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In Blocks 1 and 2 you’ve carried out some activities that should have increased your self-awareness, and you have been guided to explore opportunities. You’ve probably put a lot of time into analysing your life and career, and you should have considered your strengths, skills and experience, and researched the occupational areas that interest you. This block is designed to help you to take decisions and develop a plan detailing how to put them into action. The advice, guidance and activities below will help you to consider the advantages and disadvantages of different decisions, find sources of help and plan for action.

Here’s a video to introduce this block, followed by an activity designed to get you to consider whether your SWOT analysis needs updating.

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Welcome to Block 3. In the last block, we looked at what’s important to you and what would enable you to create a better future for yourself. You may have found that once you started considering these aspects, your career or life plans have changed or are more of a challenge. So you’ll start by looking back at your SWOT analysis again.

Everyone’s personal situations and challenges are different, and in the last block, you spent a lot of time considering your options and exploring different sources of information. In Block 3, you will develop realistic plans, which will help you to achieve your goals. We hope you enjoy Block 3 and that you find the next steps section just as enjoyable and useful. We hope that you found this course interesting, and good luck with planning a better future for yourself.

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Activity 1

Timing: Allow about 15 minutes

There are a couple of reasons why you may want to take another look at your SWOT results. It may be some time since you completed the SWOT analysis at the end of Block 2, and lots of things may have changed. For example, you may have addressed some of your weaknesses, or some of the threats might have disappeared. If anything has changed, amend your SWOT results to reflect the current position.

However, even if you have recently completed your SWOT analysis and it’s still fresh in your mind, just take a few minutes to review it before you start Block 3. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Is there anything in the results that I’d like to change?
  • What are my priorities in terms of addressing weaknesses and dealing with threats?
  • What are my priorities in terms of building on my strengths and seizing opportunities?

Once you are happy with your SWOT and have noted down any priorities, you have a sound basis on which to move forward.

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