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How to save YouTube videos to watch on your smartphone

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YouTube today is the most popular platform providing access to a wide variety of video materials for every taste. However, the service has one significant limitation, which is that video hosting only offers streaming files for free. But what if you want to watch fresh videos on a trip, where you will not have a stable Internet? The answer is simple: you can simply save them to your smartphone in advance.

There are dozens of programs and services (both free and paid) that can convert YouTube videos to MP4 format that most devices play without problems, but many of them are crammed with ads or have watermarks on downloaded files. First, let's figure out how to save a video to a desktop PC, after which it can be downloaded to your smartphone without any problems.

4K Video Downloader

You will need 4K Video Downloader. It does not contain ad junk or other such restrictions. The main toolkit is free, but there is also a paid version that will allow you to convert the entire playlist at once, rather than each file separately.

After installation, you will need to copy the video URL from the address bar, open 4K Video Downloader and click the "Paste Link" button. Besides MP4, the program also supports other file types. Also you have the option to download subtitles.


Now let's look at a way to save videos directly to an Android smartphone without using a PC, and most importantly, without using third-party programs. VDYoutube allows you to download any video in MP4, WEBM or 3GP formats. At the same time, the highest possible quality is 720r. Also, as a bonus, there is the possibility of separately saving the YouTube to Mp3 audio file.

In order to download a video, you will need to get its URL. To do this, go to the Youtube application, click on the "Share" button and select the "Copy link" item. Now go to the service page and paste the copied address into the input field. Alternatively, you can add the letters vd to the copied link so that m.youtube.com/file_name turns out to be m.vdyoutube.com/file_name.

Then you will be taken directly to the file download page, where you will be offered options for downloading the video. Choose the desired format and click "Download". Ready!