3.13 Study guide

On completing this part of the unit, you should have:

  • read Section 3;

  • read Chapters 2 and 3 of The Future of Ideas;

  • completed Activity 2;

  • answered the self-assessment questions;

  • recorded your notes in your Learning Journal.

In this section you have dealt with two of the most important ideas in the unit: the commons and the three layers. You have also been coping with information economics, the importance of the commons in the history of the internet, the neutral regulations of phone networks and a crash course in intellectual property!

‘Commons’ might still feel like a complicated or even somewhat awkward concept. However, the examples coming up in Section 4, of innovation arising out of this ‘innovation commons’, should help to reinforce your understanding. Right from the start of the unit we have been referring to the explosive innovation that arose out of the internet, but up to now we have not talked in terms of specific examples. Section 4 and Chapter 8 of The Future of Ideas are devoted to the examples, such as Napster. When I first read The Future of Ideas, I found Chapter 8 to be one of the most interesting in the book. I hope you find it equally enjoyable.

Well done again for making it this far – you've already got through a lot of work. The next section looks at innovations that have been enabled by the Net.

3.12.1. Self-assessment Questions (SAQs)

4 The revolution: disruptive innovations enabled by the Net