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Is Communicating on Your Innovation a Good Strategy?

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Filing a patent allows the protection of products, processes, technologies... The skill of the patent attorney who drafts the patent allows you to describe the invention sufficiently while protecting it in a broad manner so that infringers cannot easily circumvent the patent. The claims of your patent are therefore very important because they define the scope of what is protected by your industrial property title. 

Communicating on the elements of your patent can be really strategic. And in any case, once published, your patent application can be easily found on search engines like Google!

Announcing that you own a patent, and revealing some of your specificities is a real asset for your communication. Through advertising to your prospects or financial partners, you have real arguments. You highlight what makes you a unique player in your market. Before you get started, we recommend you to below articles to get started as an inventor, and know about the patent process:



With a patent, you can impress the gallery! 

Make yourself known to investors and financial partners

Your patent contains various information. It presents the technical problems you are solving, the detailed description of your invention, and the conditions of its execution.

New investors and financial partners will be more inclined to follow you if they understand the added value of your invention, materialized in a legal title and therefore reproducible no matter what happens to you, or transferable in case of need for financing. In comparison, the patent is then seen as life insurance for the investor from whom you are asking for funds.

If you wish to participate in invention competitions, your work will be put forward in front of a large number of professionals and potential investors. You will communicate about your innovation in a public way. Precautions must be taken!

A patent as proof of your growth potential

The patent brings real value to your company. From a financial point of view on the one hand, and on the other hand, it reflects your growth potential. Holding the exclusivity on your innovation is a trump card for your business! 

With an exploitation monopoly, you show that you have a real will to innovate in your field while forbidding your competitors to copy you. A company with a certain number of patents is perceived as dynamic, innovative, and having the resources to invest in research and development while keeping the competition at bay. 

By keeping competitors at bay with your industrial property title, you are making a name for yourself in your market!

Discourage competition by asserting your rights

Publicizing a patented technology allows you to show publicly that you have an advantage over your competitors. This can discourage others from using technologies that are too similar and risk being accused of infringement. 

Did you know: This monopoly situation could even allow you to offer licenses for your patents! Negotiating licensing agreements for a patent holder is a real lever for growth and revenue generation... 

Attracting consumers 

The era of mass-marketing is over. To win over new consumers, you must now differentiate yourself. Your patent application is a first step. Once the industrial property title is obtained, your solutions are perceived positively by customers. For them, you now have a unique and innovative product.

And, if they are convinced by this exclusivity, you will be able to keep them loyal throughout the validity of your patent, because they will not find the same thing anywhere else.