Is Blackjack Still the Most Popular Game?

Visible to anyone in the world

Blackjack is considered to be one of the most famous table games. Players of all ages are fond of it. Thanks to the rise of online gambling, blackjack became available to everyone on their smartphones or computers. There is even an online casino named after this popular game — Blackjack Ballroom! It offers over 10 unique variants of blackjack. 

But since we have lots of other casino games, it begs the question of whether blackjack is still the most popular casino game. Let’s find out.

What the statistics say

According to the UNLV Centre for Gaming Research, blackjack is truly one of the most popular casino games. In 1985, blackjack covered 77% of all casino activities. But with time, these figures changed a lot. By 2018, the share of blackjack lowered to 49.15%. Thus, the decline of 27.85% over 30 years points to the players’ decreasing interest in blackjack. However, these figures are true for land-based casinos only. Adding blackjack games to websites and mobile apps hurts traditional gambling houses. The opportunity to play blackjack for free in online casinos makes brick-and-mortar venues less attractive. 

Talking about profits, blackjack brought 50.25% of revenue in 1985. But it’s worth mentioning that despite the continuing decline, the revenue share of blackjack experienced a slight increase after 2012. Turning back to the UNLV research, these figures reached 28.43% in 2018. Although land-based casinos are slowly losing interest in this game, blackjack still brings huge profits and it’s safe to say that the game is popular. 

What made blackjack so popular?

Since we’ve started to talk about blackjack’s popularity, it’ll be logical to discuss why this game is of high demand. And here are a couple of reasons provided by BusinessMatters.

Firstly, we can’t deny that blackjack is easy to play. And its rules and gaming strategy are easy to learn as well. Talking about rules, they are static and players from all over the world understand them.

Secondly, it has a low house edge, and therefore — good odds. Its payout is 3:1.

Thirdly, blackjack is an international game. And there’s hardly anyone who hasn’t heard about this game. 

Different table games may have some limits on making bets. But it’s not about blackjack. This game is available all the time. And unlike other games of this kind, blackjack provides a fair chance for players to return what was lost in the long run.

What also makes blackjack popular is its social aspect. The gaming session is usually run by several players. And it makes the whole process interesting and fun.

And finally, blackjack allows punters to make their own decisions. It lets them feel involved in the process and plan what to do next — hit, split or stand.

The future of blackjack

As you might have noticed, despite the fading allure of blackjack in recent times, there are still reasons why people adore this game. Although it’s not as catchy as it used to be, many sources still believe that it has a bright future just like other tables games. But the future for blackjack is unique.

Today, online blackjack tournaments are becoming popular. And this gives a boost to online multiplayer blackjack, in turn. The thing is that during these tournaments, players receive points for each bet. And by the end, players with the highest points gain a part of the fixed prize pool. Such a format lasts around a week. And the payouts can reach up to 10,000 pounds (appr. 13,000 dollars). And it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose during the game. The money you bet influences your final score.

Since blackjack is here to stay, the game providers promise to introduce new game modes and titles with high limits. The current online gambling venues are already following this way, especially in the live dealer space. New and exciting variations like Blackjack Switch and 21 Duel have already entered the market. So, it’s only a matter of time when other versions pop up.

You might have already heard about Virtual Reality and its implementation in casino games. Blackjack is not an exception. Using VR in casino games will let you experience the gameplay of a real casino, where you play against real people online. This approach is still in its infancy, but technologies are sure to reshape the market. So, we need to wait until it turns into reality.

On a Final Note

As we have found out, blackjack has significantly evolved. Based on the information given above, we can say that it’s already not the King of table games. Still, it doesn’t make it less engaging and popular when compared to other casino games. And we believe that sooner or later blackjack will see a boom again, as it still has a lot of potential to show in the future.