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Single Bets Or Multiple Tickets? How Is It Recommended To Play Betting?

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One of the first questions a punter asks when entering the betting world is whether to focus on single bets or multiple tickets. Many lean towards single tickets because they are attracted by the possibility of very high total odds. This is perhaps also because winning tickets that have huge odds are publicised in the press.

But punters who win such tickets are fantastically lucky. Of course, luck can play a big part in a match. But in the long run, you will win not because of luck, but because of your betting skills. So, does placing bets with more than one match per ticket really help you make a significant profit in the long run? 

Advantages of single bets

People who prefer single selection bets do so precisely because it depends only on one match. Thus, you can devote more time to perform a detailed analysis of the match.

Obviously, we are often talking about lower total odds than with tickets. However, if you choose to place a single selection on your ticket you will win more often than if you choose multiple tickets.

Disadvantages of single bets

Single bets do not have many disadvantages. Probably the only one, which we don't really see as a disadvantage, is the low total odds. From this, we deduce that we need to know how to "juggle" the stakes. Not many bettors know how to do this, and in the case of a series of unwinning bets, the chances of losing your wits increase. And from here to losing the whole bank is only a step.

Advantages of multiple tickets

High total odds are certainly one of the main reasons why punters choose multiple tickets. By winning such a ticket you will be able to generate quite a high profit.

Theoretically speaking, it is easier to win with multiple tickets than with a single bet, as both types have the same total odds. Therefore, you can visit 토토사이트 to join multiple betting platforms and place multiple bets online.

Disadvantages of multiple tickets

The higher the number of selections on a ticket, the higher the risk. In case of high total odds and/or a high number of selections, the amount of luck you need to have to win the ticket increases.

Also, if you lose a ticket with several selections, you will most likely lose it because of one or two selections. This inevitably leads to frustration. Especially if you find that you would have made a profit if you had played each selection with the same stake separately.


Perhaps at the beginning of your betting experience, you are attracted by the large amount you could win by placing multiple tickets. But with time, you should realise that this method is not very profitable. 

Thus, it is recommended to focus on single bets. In fact, the balance between single bets and multiple bets tips in favour of the former for professional bettors. If you want to place multiple tickets, we recommend that you do it on a small total odds. Let's say between 2.00 and 4.00.