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Luxury Travel: Top 5 Best Destinations Abroad

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Forget about overly signposted routes, crowded beaches, soulless hotels, endless queues to visit a museum, cruise ships that look like factories...

For you, dream travel means luxury travel. And whatever your desire to get away from it all, there are destinations abroad that are bound to suit your tastes. From the United States to Russia, via the Caribbean or Africa and the Middle East, you can make travel rhyme with chic. 

The Californian Dream Made in Luxury

If you want to experience the American Dream in its most chic form, fly to California! Follow in the footsteps of the Hollywood stars of the golden age and adopt their lifestyle. There are many agencies specialising in high-end holidays that will create a tailor-made trip for you. Or, you just keep reading a luxury magazine online and find the details about the luxury travels and best options for yourself.

In Los Angeles, you'll stay in the hottest boutique hotels, take a private surfing lesson in Malibu, discover the most popular art galleries and enjoy guided tours of design districts and museums. Then, in a convertible, you will leave L.A. for Palm Springs. Located in the desert and less than 200 km from the City of Angels, the charming 50's city is known as a favourite getaway for celebrities.

Egypt on a historic-chic boat

You've been longing to discover the land of the pharaohs for a long time, but you're afraid of the hordes of tourists and have trouble with the usual bus tours. Rejoice because there is a way to discover Egypt that fits your desire to experience a chic trip.

Pretend you're Agatha Christie by boarding a legendary ship: the Steam Ship Sudan. As you sail along the Nile, you will be amazed by the beauty and myths of this unique country. You will enjoy the scenery and excursions in VIP mode while savouring the refined luxury of this boat from another time. Far from the XXL cruise ships, this intimate ship is on a human scale. 

Safari in Tanzania

What if the real luxury was to realise your childhood dream? Meet the wild animals that fascinated you so much when you turned the pages of your picture books. Fly to the lands that intrigued you when you read Hemingway's Snows of Kilimanjaro by taking a ticket to Tanzania.

For an upmarket trip, you'll stay in luxurious lodges with impeccable comfort and authentic charm. During the day, you'll hit the trails with professional guides to spot the famous Big Five, the five most powerful and feared large mammals in Africa. After viewing buffalo, leopard, rhino, elephant and lion, you will enjoy a gourmet dinner under the sky. You'll extend this dream trip with a few moments of relaxation in a chic hotel on a small, unspoilt island off the coast of Zanzibar where you can indulge in the pleasures of scuba diving. 

Russia by luxury train

Soak up the "sleeping earth", feel like Michel Strogoff, the hero of Jules Verne, and reread Boris Pasternak while being lulled by the movement of the train... What adventurer hasn't dreamed of boarding the mythical Trans-Siberian Railway? However, some may be put off by the supposed relative comfort and the length of such a journey, which crosses 2 continents and 8 time zones! Don't worry, it is possible to take different routes and above all to experience a top-of-the-range journey on rails! 

The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express is the luxury version that many tour operators have been hoping for. The cabins offer great comfort and the service on board is impeccable. Of course, there are stops to visit Moscow and the many cultural attractions along the way.

Anguilla or the little known 5-star island

Be careful not to confuse this Eastern Caribbean island with Antigua. Less known and more preserved, Anguilla, which is located 20 minutes by boat from the very busy St Martin, is a little jewel that combines luxury with coconut palms and privacy. The stars have not been mistaken, as many of them have gone there to escape the paparazzi and, above all, to enjoy all the pleasures of a high-end trip.

The gastronomic capital of the Caribbean, Anguilla is rich in restaurants with refined cuisine concocted with local products and you can also enjoy grilled fish on every street corner or on the beach, in the shade of the frangipani trees. Between a massage in a star spa or on your own terrace and a round of golf, you can take the time to discover the island's Amerindian archaeological sites.