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Social Media And Digital Marketing: Growth Strategies

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Social media is a tool to generate more sales and its role changes over time, as new strategies and channels are implemented to support digital marketing.

To make the most of the networks as a means of recommendation, it is necessary to have a strategy that includes obtaining correct statistics. Knowing how many users commented, shared or liked the published content is crucial to make better decisions based on real data. It is preferable for the content to be related to the brand's products, but not to sell them directly; it is advisable to channel users to a website or catalogue through links so that those interested can make their decision.

Another aspect of current strategies is contact with customers and potential customers. Thanks to the fact that social networks facilitate interaction with consumers, it is now easier than ever before to find out about their satisfaction and complaints about the products we offer.

Comments can be received through the platform's mailbox or data can be collected through surveys, which are often accompanied by discounts or promotions in order to encourage the user to take a few minutes to express their opinion.

With the information obtained, companies are given a great opportunity to improve in all aspects, from product features to the sales mechanism.

In order to implement new and better strategies, some brands even try to anticipate how users will react and offer them other advantages before their competitors do.

This technique requires extensive analysis of behaviour throughout the history of networks, observation of the environment and a deep understanding of the target audience.

There are some tools in development to facilitate this task, but for the moment, common sense and the intelligence of social media and marketing experts prevails, but here are some tips to help you grow your social media and digital marketing.

5 Tips To Improve Your Social Media And Digital Marketing

An excellent area of opportunity for online marketing is social media, but it also requires good social media marketing to achieve good results. As a community manager, we recommend you to follow these 5 tips to improve your presence in the most famous platforms of interaction.

1. Create a strategy

Before launching into the adventure of putting your name on a social network, do as much research as you can on your target audience. Do most of your potential clients interact through Twitter? 

Do they spend the day checking their Facebook homepage? Are they recurrent users of Instagram? Are they professionals who take care of their image on LinkedIn? After identifying the networks you need to focus your attention on, research what topics your audience is most interested in.

2. Read the news

Once you've started posting, keep up with social trends. Keep an eye on the trending topics on TW and pay attention to the memes on FB. Use this knowledge to communicate with users; don't hesitate to generate content about the topic of the moment, but remember that it should always be in line with your brand's personality. 

Also, we recommend keeping an eye on Pinterest and Tumblr to show your users the latest news on topics such as art and fashion.

3. Post frequently

One of the best ways to stay top of mind with your users is to regularly post interesting content. If you update your networks once a week, no one will remember you. It is normal for a brand to make between 4 and 6 posts a day, and if your comments include attractive and good quality images, you are almost guaranteed to be successful in terms of positioning.

4. Get your followers involved

Organise activations, create controversy, ask for opinions: anything that gets your users to interact with your brand and with each other will attract more followers. Competitions and exclusive promotions for networks help to spread the word about your services and products, while comments on your publications generate organic growth that, if you know how to take advantage of it, can be converted into leads.

5. Offer more than commercials

Avoid succumbing to the temptation to advertise all the time. For an account to be attractive to users, it must offer much more than commercials; it must deliver valuable information, enjoyable moments and unique insights. 

Position yourself as an expert in your field by talking about related topics, making recommendations or sharing interesting external content for your audience. This is the best way to attract more followers, and the more of them you have, the more noise you will make about your brand.  

In these times where digital marketing is as fierce as offline, we cannot be naïve, recognising the strategies of others to gain visits on a website, blogger or social media has the marketing seriousness.