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Cyber Cafe Management Software – Senet

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Interest in the Internet business has not fallen for many years, but on the contrary is increasing due to the constantly growing demand, requiring the expansion of all kinds of offers. But not only the constantly growing demand arouses the interest of entrepreneurs, but also the opportunity to profit from this business. In society, they talk about the super-profitability of this type of business, and quick payback at relatively low costs, which any novice businessman can afford.

Usually, the owners of computer clubs are clearly divided into two types:

1.     These are people who do not understand anything in computers, except for using a home PC at the schoolchild's level;

2.     These are the people whose life has been connected with computer science and computer science for many years and over the years the interest and advancement in this area only increases.

 A computer club, like any other business, does not consist of one component. In this case, we will focus on two components - technical and tactical. The technical component includes computers, local and electrical networks, software (we will talk about this in more detail a little later). The tactical part is the premises, repairs, interior design, maintenance and business organization.

What is Senet?

Senet is an excellent piece of software that must be included in your internet cafe business plan. It monitors, protects and improves the performance of your establishment. The system allows you to fully automate the work of the administrator, and also has the following features: Simple and intuitive interface, shell for clients, automatic raising of clients after the paid time. Automatic calculation of the cost of services. Unlimited number of services and tariffs, discount for users. "Night" mode with prepayment. Ability to manage client computers (view active tasks, shutdown, restart, issue a message, start programs).

Senet restricts access to the system, drivers, folders and programs, protects against abuse, blocks access of unwanted persons to confidential files, registry, control panel and everything else that is required in order to reduce the time of maintenance. Internet Cafe Software is a new generation product that can monitor computers, laptops, mobile devices, game consoles and other consoles, track the use of computers by customers and collect detailed statistics (login, account replenishment, free time usage, etc.).

The best Cyber Cafe Management Software – Senet

Senet is a complex automation system for computer clubs, cyber cafes and internet cafes. The main tasks of the system are registration of sessions of the computers in the hall and automatic blocking of the operation of computers whose session has expired. In addition, this internet cafe management software keeps records of any additional services, user payments, the balance of each user, accounting for computer reservations, collects statistics and generates the reports of a different nature you need about work and much more.

The Senet program has a well-developed system for restricting employees' access to various functions and reports. With the help of additional modules, it is possible to display the state of the computers in the hall on a separate screen to users at the entrance to the computer hall, display the current state of computers on the club's page in social networks, and much more.

Also, with the help of this cyber cafe business software, you will receive the planned income from the club without theft and black checks.

Always choose the best for yourself

Initially, the software was created as a solution for the needs of a network of private computer clubs, which badly needed a system that would simplify the administration and maintenance of a large number of computers at the same time.

Until a couple of years ago, many of today's Senet clients were using standard free systems, which were, in fact, so-called alarm clock applications. In addition, they were not secure - such software can collect personal data of users for the purpose of further resale. For example, access to social networks, game accounts, and even bank cards of gamers from which purchases were made in games. The first few years the development team had to spend fighting the habit of using free or pirated software in clubs and giving management program for cyber cafe, Senet, a try, which can be tested for free for a certain amount of time, but you quickly get used to good things.

In fact, there are not so many computer clubs around the world as it might seem at first glance. This niche is not only promising, but for many years it will remain low competitive, thanks to which it is much easier and cheaper to start a business in it than to open a coffee shop or barbershop, as everyone loves now. At the same time, if your fear is among the world's top countries in terms of the achievements of cybersportsmen, then the development and creation of new arenas, cyber cafes and much more is simply inevitable in such a situation. We believe that there has not been a boom in this area yet, and it should be expected within the next few years.