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The Beginners Guide To Vaping

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Guide To Vaping

The classic smokers think that once they put themselves to the electronic cigarette, they will find the same taste. This belief is unfounded, and often, the flavors of electronic cigarettes are quite different from those of conventional: e-liquid taste tobacco, red fruit, mint, gourmet, drink, etc.

However, once the transition is made, the pleasure of smoking is identical. Sometimes, the smoker can even find more pleasure in smoking an electronic cigarette. However, it is necessary to have the proper equipment to appreciate the real taste of electronic cigarettes.

Once you decide to vape, you have to decide on the material to use, because the appreciation of the electronic cigarette will depend a lot on it. The first experience will indeed have a very important impact on the rest of the process. If ever it goes wrong, the smoker will be forever disgusted and will not want to relive it. Goodbye to the dream of stopping poisoning yourself and those around you.

It is essential to use electronic cigarettes refillable in e-liquid, and find different flavors to vary the pleasures. You should not buy cigarettes just anywhere, the best is always to see in specialized stores, in order to find the first cigarette with a big "C", and get the e-liquid that will suit best.

If you have a good budget, it is also ideal to get a second battery and a refill of e-liquid, because when you're dry, you risk falling back into the classic cigarette if you do not have an electronic one on you.

Often, when the equipment is new, the first taste of e-liquid is bland. This is normal. It is then enough to let the time to clearomizer or atomizer break to in. At the first use, it is therefore recommended to pass the new clearomizer in warm water.

Choose your vaping juice

Each smoker has his preference. Like the classic cigarette, the electronic cigarette has different flavors: e-liquid taste tobacco, red fruit, mint, gourmet, drink, etc.

If you are a beginner at vaping and you are looking for a taste almost identical to tobacco, it is advisable to buy vape juice or simply e-liquids without propylene glycol or those in VG. These have a taste close to tobacco, which will also facilitate the transition. 

In the early stages, it is difficult to find its ideal e-liquid. The best solution is simply to try as many as possible, to identify what will please.

Each flavor offers a different feel and taste, and with varieties, smoking becomes a new experience and a new pleasure.

Make a slow transition

The transition from the traditional cigarette to the electronic cigarette is not easy. It's not as hard as quitting smoking, obviously, but it also requires getting used to new flavors, new sensations, and even a new lifestyle. For a beginner, it is advisable to do things gently. 

The first thing to avoid is to put pressure on yourself. You should not force yourself to stop smoking. It will come from itself. The more a smoker gets used to the electronic cigarette, the more unattractive the dusty tobacco smoke will become. After a few weeks, any habitual smoker will prefer the light vapor of the electronic cigarette.

It is also necessary to decrease the nicotine content of e-liquids little by little. Indeed, for those who wish to be completely free of nicotine addiction, it is advisable to undertake a smooth transition. It is interesting to take an e-liquid with nicotine up to 12 mg/ml to start. This is a good dose to ensure a smooth transition.

As for the aroma, the best is to choose the one that will be closest to the cigarette, to avoid disorientation from the first experience, which could traumatize the smoker.

Once you start smoking an electronic cigarette, these small doses of nicotine will help to avoid withdrawal. After a few months, the smoker gets used to the electronic cigarette, and the need for nicotine will be eradicated automatically.

Quitting smoking permanently

Most people who choose to smoke electronic cigarettes would like to stop smoking at some point. Indeed, once you are used to electronic cigarettes, it is easier to quit.

The first thing to do to stop smoking permanently is to slowly reduce the nicotine level of electronic cigarettes. To do this, simply follow the method explained in the previous paragraph.

Once this first step is completed, it is necessary to move on to the second step which consists of taking another e-liquid with a higher nicotine level than the last one, but which is lower than what you used to smoke.


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