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What Is Spiritual Consciousness And How To Obtain It?

Visible to anyone in the world


Humans are consciousness in its purest form.

Our ego, shown in the form of thoughts, makes us believe that there is an identity behind the body and mind. That we are something separate from all other life forms on this planet.

However, once we go beyond the layers of our ego, we get in touch with spiritual consciousness.

Being in touch with spiritual consciousness, one can see that there is actually no identity that is separate from everything else. There is only pure consciousness that is shared with all organisms on this planet.

Like a ray of sunshine that realizes that it actually comes from the sun like all other rays of sunshine.

When one gets in touch with spiritual consciousness, one can realize that we are more than body and mind.

One realizes that we are a soul that inhabits the body. A soul that comes from the same place as all other souls. Therefore, a sense of oneness is achieved.

Qualities of spiritual consciousness

Divine love

Anyone who has experienced spiritual consciousness has come into contact with divine love.

When one can see the nature of our soul, one comes into contact with love, because the nature of our soul is love.

This is difficult to understand, especially since we humans often have a narrow and limited perception of love.

Freedom from fear

Freedom from fear is another quality of spiritual awareness.

Most of us fear fear all the time. We fear that something might happen to us.

However, when one touches spiritual consciousness and realizes that we are all one, fear is lost. Why?

Because there is no longer an entity behind the body and mind that can be harmed. There is only one eternal soul that cannot be harmed.

The most common example of this is how often people fear death.

They think that death is the end of their existence.

However, when one is aware of spiritual consciousness, one realizes that the soul cannot die. Death is only a transition from the physical world to another realm of existence.

Inner peace

Peace is another common characteristic of people who have attained spiritual awareness.

Conflict arises when there is a strong identification with the ego.

The ego pushes things it does not want, creating friction. With all the likes and dislikes we are programmed with, we can never be happy when something happens in our life that we don't want. The truth is that there will always be things we can't control. And the ego instead of accepting this, fights against the current. This generates a lot of suffering.

Also, the ego craves and desires, which creates all kinds of conflicts. This is because all desires lead to impermanent results, so we are always looking for more and can never be at peace with what we already have. Nothing in this life lasts. Everything is transitory and changeable. So, the true pursuit of happiness and peace is to be content with the present moment. With your breath, the sunshine and the wonderful people around you.

In the spiritual realms all is peace. There is no ego to protect and no desires to achieve. There is only deep peace in the present moment.


Most of us think of ourselves as a separate entity from all human beings.

But only when one develops spiritual awareness is one able to see the oneness of all.

In spiritual awareness, one experiences the light of God that is within each person.

Therefore, one can truly feel the oneness.

When this happens, one can begin to treat all kinds of people with love and compassion, because one knows that in their essence they have the light of God.

How to attain spiritual consciousness?

The main way to achieve spiritual awareness is through the practice of meditation and mindfulness. You can join spiritual classes for that as well.

The attention generated by these two practices will allow you to get in touch with your true nature and discover the energy of God within you. Getting knowledge from experienced Buddhist teachers would help you gain more value and do good in your life.

Gradually you will begin to see the benefits of this discovery.

Love and compassion will flow from you and happiness will follow. There will be peace and happiness deep within you and you will be able to share this peace with others.

The so-called spiritual consciousness is already there within. You just need to become aware of your divine presence through meditation and mindfulness.