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How Do You Choose Your Training Clothes?

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T-shirts, bras, leggings, shoes, it is important to choose training clothes carefully. Indeed, sportswear accompanies the sportsman in all his physical exercises. 

Therefore, they should feel completely comfortable when wearing the clothing of their choice. In order to choose the right clothing for your needs, this section proposes different criteria to find the ideal training clothing that suits your body type.

Know the materials and cuts before choosing your sports outfit

Choosing a sports outfit is not something you can improvise. You need to know the material and cut of each garment adapted to each discipline. This is why the most fitness clothing company often offers men’s fitness apparel Canada made from synthetic fibres such as elastane, polyester or polyamide. These different materials can withstand high-intensity workouts such as HIIT, circuit training and fitness. 

Examples of clothing made from these fabrics include T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, leggings, etc.

If you are into wellness activities such as gentle gymnastics, yoga and Pilates, it is best to opt for cotton sportswear. This material allows for more comfort during these physical sessions. 

As far as the cut is concerned, there is a choice between a close-fitting model and an oversized model. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most recommended cut for sports is the close-fitting one. The advantage of this type of cut is that it avoids chafing and allows you to stay as comfortable as possible during your workout.

Check the various technical characteristics of the chosen outfit

Once you have determined how to choose the cut and material of your sportswear, you should also be aware of the various technical characteristics of the clothing you will be wearing during your sports sessions. One of the elements to check is the breathability of the clothing. If you tend to sweat a lot during exercise, it is advisable to wear sportswear that wicks moisture quickly. 

This is the best way to stay dry and avoid feeling uncomfortable and cold. If you're doing a lot of exercises, it's best to wear leggings and tank tops with airy inserts.

For more comfort, you should also think about the stretchiness of the sportswear. It is important that the fabric follows the entire movement perfectly while remaining sufficiently flexible. This way, you can fully enjoy your physical exercises such as extensions, flexions and various jumps. It is also important to check the opacity of your clothing. Dense woven leggings are recommended to limit the effects of transparency during squat sessions.

Choose your sportswear according to the weather

The weather and the place of training are among the elements to check before choosing your sportswear. For those who are going to do cardio fitness in the gym, it is advisable to wear leggings and a t-shirt. You can also add a jacket if necessary.

For outdoor sports, it is important to use common sense. If it is too sunny, a tank top and shorts are sufficient. In cooler weather, it is advisable to wear sports tights under the shorts and a long-sleeved t-shirt.