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How To Repair A Blocked Sliding Door Or Window?

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Sliding door wardrobes, sliding windows, or sliding games... our homes are often equipped with them! Very practical because we save space, these sliding doors and windows need regular maintenance if we do not want them to get damaged, blocked, or come off their tracks. 

If you have a stuck sliding door or window, follow this guide to unblock it easily, without calling in a professional. You'll see that with a simple cleaning, your blocked door or window can be made as good as new again!

Vacuum The Dust Embedded In The Blocked Sliding Door Track

First of all, in order to unblock the window or sliding door, you need to clean the track on which it slides. To do this, vacuum up the dust and dirt that has settled on the track. 

Get into the nooks and crannies and try to suck up as much dust as possible that is stuck to the wheels. Ideally, use a fine nozzle on your hoover, which will be more effective at catching the dirt. If necessary, use a toothbrush to remove dust from inaccessible corners.

Cleaning The Track Of The Blocked Sliding Window

Now that you have vacuumed up all the dust, we advise you to clean the track thoroughly. Use a sponge and a little soapy water. Scrub the inside of the rail well to remove any dirt that you could not pick up with the hoover. 

Similarly, use the toothbrush to scrub any inaccessible areas. Finally, wipe the rail with a clean, dry cloth. If the rail is very dirty, you will probably have to repeat the operation several times until you have an intact rail.

Lubricating The Sliding Door Or Window Track

In order to prevent your sliding door or window from jamming again, we strongly advise you to lubricate the track. Lubricating it will allow your door to slide without squeaking or jamming. 

This will extend the life of the track, the rollers and the sliding door as a whole. Use a suitable product depending on the location of the sliding window and its exposure to dirt.

Check The Condition Of The Components Of The Blocked Sliding Door Or Window

If your sliding door still blocks after cleaning and lubricating it, you will need to take a closer look at each of its components. Check the condition of the track: is it damaged? Check the rollers, if any: are they still in good condition? Check the handle, if there is one. 

Also, take a good look at the top rail. If you find a defective part, you will have to change it. Check with the manufacturer or a DIY shop. You should make sure your aluminium frame of your sliding door in Faerie Glen is working properly. You might need to repair it as well.

Regular Maintenance Of The Runners To Prevent A Sliding Door Or Window From Jamming

Your blocked window is only a bad memory! Doesn't it slide better now that its track has been cleaned and lubricated? We hope the answer is YES!

In order to avoid future blockages of your sliding doors or windows, we strongly advise you to clean and lubricate them regularly.