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Cleaning And Removing Moss From Your Roof: When And How?

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In order to keep your roof in good condition, to ensure its longevity, and to avoid having to undertake often expensive roof repair work, it is essential to carry out regular maintenance. This means cleaning and removing moss from the roof at least once a year. Yes, but when and how to proceed? Just keep reading this article to clear your all doubts!

Regular maintenance of your roof is a guarantee of longevity. In order to maintain it in the best possible way, it is recommended to clean and remove moss from the roof once or twice a year. The aim is to eliminate moss, lichen, and other vegetation which, by accumulating, deteriorate your roof and cause leaks and other inconveniences.

Ideally, this work should be carried out in the spring, once the winter is over. This will allow you to check the condition of your roof, which may have been damaged by the winter weather and frost. You can also carry out a new roof cleaning and de-mossing in late autumn to remove any leaves that have accumulated on your roof.

How Do You Clean And Remove Moss From Your Roof?

There are two main techniques for cleaning and removing moss from your roof: the manual method and using the pressure washing service. Note that before any cleaning, it is important to start by cleaning your gutters in order to rid them of the vegetation that clogs them and is likely to block them.

Roof Cleaning And Moss Removal: The Manual Method

To manually remove encrusted vegetation from your roof, simply take a hard brush and scrub the top of the tiles. Once you have done this, don't forget to rinse from the top of the roof.

Cleaning and Removing Moss From the Roof With a High-pressure Water Jet

The most effective method is to use a power washer to remove all traces of vegetation from your roof. However, if your roof is made up of tiles or slates, which are particularly fragile, it is essential to proceed with care so as not to damage them. It is therefore recommended that you call in a professional for this type of operation.

What Product Should I Use To Keep My Roof Moss-free For A Long Time?

The roof renovation operations mentioned above are not enough to prevent the development of new moss. To avoid further colonization of your roof by all types of vegetation, it is therefore essential to apply treatments as a preventive measure.

Spraying With An Anti-moss Product

The use of an anti-moss product will help prevent the development of new plants on your roof. A tip: choose organic anti-moss products. They are just as effective and are good for your health and the environment.

Applying A Water-repellent Solution

Using this anti-dampness treatment helps to combat infiltration and other dampness problems that may affect your roof. This product can be applied in several layers by spraying or brushing but is not suitable for all types of roofing. Do not hesitate to seek professional advice to find the most suitable solution for your situation.

Another lesser-known alternative to prevent the appearance of new mosses is the installation of copper wires flush with the top of your roof, which will oxidize in contact with the rain and thus help prevent the growth of new mosses and lichens. Please note that they should be changed every 5 years to ensure optimum effectiveness.