ICO distribution made easy by Token Bulksender

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To promote newly launched tokens, airdropping them to influencers, well-known wallets or an initial set of excited investors is an excellent idea. Campaigns like bounty hunts or social media reward programs can make your token go viral in absolutely no time. ICO distributions and token giveaways remain one of the simplest yet effective token marketing strategies. In all these cases, you need the ability to bulk send your tokens to many wallets at once.

You can bulk send your tokens in a few different ways.

The obvious way is to send it manually one by one to all the required wallets.  This is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. You waste time sending the tokens individually which you should really be spending on planning and executing your next big marketing event. And in today's fast-moving crypto world, the excitement level of your investors goes down very fast. Worse, you would make mistakes - unintentionally leaving out those few critical investors who will be really angry about it.

The easier method is to use a dapp like Vypr Batch Sender. Vypr Batch Sender enables the bulk transfer of BSC/ BEP20 tokens to multiple addresses in a single transaction. The best part about this dapp is its intuitive UI - with an excel-like spreadsheet to add addresses and corresponding token amount. You can enter all the details yourself or you can easily copy and paste from an excel file or a text file. All the spreadsheet features like column-wise selection or copy are available, which makes this dapp the most user-friendly token bulksender. It does instant validation of the addresses and the amount entered and notifies users of any duplicate addresses.  And it provides all this at the lowest price of all such dapps. Visit https://vypr.network/sender to know more.