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The Best Clash Of Clans Alternatives You're About To Love

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What's going on My friends, welcome to Open.edu, where today I'm going to cover 3 games that are very similar to Clash of Clan (COC). If you are a clash of clans player, love clash of clans, love city builders, attack cities, you might like some of these games. Some of them are great and some of them are straight-up copies.

I assume you have tried one of these games because they are also famous. Some people also consider coin master free spin as an alternative to the clash of clans game but no it is not. Also keep in mind that do not get addicted to these games as addiction to anything is harmful to you and your family.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the list is not in the ranking order. I have arranged the list randomly. I always say that gaming is a subjective matter. One may like one game while another may like another game. So I recommend you to try all these games then decide what to delete and what to play.

Dystopia Contest of Heroes

The first game on today's list is Dystopia Contest of Heroes. Due to how the gameplay looks, Dystopia reminds me of Clash of Clans. Of course, it has a futuristic look and feels like you are in some kind of arena and the gameplay is different but still, you will get the feel of clash of clans.

Now when you go to google play store no actual gameplay is shown but the picture you see will remind you of a game you know very well, of course, which we call Clash of Clans. This game has certain abilities and things that we can do inside our heroes and our soldiers.

You have a futuristic look which is actually a futuristic cover of Clash of Clans. Some really cool weapons that look like they can be upgraded too. This is actually one of the favorites on my list today. You can also buy assets and weapons using Google Play Redeem Code free

Transformer: Earth Wars

Next on today's list is Transformers: Earth Wars, brought to us by Space Ape Games. Now it comes with a really fancy trailer and if you are a fan of those classic TV shows, you will want to play this Transformers game.

It gives the feel of the clash of clans because you have a group of heroes that you probably remember from your childhood, building your headquarters, you can build your base and then attack the bases that your enemies have. The game sounds give a lot of fun especially if you love conflict and as we flick through the pictures guys you must say the artwork looks really cool.

It looks really cool and then when we get to the base layout you're going to have that feeling as I mentioned in the last one, it gives you that clash of clans feels. You are going to build bases, you are going to attack bases too and this is something you are going to enjoy if you love the clash of clans.

X-War: Clash of Zombies

Next, we have Clash of Zombies which took the word Clash directly from Clash of Clash. Moon Games brings us zombies that are about to attack your village and you can watch this stuff happen in real-time right here because they actually offer a little bit of gameplay that's nice to see.

Come and fight with your friends and deploy your troops against these monsters and there you go, there are visuals that just give you that real feeling of clash of clans. It also has Building and defending your base, just like in Clash of Clans. The game also features a character resembling Thor. I have to say I love Superheroes Vs Super Monster Sounds and it gives a lot of fun.

You can collect a whole bunch of heroes, so there's definitely a little bit of a different vibe to what we know about Clash of Clans. But clearly, this game is built on the idea of ​​the clash of clans and it doesn't excite me as much as the previous two. But it still looks great and I love the hero collection element of it. It is available on android and IOS so if you want to try it you can because it is free.

Wrapping it Up

All these games on the list are played by me and I tried my best to list the top 3 games. I know the list is very short, but don't worry, I will keep updating this list as I get better and new Clash of Clans alternatives.

If you found this post helpful then you can share it with your friends as they will also know about these games and can play with them.

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