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The Most Visible Differences Between Live BlackJack and Online BlackJack

Visible to anyone in the world

There are no two identical casino games — online slots, blackjack, poker, and many other games differ from one another. Each of these games can be found in many modern online casinos. Most of such sites do their best to make their players feel comfortable and enjoy their pastimes. They’re constantly updating their services for better, adding new games to their collections, and trying to offer new gaming opportunities. So, nowadays gamblers have a wide selection of games and can choose what they like most. Those who want to relax may give a preference to slot machines, while those who prefer more intellectual games most probably would like blackjack. Talking about blackjack, what is so amazing in this game that makes intellectual gamblers chose it? It’s not just about playing against dealers and trying to beat them. It’s also about using a particular strategy, making decisions, thinking, and analyzing.

Just like other skill-based games, blackjack comes in many variants and forms. You can play against both computerized or real dealers. Although both these types of games are played online, the difference lies not only in visual effects but in gamers’ feelings, too. You can compare the traditional and live Blackjack experience with GW casino or any other gambling website yourself to get a general understanding. Or you can stay here and read our article where we’re describing the most significant differences between live and online blackjack.

Interface Discrepancies

If you have ever played online blackjack, you should be aware of how it looks like. While playing, you see a window of a game together with the online casino’s interface. And usually, all you can see is a blackjack table, your cards and dealer’s cards. Some games may also show you the image of a dealer who you’re playing against, or you can hear voiceover. But you know that it is not real and as there’s no real interaction or communication between you and dealer. It’s just a simulation of real blackjack.

But when it comes to live blackjack, the distinction is clear enough. In the same gaming window of an online casino, you can see a real person who is shuffling or laying out the cards, speaking to you, and so on. In this format, everything is real and you immerse yourself in the game. It feels like you play in a real casino as you see, speak, and play with a live dealer. And you see the flow of a gaming process that also gives the feeling of fairness and transparency that online blackjack cannot provide.

Gameplay Differences

As we said above, both types of blackjack described in this article are online and have a lot in common. But there are also things that make them different from each other. So, let’s discuss how they work further.

Online blackjack is a single-player game. And it runs on casino software and random number generators that are used for online slots or video poker. That can be a reason why some players prefer playing live games to traditional ones. It is hard to feel like you’re playing in a real casino if the gaming process is quite automized. You just make your bets, you receive your cards, play and finish the game in a few clicks of your mouse. In some games, you may receive some tips that may help you in making the next move. But that’s actually all — no interaction or live communication. Such an option can be useful for beginners or amateur players who learn and master their skills. But in fact, it may annoy some players.

Live blackjack is a different matter. The game is provided to gamblers via streaming from dealer studios. They are equipped with gaming software from reputable providers, tables, and other necessary facilities. Among dealers, there are lots of women though men are also present, and you can even choose a dealer with whom you’d like to play. But that’s not an important thing. As we have already mentioned, the punters prefer playing live blackjack as they can interact and communicate with dealers as if they were sitting in a real casino at a real blackjack table. It’s also possible to hear how dealers shuffle or lay out the cards, which helps to feel the atmosphere and authenticity of a real gambling house. But mind that you can rely only on your skills, knowledge, and experience as nobody will tell if you should hit or stand your hand.

Other Distinctions

And finally, it’s also necessary to discuss other discrepancies between online and live blackjack as they don’t end in interface and gameplay differences.

Online blackjack has an advantage over live one. It commonly offers to play numerous variations of a game (European, American, French, etc), while live blackjack is focused on offering a couple of popular blackjack variants.

Also, online blackjack may allow you to fully concentrate on the gaming process while the live format may distract you sometimes. And there can be situations where playing online blackjack is more convenient than playing a live variant. For example, you have an appointment and waiting in the queue. It’s more convenient to launch an online version. Of course, you can try playing a live version of blackjack, but it’s quite a dubious pleasure.

And at last, it’s about withdrawals. Live blackjack is said to offer fast or even immediate cashouts while online versions may have some delays.

Closing Remarks

To sum up, we’ve reviewed the discrepancies between live and online blackjack. And it’s correct to say that each of these types of games is good in its own way. As we have already emphasized, you should choose the game based on your abilities and preferences. We hope that the article was helpful for you and now you see and understand the distinction between live and online blackjack versions.