4.14 Study guide

On completing this part of the unit, you should have:

  • read Section 4;

  • read Chapters 7 and 8 and pages 41–44 of The Future of Ideas;

  • completed Activity 3;

  • answered the self-assessment questions;

  • recorded your notes in your Learning Journal.

Well done – you've made it to the half-way mark.

Section 5 is a bit different from the previous sections and focuses on critical thinking, a very important skill to help cut through some of the rhetoric seen in the (still limited) public debate on the issues covered in the unit.

I also write an occasional blog at http://www.B2fxxx.bloqspot.com that covers a range of internet law stories that are beyond the scope of this unit. This is written in a particular style and from a specific perspective. Some students like to look at the blog and try to work out the bias, in addition to doing the Section 5 activity.

We will now continue to Section 5, which examines the ‘copyright wars’ and the different tactics and strategies the protagonists used.

4.13.1 Self-assessment Questions (SAQs)

5 Copyright wars: rhetoric and facts