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The Overview of Online Blackjack Casinos in Asia

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Asia is the world’s largest gambling market, which is obvious because of the total population. In 2016, Singapore and China topped the list of countries with the largest amount of money spent on gambling activities. As the internet technology progresses, more gamblers choose online casinos, so that they can play via desktops or mobile devices in the comfort of their homes.

This particular article is dedicated to Japanese crypto operators gambling in Asia. We will cover basic rules and variations of the game, approaches to online playing, features of specific casinos, and legislation aspects.

Main features of blackjack

Blackjack is a well-known game which is really popular in Asian countries. Occasional gamblers love it for the ability to control the gaming process, while seasoned gamblers stick to blackjack because of the low house edge. In Asia, two variations of the game are played: traditional and Chinese blackjack. Let’s cover their features briefly.

Traditional version

The game originated back in the 1700s, but went viral only in the middle of XIX century. Blackjack got its name because of 10:1 payoffs for the hand including Jack of Spades and Ace of Spades/Clubs.

Rules are quite well-known. Gamblers get cards to play, and should earn more points than those of the dealer without exceeding 21. All combos exceeding 21 are considered a “bust” or immediate loss. Players receive a 1:1 payout in case of the dealer’s bust, or a payout of 3:2 if their two-card value hits 21.

Casinos in Asia typically use six, seven or eight decks of 52 cards for a traditional blackjack. Each card has its own value:

●     Number cards have their defined value like tenths for 10 or fives for 5.

●     Face cards including jacks, queens, and kings always have a value of 10.

●     Aces count as 1 or 11 based on the player’s/dealer’s hand.

Traditional blackjack provides several bonus features like insurance, surrender or bonus wagers which may increase or decrease a house edge. However, the general rule for newcomers is to avoid bonus bets.

Chinese blackjack

This variation is popular in Southeast Asia. Locals play it during Chinese New Year because they believe these are the lucky days. Chinese blackjack is traditionally the game for family and friends but gamblers can find it in land-based and online casinos nowadays. This version is similar to the traditional one but with different values, combinations and roles.

Dealers use one or two decks of 52 cards. Cards have similar values to those of a traditional blackjack except for the aces that are valued as 10 or 11 if the player has two cards, 1 or 10 – for three cards, and only 1 – for four and more cards.

The most unusual rule for dealers is that they can check the players’ hands. If the player gets from 16 to 20 points at the starting hand, the dealer can decide whether this player needs another turn or not.

Chinese blackjack also allows for extra winning combinations:

●     Ban-Ban or Ace + Ace. It’s an instant winner if the dealer doesn’t have other winning combos. Ban-Ban pays 3:1.

●     Ban-Luck/Ban-Nag or Ace + any 10-value card. It’s a regular winner if the dealer doesn’t have other instant or regular winning combos. Ban-Luck/Ban-Nag pays 2:1.

●     5-Dragon or five cards with a total value of 21 or less. It’s an instant winner which brings a payout of 3:1 for 21 points, or a 2:1 payout if the cards are valued less than 21.

●     Free Hand or 15 starting points. It’s an option to reload the game. A player or a dealer may ask for resigning their starting hand if it has a value of 15 points.

As winning hands are valid for both players and dealers, Chinese blackjack has a high house edge. Gamblers need a lot of skill and luck to be successful in this game, that’s why it’s not so popular in casinos.

Best casinos to play blackjack online

Asian players may visit land-based casinos or join websites to gamble online. Obviously, the most convenient way for blackjack fans to play their favorite game is to register for online casinos. Although baccarat is a top casino game in Asia, blackjack’s popularity is growing fast. Ultimately, there are two ways to play online blackjack:

●     Using a browser or an app. Flash and HTML5 versions of the game as well as mobile apps are fast, bright, and multifunctional. There may be various themed casinos and tables.

●     Using live dealer casinos. Such gambling websites offer virtual rooms where players can get live casino experience. Game broadcasting is combined with a digital interface here, and live tournaments can take longer than blackjack games offered by regular online casinos.

Both casino types allow gamblers to start one-to-one games with a dealer or join a table with other players. As a rule, in browser/app versions opponents are bots, and in live rooms gamblers play against real people.

Note: always read rules and conditions. Online blackjack casinos use one to eight decks of 52 cards and players rarely know the exact amount. This information can usually be found in the Rules section, so make sure to look through it carefully.

When it comes to online gambling, you should always check whether the website is safe and secure. Thus, use only licensed blackjack casinos:

●     Dafabet. One of the largest Philippine casinos with regulated gambling. In addition to blackjack, it also supports betting on sports and arcade games.

●     Royal Panda Casino. The best site for Chinese and Japanese visitors as it supports multiple languages and accepts the Japanese Yen.

●     Cherry Casino. This is another good choice for Japanese gamblers willing to play blackjack, including its live version.

●     LuckyNiki Casino. This anime-themed casino offers both regular and live dealer blackjack games.

●     188Bet. The casino is regulated by the Isle of Man but it works fine for Asian states and provides exciting blackjack games powered by Microgaming.