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DVD Collection: Having Your Own Video Library At Home Is Great

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There's no doubt that cinephilia is a strong passion and, like all passions, it needs adequate support. For the true cinephile, this support is the optical disc, DVD, or BluRay. It is the fundamental element for creating a real video library in your home, a tangible sign of your tastes and interests.

The video library: giving substance to your interests

A video library is first and foremost a physical place, a strong and pleasant contrast to an increasingly digital and intangible world. The various streaming or download services allow access to films without the need for a medium or, sometimes, a purchase. Yet this apparent flexibility makes these services ephemeral, bordering on uncertainty. With the widespread streaming services in mind, the need for an internet connection binds them to the presence of a good signal and a properly connected device. 

If just one of these elements is missing, an evening is compromised, unless, of course, the operator suddenly decides to remove your favorite film or series... Even with download services, you need to budget for a connection, the time to download the file, possible problems with DRM, possible limitations in the choice of languages and audio... And all this without counting possible compromises on the quality of video and audio.

All this does not happen with a real video library: DVD and BluRay are among the most popular media, readable on a huge variety of players, always maintaining the very high quality and choice of languages, subtitles, and special contents that have always characterized these media. And there are plenty of online DVD retailers UK from which you can buy DVDs, and make your collection even better. 

You can enjoy optical media whenever you want, without depending on a connection and a subscription. Not to mention the ease with which a DVD can be lent, exchanged, taken on the road... a whole other world!

Collector's editions: for the true cinephile, without compromise

Sometimes it's not enough to simply own your favorite film or series, but you want something more, whether it's because it's a production that has made a deep impression on you (and a good film can change a life), or because you want to have something rare to display and treasure in your video library.

There is a huge amount of limited editions with new releases coming onto the market all the time. These editions are usually very rich both in presentation and content. The special editions have elegant boxes, often with more than one disc, accompanied by booklets or other exclusive gadgets. Exclusive content can also be found inside the discs. 

Among the most common features of a collector's edition are deleted scenes in the editing stage, interviews with the director and the main parts, when not the audio commentary of the whole production, trailers, and much more.

A special edition is a great opportunity to pay a small tribute to something you deeply appreciate and, at the same time, to enjoy it to the fullest, as those who created it would have wished.

In conclusion, the home video library is an indispensable pleasure for those with a passion for cinema, a part of the home that will never stop growing, surprising, and giving emotions.