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Sex education and everything related to it

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Today we will devote our article to the most pleasant things in our life - sex and everything related to it. The article will focus on sex itself as such, but on such things as: the sexiest smells, interesting facts about sex, toys for adults and much more. All data provided by you is based on research by scientists or many years of human experience. It will be interesting, we promise;)

About smells and sexuality

Scientists have been able to confirm the well-known theory that smells affect a person's arousal and sexuality, it is not for nothing that there are special scented candles, but this is not about that now.

Psychologist Martha McClintock has spent many years studying the effects of odor on sexual perception. The psychologist asked 50 participants in the experiment to evaluate the smell of T-shirts, saturated with sweat of various men. This test can be regarded as rather sadistic, but Martha McClintock believes that the results of the experiment are really important and this is what they showed: women are most impressed by the smell of those men who had the same set of genes as the fathers of the women tested. The bad news is that there is absolutely no way that men can change how women perceive themselves. However, this news is also good news on the other hand.

Variety and sex

An intimate relationship is the key to a happy family and a fulfilling life for many people. Therefore, it should not be a burden, boring or unwanted. Sex can and should be done in different ways. One of these ways are sex toys, which allow partners to reveal their sexuality and experience new sensations.

For some couples who have been together for me years, sex over the years ceases to bring satisfaction and pleasure, and becomes commonplace or some kind of need. To add variety to the relationship and use sex toys. These can be objects or devices that a man and a woman, or they use together to satisfy their sexual needs. This category includes whips and whips, masks and various collars, vibrators, massagers, rings, balls, special chains and handcuffs, some types of clothing, a variety of underwear, as well as various pieces of furniture and household items that people use in their sexual games for even more sophistication. All of this and much more can be bought in online or offline adult stores. I like tet-a-tet.top because there is a large selection of goods of various kinds for every taste and any price. Here you will find everything that you and your partner might like and make your sexy life much brighter and more interesting.

Who pleases with sex toys?

The opinion that "Intimate toys are bought by people dissatisfied in sex" has long ceased to be relevant. Toys for adult help bring bright colors to the sex life for both men and women.

If we talk about women, then firstly, with the help of a vibrator, orgasm occurs much faster. Frequent vibrations stimulate erogenous spots more strongly. The vibrator also helps to relieve muscle tension and relax. And sometimes it can even be beneficial and necessary for women's health, for example, after childbirth and pregnancy, weakening of the pelvic floor muscles is often observed, and with the help of vaginal balls and Kegel exercises, your muscles will become elastic and healthy, which will increase the pleasure of both partners.

But the idea that sex toys are invented specifically for women is also wrong, since men also have a lot to choose from. One of the options is a cock ring. It prevents the outflow of blood from the erect penis and increases the duration of intercourse. Also, the ring prevents early ejaculation, making it more intense sweat, which is pleasant to both partners.

5 reasons to start using sex toys

1.  Sex will be more interesting. If you have been together for a long time, that nothing new awaits you. Sex toys will help with this - you can choose them together - it will actually add interest and bring new impressions to your relationship.

2. You fulfill your fantasies. A sex toy will become a cool accessory in a role-playing game, help to realize a scene from your favorite movie, or openly declare something that you have been silent about before. Experiment and have fun!

3. Sex lasts longer. If you're in the mood for a marathon and your man can't last long enough for you to reach orgasm, it may end up in mutual disappointment instead of a joyous and mutual ending. Fortunately, various inventions of the sex products industry will help in prolonging the pleasure of men.

4. There will be more orgasms. According to research and surveys, more than 70% of women achieve orgasm only during clitoral stimulation. This is why there are many toys for women that can be used in pairs or solo for additional stimulation of the clitoris. In addition to new sensations, they are also very beautiful and pleasant to use.

5. Sex will always be good. Research has shown that couples who use sex toys have sex more often. They explain this by the fact that they are interested in trying new devices, and, of course, by the fact that they get more pleasure from sex. And if something makes you happy, then why not do it more often, right?