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7 Tips For Buying Effective Office Furniture

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Buying office furniture is a task that depends on the particular needs of each work area and the previous space you have. To make this task easier we present a guide with the key steps you should take into account to acquire the right furniture for your office.

1. Analyse and measure

First of all, it is essential to calculate the current available area and the way it will be distributed. Depending on the tasks to be performed in each room or office, you will be able to define the ideal place for the executive, technical, customer service, or other relevant sections.

Take into consideration that the selection of spaces for each of your company's departments will also depend on the square metres needed for storage, the number of people in the area and the mobility needs of your collaborators. 

2. Study alternatives to optimise functions

Once you have defined how you will organise the different areas, you can use conventional office furniture to optimise them. 

For example, if you had considered an area to place separate desks for employees, perhaps a modular furniture system, which allows you to make better use of the current dimensions, could be more efficient. Or, if you are allocating a large area for storage furniture, a small place for a mobile archive might be more efficient.

If you had considered installing a modular unit in a certain section, and an adjacent set of collaborative desks, you may be able to make the space more efficient by installing a height-adjustable station that can easily fulfil both functions. 

Nowadays it is advisable to prioritise co-working or free-standing areas, as they allow greater mobility and dynamism than fixed positions for each collaborator, and avoid acquiring the furniture that makes it difficult to move around the office. 

3. Choose scalable options

The world is constantly changing and so are the needs of our employees. Although it is not possible to create a plan for your office that will always be valid, it is advisable to choose furniture and organise spaces in such a way that there is always the possibility of adapting or expanding the capabilities of any office.

Modular systems are a good alternative in this regard, as they can be fitted together and expanded naturally without the need for complex installations. 

4. Ergonomics is essential

One of the crucial factors that every company today must take into account is ergonomics, an issue that costs companies around the world millions a year in medical bills, and can also severely impair the performance of their workers. 

By choosing office furniture with proven ergonomics like draughtsman chairs, you are making an investment that will benefit the health of your employees and the economy of your company.

5. Prioritising quality

In the same way, it is essential to give priority to quality, which will always translate into a more efficient investment. Opting for cheap furniture, or even worse, used furniture, is a risk that will not be very convenient.

It is better to allocate a sufficient budget to certified and quality furniture, because in addition to representing a lower risk of accidents, they offer greater durability and really efficient functionality, in order to maximise performance within the company.

6. Consider sanitary recommendations

In these times it is also pertinent to adapt to the recommended hygiene measures to minimise any risk. 

In this sense, modular systems with additional insulation extensions, transparent partitions to separate adjacent areas in meeting rooms, or translucent panels to avoid direct contact at desks or adjacent workstations, are very useful additions to protect the health of your employees.

7. Comprehensive office furniture plan

By devising an overall plan to approach your furniture installation strategy, you will also be able to map out a more efficient and consistent route.

This will help to improve the company's image, with a well-planned and well-adapted design to best suit the different functions and needs of the company.

Also, included in this plan is a protocol for the management and maintenance of the furniture. In this way, you ensure that the functionality of your furniture is maintained for the long term and help to consolidate a relevant and successful corporate project.