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Top 5 Ways to Earn Money on Blackjack

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Gambling is a type of hobby that can be both risky and profitable. It depends on the games you choose and the strategies you use. Unlucky players often give up and instead of analyzing their own mistakes, start looking for “magic” schemes to apply to the game. However, earning money on blackjack is real, and there are some ways to win in the casino online.

Online casino earning options

It is believed that players in online casinos can earn money only by playing slot machines and testing their luck over and over again. But this is a very superficial look at gambling. There are virtual gambling clubs like Blackjack Ballroom, where you can earn in many other ways. Gamers can try their luck participating in tournaments, lotteries, or other competitions held by the site. Let's take a detailed look at earning opportunities suggested to visitors of modern gambling clubs on the Internet.

In addition to slots, you can play poker, blackjack, or roulette. These may be traditional online versions or live dealer versions. Now, everyone can play them, right at home. The main difference between these kinds of gambling is that not everything depends on luck, but also on the player’s skills. Therefore, you need to constantly develop and learn to apply different strategies.

Note that even games with live dealers can be played at home. There, you actually compete against other players, while the gameplay is managed by live dealers. You can watch the process thanks to specially placed cameras in broadcasting studios.

Earlier, we also mentioned tournaments. This is a kind of competition between all players of online casinos. Here, you need to play and earn points. Tournaments last a limited time and those players who manage to score the highest points become winners and receive the main prize of the tournament. As a rule, this is an impressive amount of money.

Now that we are done with the theoretical overview of online casino earning options in general, let’s proceed to blackjack particularly. Essentially, all the above options are applicable to earning on blackjack too.

The basic blackjack strategy

Unlike games of chance, blackjack can be won using a strategy built on mathematical analysis. The basic blackjack strategy comes down to calculations and player’s decisions. The approach is not as complicated as that to poker but is still quite efficient. Many amateurs and professional blackjack players around the world prefer this particular strategy. And not in vain!

It is based on the system of calculating chances and in some cases, can reduce the advantage of a casino to a minimum of 0.5%. Another advantage of the basic strategy is that it is suitable for most types of blackjack, and is equally applicable to playing in landbased and online casinos.

Duplication of bets

Next, we consider a strategy in doubling bets, which is a big problem for the casino. The correct use of this opportunity together with well-informed decisions to get additional cards reduces the casino advantage to only a hundredth of a percent.

For example, if your starting hand in the game is from 9 to 11, then the chance that after taking another card this amount will be in the favorable range from 19 to 21 is quite large. This means that you are more likely to win, so you can double your bet. Also, starting hands with an ace almost always provides an excellent opportunity to double the bet and make a profit in an increased amount. Feel free to duplicate it, having a starting hand in the area from A-7 to A-2.

Separation of pairs

Separation of pairs should also be considered as the game strategy. This decision has to be taken 1 time in 50 changes on average, that is, somewhere around 2% of the game time.

Simply put, the strategy of pair separation is constructed as follows: pairs of aces and eights always need to be split; pairs of other cards are never separated. Also, jacks, queens, kings, and 10s are evaluated in blackjack at 10 points. In most online casinos you can split them into two hands. However, in some casinos, there is a rule that split cards must be of the same value. For example, you can split a couple of queens, but splitting the king and 10 will not work.

The strategy of the MIT blackjack team

In the early 1990s, a group of MIT students decided to put their brains to good use. They went to a casino, more precisely, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. There, they won several millions of dollars at the card table.

This group chose a special technique of card counting as their main strategy. Counting cards is considered legal unless an individual (or a group of individuals) uses technical devices. This is a very effective strategy that still keeps casinos around the world in constant fear. This technique gives professionals a real chance to win. Given the potential genius of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology gaming club and their commitment to the discipline (at least initially), the threat to the casino was more than real.

The main task of counting cards is to keep track of which cards have already been used, and thus get an idea of ​​which ones are left in the deck. If most aces and cards with a face value of 10 points remain in the deck, the player is in advantage. In the opposite case, the dealer is more likely to win. Be that as it may, keeping a balance between these card categories gives you an edge in certain situations.


Do you still think that one can win in a casino only at random? Really, too many gamblers rely on luck when playing. However, those who know a little about probability theory and have mathematical knowledge will quickly realize that a casino does not always have to be a winner.