7.5 Lessons from the cases: controlling Napster and others

Chapter 11 extract

Read the following extract from Chapter 11 of The Future of Ideas: from the beginning of the section “’Increasing control’ on page 180 to the end of the first paragraph on page 205, which ends with ‘And I have argued that we should be sceptical about just this sort of protectionism.’"

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The cases dealt with in Chapter 11 are mostly concerned with copyright law and the effect that this is having in practice at the content layer of the Net (highlighted in the mindmap below). Remember that the perspective on the cases in Chapter 11 is that of the author, who has clearly declared himself against the expansion of copyright laws. The courts, at least, have taken a different view. The objections and questions that Lessig raises are not always issues that the courts have to deal with directly, however.

Figure 14: mindmap of Chapter 11

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7.4.3 Corporate control strategies

7.6 Napster case