldered can be easily and safely clamped. Thanks to its rubber feet, the board holder is also particularly non-slip and stable.

For delicate soldering work, you should use a PCB assistant whose gripper arms serve as an extra hand when you have both hands full. The 2-diopter magnifying lamp would be precise for fine work.

Making things more visible 

The soldering microscopes can be used to locate and examine objects, electronic components, fractures, constrictions, cracks or components in hard-to-see or with a very small size more closely, and repair them correctly.

The soldering microscopes are really helpful in the repair of small electronics like mobile, smartwatches, complex PCB boards and many more. If you're looking for some smart repair tools, then you should consider a soldering microscope at your workplace.

Control is better

To know where the source of error lies in electrical installations or appliances, it is important to check their functionality in different ways. A digital multimeter for basic measuring functions checks the most common parameters like voltage, frequency or resistance and should definitely not be missing in your toolbox.

If you want to dive even deeper into measurement technology, you should go for a digital storage oscilloscope. With this, electrical signals can be made visible and voltage curves can be measured that lie outside the standard range of 50Hz. Thanks to the integrated USB interface, you can transfer the measurement results directly to a PC for further processing.

To operate small microcontrollers or circuits, for example, a laboratory compact power supply unit is suitable. It allows finely adjustable current and voltage settings and has protection devices against overvoltage and overcurrent.

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Strategies And Approaches To Winning Satta Matka Online

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You probably already know something about Satta Matka, yes it is one of the traditional gambling games in India. They are a form of gambling that involves drawing a series of numbers for a prize. The odds of winning a Matka can vary - is determined by several factors: possible numbers, times you try and, obviously, luck.

Obviously, in addition to perseverance and patience, there are some basic strategies you can use to improve your chances. Choose to play smart!

Opt for random numbers, watch out for lucky combinations

You may think it's a great strategy to choose numbers that have a repeating digit in their composition: for example 3, 13, 23, 33, 43 etc, but the reality is that you won't have much chance of winning with such a series, just as a selection of consecutive numbers, such as 12, 13, 14, 15 etc... would not be the ideal formula. Opt for as random a selection as possible. After all, wins come where you least expect them. Here's a strong enough reason to break away from patterns and consciously allow yourself to win!

Bet on the lucky numbers, then reinvent them

Over time, you can pretty much see what the winning formulas would be, what numbers are usually successful, so you could start including them in your choices. If you can't give up - or don't want to - your "lucky" numbers, then at least try introducing a new number among them every time you play. 

It's quite useful to keep track of your winning history and start making winning number combinations in the past and keep track of how your "luck" is going. Obviously, this isn't a guarantee of winning either, but you can take advantage of certain information, at least to the extent that you correlate it with your intuition.

You can't predict winning numbers, so don't stress too much about trying. That's the beauty of gambling. They're managed by luck. Forget the cost pressure of online Satta Matka games and have fun, be aware that your chances of winning exist, but they are dependent on patience, perseverance and openness to change. Theoretically, your numbers will be selected eventually.

Don't play too many tickets at once

Yes, the more tickets you play, the better your chances of winning, that's what you must be thinking. However, while the odds may increase in theory, in practice there are no guarantees of this strategy. 

Extra tickets do not always increase your chances of winning by a significant amount. Some people buy hundreds of tickets and lose it all. Don't be fooled by the illusion of a jackpot - it's all about luck. 

Don't give up, play consistently

Yes, all in all, this remains the most powerful winning strategy. Play consistently. Play daily, play weekly, build a routine! You can't win if you don't play! Because the online Satta Matka is all about luck, increase your chances of winning - by staying in the game consistently. Make sure you always have a new ticket, that the numbers you select keep your lucky numbers, and a little bit of what has already won, as well as randomly chosen numbers. Diversity, perseverance, routine, patience - these are the secrets behind winning the Satta games.

Why? Because the very day you play could be the day when the winning numbers are the ones you usually play. If you really want to win, play often, form a routine.

Gambling is fascinating precisely because of the adrenaline rush it offers. The anticipation, the thrill of winning out of nowhere, the excitement of the big money, all make Indian Satta Matka and other games of chance a great attraction and the oldest form of social entertainment and a way to win quick and easy money.

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Plastic Bearings — The Sensible Alternative

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For some applications, there has been a sensible alternative to bearings made of steel and stainless steel for some years now: plastic bearings or polymer bearings.

Bearings are components that decouple moving machine parts from each other. Their task is to enable movements and protect the machine parts from wear. If you compare the different types of bearings, it becomes clear that the variants have advantages and disadvantages.

According to the type of friction, bearings are divided into the roller and plain bearings. roller bearings transmit the forces that occur between the parts that move in relation to each other with the help of roller elements. They are mainly made of hardened chrome steel, more rarely of case-hardened steel, ceramic or plastic.

Lubrication behaviour

In order to minimise friction and wear, needle bearings require continuous lubrication with grease or oils due to the roller elements being made of metal. As soon as the lubricant fails, material damage occurs, up to and including so-called seizure. 38.5 per cent of all roller bearing damage occurs due to incorrect or insufficient lubrication, for example when a machine is at a standstill for a longer period of time. When the machine is started up, the lubricant first has to be distributed again. 

