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How to Choose the Right Casino for Online Roulette?

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If you are magnetized with roulette wheels but can’t afford regular travels to Vegas, take a look at online casinos. They offer diverse experiences thanks to different variations of the game. But the question is how to find the best gambling website with a quality product?

Choosing the online casino with roulette, it’s crucial to check available game’s types, software providers, and the level of security.

Types of roulette

Land-based casinos rarely place more than three roulette tables, being limited in the game’s versions presentation. In contrast to that, online platforms list dozens of different types, including innovative ones with VR implementation or live dealers. If you are into playing with high limits, choose the one among roulette casinos rated by GoldenTiger.casino. A lot of platforms have specific offers for significant bets in games.

Classic versions

There are three basic types of roulette: American, European, and French. They date back to the age of the first casinos – roulette tables have filled all gambling houses in Europe by 1780. Nowadays, these three variations are equally popular.

American type is the least profitable for players. It has two zero sectors instead of one, so the house edge jumps to 5.26% instead of 2.7% for the European version. The second sector, known as double zero, changes the sequence of numbers on the wheel. The table layout is also slightly different.

European version is the most known one with 37 sectors, a single zero, classic sequence, and a low house edge. Similarly to American type, European variations may or may not include fast play and autoplay features. We recommend choosing roulette with all possible options available, which is also accessible via mobile devices.

French version is similar to the previous one but has two unique rules called La Partage (gamblers receive half of their even money bets back if the ball stops at zero) and En Prison (even money bets will be left on their places for the next spin if the balls hit zero). These features lower house edge to 1.35%.

Modern versions

We can find a few other types of online roulette which feature modified rules or technical innovations. The most favorable version is Live Roulette with real croupiers, just like in land-based casinos. The game is broadcasted from special studios and players can bet using virtual interface.

As for technical innovations, you can’t miss 3D Roulette launched by Playtech. It’s played by European rules but provides a 3D wheel and a bunch of visual advancements. Another innovative type is VR Roulette by Microgaming. It provides a new-age immersive experience with VR glasses.

There are also some minor variations with unique features:

Mini Roulette. It has a smaller wheel with fewer numbers on it (usually, from 0 to 12). This version also featured a higher house edge – up to 7.69%.

Multi-ball. It consists of a single wheel but has up to 10 balls on it. Layers can bet inside (at least one ball must hit) or outside (both balls required).

Multi-wheel. It includes several screens with wheels rotating simultaneously. Like in slots, bets can be placed on any number.

Pinball. This unique version doesn’t have a wheel but features a pinball field with numbers located at the bottom line where the ball lands.

Rockin’. This is another unique layout similar to a lotto game. Each ball has a number on which players bet.

Except for live games, all of the mentioned roulette types use RNGs to calculate results. It means that they aren’t controlled by casinos directly, but algorithms still can be rigged. That’s why you may want to play blockchain-based roulette where decentralized databases guarantee the fair play.

2. Software providers

While different roulette types are universal for casinos, some software providers add extra features, change layouts or visuals. The majority of providers design American, European, and French versions, but there are also some exotic products. While choosing a casino for playing roulette, make sure that the platform uses certified products from well-known brands.

As one of the most famous and experienced companies, Microgaming works with hundreds of casinos, offering all kinds of the game: traditional one, the one with a progressive jackpot, the one with multiplayer tables, Live Roulette, and VR Roulette.

Playtech lists Mini Roulette and a bunch of live games. The brand is known for the Pro variation which includes a lot of extra bets like caret, line, or column.

IGT offers an impressive set of different roulette types, including Double/Triple Bonus Spin Roulette with a larger bonus well, Hot Streak Roulette featuring a side bet with a progressive bonus, Three Wheel Roulette with tripled chances to win, and Pinball Roulette where the action takes place on a pinball table.

Evolution Gaming is famous for different live games, including roulette. The provider broadcast high-quality videos for desktop and mobile platforms. The only drawback is that there’s no free mode for newcomers.

If you’re not into roulette only, try some card games like blackjack on 21Blackjack.Club. For any casino game, it’s essential to check the reliability of software providers and the security level of casinos.

3. Casinos’ security

Here are some essential tips on choosing the safest casino to play roulette:

Check for licenses. eCOGRA certificates and national gambling commissions like UKGC are the most trusted.

Use secure payment methods. Wire transfers and wallets like Skrill are generally safe options.

Read reviews. Gambling forums are the best place to find feedback from real users.

Remember about basic Internet hygiene. Don’t share sensitive data and check websites’ encryption.


As you can see, there are a lot of different roulette versions available. To choose the best one, you should define which type suits your style the most and find a software provider which offers it. When choosing a casino, check for its licences and security measures first. Make sure you’re dealing with a reputable service and quality products – this way you’ll make the most of playing online roulette.