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How And What To Clean Your Car Interior: Best And Most Affordable Ways

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Car cleaning

Cleaning the interior and upholstery is a simple task, but one that should be carried out at regular intervals. And for certain types of stains or dirt, there are a few tricks that can help refresh the interior without damaging the seat fabric. Find out how to clean the Rengøring af bil indvendig with your own hands below.

How do I select the best cleaning product and tools?

What is the best way to clean a car interior? If you already have decent hoover and cleaning tools, the next best thing to add is various towels, brushes, rags and sponges. Essentials for cleaning:

A hoover with an extension hose will reach the hardest-to-reach corners. A steam cleaner may also come in handy.

Chemical cleaning agents. Products for cleaning vinyl and plastic surfaces as well as upholstery and carpets.

Wiping and polishing materials. For serious detail work, you'll need a wide range of towels and cloths - from terry cloths to lint-free, fine polishing cloths. A microfibre cloth will also be required.

Brushes and applicators. Different sized brushes are indispensable for dusting vents and other hard-to-reach areas. Depending on the cleaning product, you may need a brush, sponge or cloth with stiff bristles.

What to clean the leather interior with:

  • a microfibre cloth;
  • chamois leather;
  • a soft-bristle brush;
  • water;
  • leather cleaner;
  • leather conditioner.

How to clean the upholstery with your own hands:

Duct tape: a trick to remove dust and dirt. The tape is non-sticky, does not crumble and leaves no sticky residue.

Brushes: you can brush the fabric from the top to the bottom and in the same direction. Brushes of various sizes or even old toothbrushes can be used for difficult-to-reach parts.

When cleaning the car upholstery, it is important to consider the type of material. The greatest care must be taken with leather and Alcantara upholstery. These require special care when cleaning and applying specific agents.

How to clean the car interior at home - step-by-step instructions:

Remove any coarse, hard debris found in the upholstery, e.g. crumbs, paper. It is important to pay attention to the seams and creases as these are where the most dirt accumulates.

Wipe off the dust with a soft brush, using the brush to gently move the brush along the upholstery to avoid damaging the fabric. If the upholstery is leather, you may also choose to use a damp cloth and mild soap to remove any stains. It is then sufficient to dry excess water or soap with a dry cloth.

Then apply a special upholstery product with a brush. After the application, remove the remains with a damp microfibre cloth and dry with another dry cloth made of the same material.

Useful tips

How to wash the passenger compartment with your own hands using these simple tips:

The first step is to remove dirt from the surface. A powerful hoover should be used to vacuum the upholstery.

The best time to get rid of stains is on hot days, as the upholstery dries quickly after cleaning.

When using stain removers it is important to read the recommendations on the packaging carefully to ensure that they will not discolour or damage the upholstery.

If unfortunate enough to leave chewing gum on the car upholstery, an ice scraper can be used. It is also advisable to spray the gum or go over it with an ice cube to cool it down and then remove it with the scraper.

What is the best way to clean milk from the car interior? Boiling water, disinfectant and an all-purpose cleaner are enough. The first thing to do is to treat the stain with the cleaner, then moisten a cloth with the mixture and soap it up generously. Finally, treat the affected area with a disinfectant.

Chocolate stains on upholstery are some of the most difficult to remove. How can I remove chocolate stains from the interior of my car at home? To remove it, you can use hot water, window cleaner or stain remover, a hoover and a brush. The first step is to clean the stain. A little hot water should be added without rubbing to soften the stain. A small amount of glass cleaner or stain remover should also be used.

How do I clean the passenger compartment ceiling? This requires cold water, ice cubes and a cleaning agent. The stain needs to cool down, then soak in the stain a little with a damp cloth. Then apply the cleaner.