The bearing runs hot, noise increases and the lubrication fails. Another reason for the damage is insufficient sealing: if the lubricant is lost, the system runs dry. Furthermore, penetrating dirt and dust shortens the service life of needle bearings, as the contaminants mix with the lubricant and thus get into the raceway. Bearings made of high-performance polymers, on the other hand, are completely lubricant-free. They consist of a thermoplastic base material that provides good wear resistance. 

To increase the mechanical load capacity, fibres and fillers are added to the material matrix. In addition, there are embedded solid lubricants that are released as soon as the mating partner moves along the sliding surface of the plain bearing.


In addition, Iglidur bearings are resistant to shock loads and can absorb vibrations. With needle bearings, on the other hand, high edge pressures occur between rollers and raceways during tilting due to their rigidity, which leads to wear. Although this can be mitigated by crowned profile ends, it cannot be avoided. 

Impacts also create a so-called brinelling effect - the bearing race deforms and rough running surfaces are created in the bearing, leading to increased noise and wear and even failure.

Corrosion resistance

In addition, the corrosion process can severely impair the function of needle bearings: If water, condensation or acids penetrate the bearing, this often leads to stoppages. In comparison, polymer bearings, depending on the choice of material, are characterised by low moisture absorption and are completely corrosion-free. Due to their organic nature, they are resistant to inorganic media, acids, alkalis and salt solutions.


The advantages of roller bearings are their high precision and rigidity. The more needle rollers are used, the more load-bearing capacity and rigidity the bearing has. In addition, the precision and rigidity can be adjusted by the bearing clearance depending on the operating ratio. 

Needle roller bearings show their strength in precision in machine tools or gearboxes. In many other applications, however, this high precision is not required at all. In addition, the high material input and the complex manufacturing process of needle roller bearings drive up the costs.


The low specific weight of polymers combined with good strength is an advantage of plastic bearings. In contrast to identical metal solutions, polymer bearings reduce the weight at each bearing point by a factor of seven. In the automotive industry, for example, where every gram counts, expensive needle bearings are therefore replaced by lighter and cheaper Iglidur plain bearings, for example in throttle valves.


When, instead of precision and rigidity, factors such as low weight, media and corrosion resistance as well as high robustness and service life, especially at small angles of motion, are particularly important, plain bearings made of tribo-polymers can show their strengths. Then they represent a real alternative to metallic needle bearings, both technically and above all economically.

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Women Accessories: What Are The Accessories That You Should Not Miss?

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Women Fashion

Women's accessories are the faithful companions of any type of outfit, be it relaxed, casual, sober or elegant. A very important point you should know about them is that they are accessories that help to accentuate your own style in every outfit, and that is why they should not become the centrepiece of your look. 

However, they have the ability to elevate a simple outfit or highlight an elegant one. That's why they are elements you shouldn't leave out.

As we have said, women's accessories have the unique ability to enhance and invigorate your everyday outfits. You can even wear the same outfit and change your style by pairing it with different accessories. And these days, you don't have to step out to buy them, there are plenty of online shops that you can visit and buy your clothes and accessories. 

The Thirteen months of sunshine is among them, where they offer a wide range of fashion products for men and women from major brands at very attractive prices. Whether you're looking for some latest trendy clothes or accessories, this place is good enough to begin your start. But what are those basics that you should always have in your wardrobe?


They unwittingly become the main protagonists of different styles, so stop having an empty jewellery box! There is nothing better than having a good diversity of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets that you can adapt to every occasion. For casual events wear bright, shiny and big jewellery. For formal events, it is best to choose discreet size, delicate design and sober or neutral colours.

Just remember to wear just enough, big earrings plus a bracelet, in this case, a necklace would be too much. If you wear a flashy necklace, it will be enough. The idea of accessories is to make you stand out, too much would be in bad taste.


They are women's accessories that add an original touch to any outfit, they also protect you from the cold in seasons like autumn with mild weather, while they help you look super cool in casual outings as well as in the office. 

Ideally, you should have one in neutral tones, one in cool tones and one more that you can combine with warm and bright colours. It's also good to play with different sizes of scarves to make a difference.


These are very elegant accessories and easy to combine with a variety of outfits. In general, they are worn in winter and summer as they not only highlight the outfit but also protect them from the sun and rain. 

The intention is that you dare to play with different sizes and colours. A dark-coloured suede hat is ideal for elegant events, and a large, colourful one is perfect for a casual day out.

Dark glasses

One of the must-haves that never goes out of style and always makes you look on-trend. Sunglasses give you an attractive and interesting look with a touch of mystery, inviting you to look beyond the lenses that cover your eyes. 

In addition, you can choose different styles according to your tastes, features and personality such as maxi, retro, classic with coloured lenses such as brown, iridescent, pink, mirrored and many more. Here it is advisable to have several to adapt it to what you wear.


The watch undoubtedly represents a simple and very feminine way to give sophistication and attitude to any look. Nowadays you can find a wide range of options from very big and flashy watches to more simple and delicate models. 

Plus, they're perfect to wear to executive meetings and don't divert your attention to your phone if you need to check the time. Choose yours and look much more professional.

There are plenty of women's accessories that you can use to show your essence and personality, but in your arsenal, you should never be without these basics that will make you look beautiful at all times.


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