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The programme was built around the concept of networks of Local Advisers consulting and negotiating a training package tailored to the needs of all or part of a school staff. These LEA Adviser teams provide support for schools and teachers and are equipped with a range of text and audio-visual resources to assist them. Teachers on the Programme undertook their own needs assessment and prioritise various professional tasks and activities to help meet them. The programme materials and support structures facilitated the completion of their selected tasks. The materials consisted of booklets, textbooks, a resource-led web site and subject/phase-based CD-ROMs of examples of good classroom practices using ICT. The support structures include contact with LEA Advisors, face-to-face and by e-mail, and access to a series of moderated local and national electronic conferences. The CD-ROMS and support structures are not included here. The materials comprise both generic and subject specific content covering Primary and 16 Secondary subjects and country versions where required, including teacher packs in Welsh.

Here we offer some of the text-based materials aimed at secondary/primary teachers and librarians.

Suggested study hours 300

Format pdf for 30 books

Where is this from?

The Learning Schools Programme (LSP) was part of the largest teacher training initiative undertaken by the UK government between 1999 and 2003. In early 1999, the government allocated 230,000 million pounds in lottery funds to the New Opportunities Fund to provide every serving teacher in government-funded schools with training to help them meet the Teacher Training Agency’s mandated ICT learning outcomes for teachers. LSP was a partnership between the Open University and Research Machines, a leading educational computer company, and SCET, a large educational software and training consultancy in Scotland. There was over 80 Local Education Authorities involved in supporting teachers on the Programme.

The resources provided were primarily focussed on two areas:

  • how ICT can improve, extend and transofrm teaching and learning;

  • how ICT can enhance and make more efficient your work as a professional.

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