2.9 Study guide

On completing this part of the unit, you should have:

  • read Sections 1 and 2;

  • read Chapter 1 of The Future of Ideas;

  • completed Activity 1;

  • answered the self-assessment questions;

  • recorded your notes in your Learning Journal.

Well done on getting to this point! There was a lot to get to grips with. At this stage, many students find it a bit overwhelming. However, they tend to find that Section 3, scheduled for study over two weeks, begins to break down Lessig's ideas into more manageable chunks.

A well-known economics professor tells students in his introductory classes that they are going to learn a new language. It sounds like English, but it's economish, and they have to learn to translate the terms because ordinary people don't speak the language even though they use the same words. This unit is a bit like that. Once you get used to the peculiar way some words are used, the rest is relatively straightforward and you'll be amazed at how fluently you'll be throwing around terms like ‘commons’ by the end of the unit.

2.8.1 Self-assessment Questions (SAQs)

3 Commons, layers and learning from history