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Here, everyone present, from the bison of the industry to those who are just about to become one, will be able to recharge themselves with fresh ideas, subscribe to their thoughts, find like-minded people, prepare the ground for future business and just have a good time in one beautiful place with people whose interests are practically the same. Also, representatives of world game design are invited to such parties, who are ready to share their experience, knowledge, instructive stories and ideas with an interested audience. And more often than not, in addition to the speeches of eminent speakers, guests of such unusual parties will have a special surprise that the organizers keep secret until the end of the event.

Who should you go with?

When you come to an unfamiliar place, to strangers, especially if you have a high status on the network and do not want to fall face down in front of your audience, then parties of this format should be approached with maximum responsibility.

Of course, you can go with a boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband, brother or sister and so on. But if it so happened that in your environment no one shares your gaming interests and no one wants to go with you to world-class gaming parties, what to do then? There is a solution to this problem. Take luxury companions with you.

These people go out and sell not the body, but the image. Together with their support, you buy your image and status in society. You are provided with beautiful packaging, with which you are not ashamed to appear in public.

A logical and intuitive meeting area should be organized for guests at such parties. The signs should lead them to the right place, show them where to go. Therefore, even if you have never been to parties of this scale, the accompanying girls will help you look dignified.

Where do the meetings take place?

Large meetings of a worldwide scale are held on small remains or huge pitchforks, where entry is allowed only with so-called invitation cards purchased in advance. But there are also small meetings of gamers and steers in every country. These people meet each other mainly in game bars. Since bars of this type are mainly intended for gamers, you can find game consoles there, and not only modern, but also retro: like or Sega, the walls are decorated with posters of popular video game characters. They also install some old computers, hang a shelf with game discs and old game magazines to create the right atmosphere.

The opening hours of such bars are a little strained, in general they focus on the active playing time of the American population, so European or Russian bars of this format generally start working after 5 pm and finish their work around 10 am. Periodically, in addition to cool meetings, the bars host themed events such as game tournaments.

80–90% of the people who entered the bar on the day of the event were not casual visitors, they were gamers aimed at luck and prizes. They specifically go to such bars to play in a suitable atmosphere and company or to participate in a tournament, many of which promise prizes to the winners. That is, the target audience of such events in bars is mainly young people who are fond of video games. There are no people from the street here.

What are the tournaments and prizes?

A couple of examples from the real life of the gaming world last year. On January 19, cyberbar Cyberspace hosted a Dota 2 MIX tournament! Here, of course, the number of participants was limited, there were only 80 lucky ones who managed to attend this tournament. The winners were expected to receive prizes of about $ 1000 + 25% of the registration fees. Everyone who was not in a hurry to come and watch this performance live was broadcast online on the Twitch channel.

Also, on February 2, a cool CS: GO tournament was held. Format: 5x5, group stage + playoff, bo3 final with an advantage card. The prize fund of the tournament was a percentage of the registration fees (only the guys who took the first and second places got them). And of course, for those who could not watch it live, there was an online broadcast of the tournament on the Twitch channel.